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801010 Day 7

I felt great today.  I was alert, full of energy and happy. I woke up too early so got up and prepared lunch and breakfast to take to the office. All packed up and ready to go.  I also took … Continue reading

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801010 day 5

I awoke from my chocolate coma and cake fest of yesterday with renewed determination to stick to the 801010 diet but with a difference.  I really like raw food but I can not eat it all day every day.  I … Continue reading

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Extreme Tiredness

For various reasons I am very tired.  One obvious one is the lateish night and too much wine I enjoyed last night with some of my neighbours down at the Manhunters.  It was great fun and the resulting tiredness was … Continue reading

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A Day Off

We had a day off today.  Not due to sickness but a day’s holiday.  I do still feel below par but so much better than I did yesterday. I had a real fancy for rice for breakfast.  Brown Basmati rice. … Continue reading

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28 Day Vegan Challenge : Day 2

What a powerful start to my day!  I discovered a wonderful new blog called Healthy Happy Life 100% Vegan and a very lively cup of tea.  I have previously tried hot water and lemon (boring) or hot water, lemon and cayenne (yuck) … Continue reading

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Surprising Salad

I managed to eat healthy food all day – whoop whoop. Tropical Porridge for breakfast. Ingredients: 1/4 cup of porridge oats 3/4 cup hemp seed milk 1/2 passionfruit 1 tbsp raw coconut chips 1/2 tbsp chia seeds 1 banana I … Continue reading

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Caffeine Free Zone

Tonight I celebrate going 3 days with no caffeine.  Yes, that means no coffee and no tea.  I am giving up because I was gradually having more and more.  What started as the occasional cup on my way in to … Continue reading

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More Macrobiotics

I had made breakfast and lunch the night before so I was guaranteed a healthy and cheap beginning and middle of the day. I broke my fast with papaya, brown rice and pistachio nuts.  The papaya was lovely and it … Continue reading

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Today is Tofu Day

Today went according to plan 🙂  I started the day with an hour long dog walk in the forest.  It rained some of the time so I couldn’t take my camera again which is disappointing because some of the leaves … Continue reading

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