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Chocolate Pudding Breakfast

I want chocolate.  I want chocolate, was my first thought when I walked in to the kitchen this morning.  I had already prepared some overnight oats.  Last night before bed I put 1/3 of a cup of oats, 1 cup … Continue reading

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A Pledge

I made a pledge today to eat more fruits and vegetables.  I wasn’t hungry this morning so breakfast was easy – a pear with 12 g of pistachio nuts (2 WW points).  Pears are delicious at this time of year. … Continue reading

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Sunday Roast

The little fella has been really accepting about eating lots of fruits, vegetables and whole foods.  He has almost stopped asking if there is pudding and no longer expects the snack option to be anything other than fruit, nuts, seeds … Continue reading

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The Sisterhood

I am a very lucky person because I have 3 sisters.  And today was a lucky day because we spent all day together.  This is not a post worthy of a diet blog or even a healthy living blog.  But … Continue reading

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Midwinter Fair

The plan of action for today was to go to the Wealden Times Midwinter fair at Bedgebury with Jane and Marion (we missed you Sarah).  There are usually lots of wonderful things to eat at such fairs so I had … Continue reading

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8 Mile Coastal Walk

I walked further today than I have walked for years; I walked from Ramsgate to Margate. It was about 8 miles.  The Viking Cycle Trail says 7.5 miles but I had to backtrack several times so I think I walked … Continue reading

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Telephone Number

This week my Dad is moving.  He is not moving from my childhood home, he did that in February 2000, so I have no emotional attachment to the house they are leaving.  But I am surprised to have an attachment … Continue reading

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So Many Apples

Unless they are fed a diet of junk food and refined carbs, I believe children instinctively do not over eat.  So when Harvey decides he has eaten enough breakfast, I never insist he finishes the bowl.  But I hate throwing … Continue reading

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3 Stone

I have lost 3 stone 🙂 Or if you are not British, and so do not know about our bizarre system for weighing people, I have lost 42 pounds :-).  If you are metric, I have lost 19.05 Kg. The … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Party

Last night I went to a wonderful Thanksgiving party, hosted by Sally and Troy. Troy is American and so he does not miss out on probably the biggest celebration of the year back home, Sally throws a Thanksgiving party every … Continue reading

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