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Phenomenal Support

Harvey and I had a much too short but oh so very splendid visit to the Dav’s in Leicestershire this weekend.  Lara was there when we arrived which made it even better. On Sunday morning I made a large green/brown … Continue reading

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26 Pound Weight Loss

Friday is weigh day and I was excited today because I have basically been really good this week.  I really had been good.  I lost 3 pounds this week which puts my loss this year so far at 26 pounds. … Continue reading

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Special People

Another sunny day – yippee.  I was straight in to the garden today before I even had a cuppa.  I couldn’t wait to get going.  Unlike others in the house this morning who were quite content to stay inside. I … Continue reading

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The Tea Warehouse

I spent today in a tea warehouse!  Yes, I really did.  This was not how I planned my day.  The plan was to have the breakfast of banana, Co Yo and berries I had prepared the night before and as … Continue reading

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A Happy Day

What is it that makes a day a happy day?  Sometimes it is the excitement of a particular occasion or going somewhere special.  At other times though, like today, it is the simplicity and ordinariness that makes it happy. For … Continue reading

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28 Day Vegan Challenge : Days 12 and 13

This is a blog of 2 tales.  Day 12 was really good but today was really hard.  I was in a picky mood and unfortunately I gave in to my sweet cravings.  So I have stuck to being vegan but … Continue reading

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Sub Zero Salads

2 days eating and exercise in one post today.  I was out last night hence no blog and this will be brief as I am very tired and actually want nothing more than to curl up in bed with my … Continue reading

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Surprising Salad

I managed to eat healthy food all day – whoop whoop. Tropical Porridge for breakfast. Ingredients: 1/4 cup of porridge oats 3/4 cup hemp seed milk 1/2 passionfruit 1 tbsp raw coconut chips 1/2 tbsp chia seeds 1 banana I … Continue reading

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Caffeine Free Zone

Tonight I celebrate going 3 days with no caffeine.  Yes, that means no coffee and no tea.  I am giving up because I was gradually having more and more.  What started as the occasional cup on my way in to … Continue reading

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-ped or -pede [from Latin pēs, ped-  foot] Objectives of the day:  eat a mainly plant based diet, go for a walk, have a pedicure and buy shoes. Green smoothie for breakfast, starting with chard and spinach from the garden, plus an apple and a banana … Continue reading

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