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The Beginning And The End

We woke up to plenty of clouds again today but the winds have gone for the first time in about a week!  We watched the news with horror this morning, now that Sandy has moved on to New York and … Continue reading

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James chose today’s activities which means we were up close and personal with nature.  For years he has wanted to head off in to the Everglades so we all went too.  En route we stopped off at a superb eaterie … Continue reading

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Stuffed Pigs and Piglets

Today was so relaxxxxxxxxing.  We started at a fabulous breakfast cafe.  These places are  brilliant.  They look so uninspiring from the car but get inside, sample the food and soak up the atmosphere and they are just the thing. Brought … Continue reading

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It’s a Marine Life

We were all up and out early this morning. It was beautiful out there. The sun rose (yippee), there were no clouds (another yippee) and the wind was still there but significantly less so than recent days – phew.  The … Continue reading

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So Long SoBe

We were very unlucky with the weather in South Beach but even so, I do not think it is a great holiday destination for us.  It is perfect if you want to spend your days lying on a beach and … Continue reading

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Sandy Hits South Beach

Today started very well as I woke up and Lara was here :-).  She arrived late last night so we are now complete.  I also started the day eating well – oranges and watermelon followed by a small bowl of … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Sunshine State

These Florida oranges are so sweet and juicy – a perfect way to start the day. Followed by some granola which I had with Oiko’s, a 0% fat yogurt a blog I regularly read raves about.  I am not a … Continue reading

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Moving On

What did we do today? We woke up to another gloriously sunny morning and decided today to treat ourselves to lunch at the Biltmore instead of breakfast.  We really couldn’t justify their huge breakfast and a lunch so we walked … Continue reading

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Beautiful Biltmore 2

I brought a small chopping board and a very sharp knife with me, so I would have no excuses for not preparing fresh fruit. We began the day with slices of orange and red grapefruit, both of which were so … Continue reading

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Beautiful Biltmore

Greetings from the beautiful Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Miami.  It’s beautiful here :-).  We all slept quite well and didn’t wake up until nearly 6am which was good.  We waited an hour and then got up and dashed down to breakfast … Continue reading

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