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Four Meals A Day

When I was visiting my sister Abi on Monday, Alison popped round and was telling me about a diet she is following where you eat 4 small meals a day.  I thought I would try it because sometimes I leave … Continue reading

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Sunday Sunday

I love lazy Sundays.  I had a few chores to do today, some time set aside for relaxing and I also made plenty of time for cooking or preparing healthy food.  Such as slicing up this juicy and sweet orange. … Continue reading

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I have been so badly behaved with my eating recently but today I was really good :-).  I came home from Birmingham last night and was too tired to post but here are a couple of pics I would have … Continue reading

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The Final Jubilee Celebration

I do like having the time on a weekday morning to make porridge.  Today is the extra bank holiday we have to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.  I did briefly consider going up to London to wave a flag at the … Continue reading

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Lovely Leaves

I was starving this morning so I had a chicken and bacon sandwich and skinny latte from Pret.  It was pouring with rain, so I grabbed the breakfast and ran to the office – no photo. At lunch time there … Continue reading

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Steak In

I went to a wonderful drinks party last night, thank you very much Sarah and Kevin.  I managed to restrain myself with the drinking, even though we had the most delicious spritzer style drinks ever.  Kevin invented, and Sarah F. … Continue reading

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Seeking Your Inner Doris

I have been very lucky to have spent the past 6 months at home.  I love being at home and if I could afford to I would stay at home, caring for my children, being more involved in their daily … Continue reading

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An itsy bitsy teeny weeny tiny half pound

I was soooo tired when I woke up today.  I think it is all the over-eating and boozing that started on Friday night and didn’t finish until Sunday evening.  My body may be a temple but it was definitely harvest … Continue reading

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Slowing Down

We had a visitor for breakfast today – good morning Lucas 🙂  Lucas had his first sleepover with us last night and it was a great success as they both had lots of fun and amazingly lots of sleep. While … Continue reading

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Dieting is a philosophy

“Cooking is a philosophy, not a recipe.  Unless it’s pastry, which is Chemistry”. Marco Pierre White on CBB, August 2011. A very interesting comment I thought.  Losing weight is also philosophical, rather than just following a diet plan.  There are … Continue reading

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