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A Vegan Chilli – For Julie

I have been feeling a little below par this week and have been getting increasingly itchy and scratchy.  Today a rash broke out and became worse as the morning went along.  I eventually went to the Doctors but they are … Continue reading

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Jason Vale’s 5lbs In 5 Days – Day 5

Day 5 – hurrah!  I have really missed eating but I am feeling very pleased with myself for sticking to the fast and managing to exercise every day. It has been challenging because I have had to prepare meals for … Continue reading

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Magnificent Muesli

I dedicate today’s blog to the wonderful muesli I had for breakfast.   This is the muesli I bought from the Town Mill in Lyme Regis on Saturday.  It is full of fruit, seeds and a good variety of nuts. … Continue reading

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Mid-Surrey Came to Camber

I was so happy it was sunny when I woke up as we had a day at the beach planned :-).  I made a delicious smoothie to start off with.  I am going to share the recipe as it is … Continue reading

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Detox Day 6

Today was a challenge and it ended with, in the words of my young son, “an epic fail”.  There are no grades of failure in Harvey’s lingo.  There is either an “epic fail” or not a fail.  Black or white, … Continue reading

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Detox Day 4

It seemed very strange eating after a 3 day fast.  I was looking forward to it and wishing my first food wasn’t melon, which is perhaps my least favourite fruit.  I was allowed half a melon for breakfast and I … Continue reading

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An Exceptional Curry

This morning, I was thinking about what I fancied for breakfast and I kept thinking about nuts and yogurt.  Apparently the word ‘Muesli’ comes from ‘Mus’ which is Swiss German for ‘mixture’.  Some definitions refer to it meaning ‘mushy’ or … Continue reading

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A Fishy Tale

I have had rather a lot going on in my life to have managed to blog for a couple of days but today I am back on the blogging horse 🙂 . Yesterday morning I did a lovely walk with … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday

No setting of the alarm clock.  Snoozey lie in.  Leisurely bath.  Pot of tea.  Relaxed read through my favourite blogs and a catch up of email.  Reheat leftover oats baked with berries and bananas for breakfast (7 WW points).  Lovely … Continue reading

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A Pledge

I made a pledge today to eat more fruits and vegetables.  I wasn’t hungry this morning so breakfast was easy – a pear with 12 g of pistachio nuts (2 WW points).  Pears are delicious at this time of year. … Continue reading

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