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Tracking Everything

I worked from home today so I cooked for myself and tracked everything I ate and drank. Breakfast was 2 eggs cooked with kale and served with Cholula hot pepper sauce. Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sugars Breakfast Tetley – Tea … Continue reading

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A Happy Day

What is it that makes a day a happy day?  Sometimes it is the excitement of a particular occasion or going somewhere special.  At other times though, like today, it is the simplicity and ordinariness that makes it happy. For … Continue reading

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Humdrum Days

Today was one of those days!  Unlike yesterday which was another type of a day entirely.  I woke up on Tuesday to a snow covered landscape but not as deep as had been forecast.  It was enough to cause cancellations … Continue reading

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28 Day Vegan Challenge : Day 1

Today I have started a 28 day vegan challenge so for the next 4 weeks I will eat as a vegan does.  Why?  These are my reasons, in order of priority. 1. to lose weight.  I have an exciting trip … Continue reading

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It’s Been A Long Time

What a happy but busy day we had today.  Fuelled first thing by porridge with blueberries, banana and almond butter.  9 points (40g oats = 4, Soya – 2 and 1 tbsp almond butter = 3). It has been a … Continue reading

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Another Year Lived

I can’t believe 2012 has finished already.  Where did that year go? I know it is customary to eat and drink excessively on December 31st and behave oneself from January 1st.  Customary to start the new year with resolutions and … Continue reading

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Keep Counting

Counting, counting, keep on counting. I made breakfast the night before so it was there waiting for me:  40 g oats (4 points), 300ml sugar free almond milk (2 points), 1 tbsp Chia seeds (1 point) mixed with pumpkin pie … Continue reading

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Nutrient Density

Big aim of the day is to start eating much healthier.  I am going to focus on foods that are nutrient dense. Nutrient Density is used to measure how many nutrients are in a food compared to how many calories … Continue reading

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Panini Person

Breakfast was nearly ready when I came downstairs this morning.  The buckwheat and chia seeds I had soaked in water the night before had swelled up. So they were ready to go in to the blender, along with a small … Continue reading

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Down Mexico Way

Most of my food today had a Mexico flavour to it.  I didn’t plan that way but it is how it worked out. I managed to get back on track with the cayenne pepper in hot water with fresh lemon … Continue reading

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