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Lots of Raw

I slept better, felt better and ate better!  Sounds like a simple chain of events to me. Black coffee, an apple, an orange, some granola and coconut yogurt plus 2 Brazil nuts set me up until lunch time. At lunch … Continue reading

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A Spot Of Shopping

I was ultra organised last night and made both breakfast and lunch to take to work which meant I had time to go shopping at lunch time. This was breakfast. Orange, persimmon, pomegranate and granola. Chia seeds in macadamia nut … Continue reading

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Pure Purple Pleasure

I made one of my best ever breakfasts this morning with just 3 ingredients. Cashew nuts, frozen blueberries and a fresh banana. I added no liquid so it remained thick.  Very thick, with small nuggets of cashews, which I had … Continue reading

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Not Counting

I am not counting today.  Not counting points or calories or all the other ways one can track what one eats such as using My Fitness Pal.  However, that is not because I am eating with reckless abandon.  I will … Continue reading

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Lebanese and Vegan

Due to a very late and debauched (but lovely, thank you Sarah) evening over the road on Friday night, my Saturday started very late and with a requirement for rehydration, nutrition and energy.  The obvious solution is a smoothie, after … Continue reading

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The End Of Term

I was awake early and logged on and working by 7:30 am to make sure I could finish up early.  After a couple of hours I was in the mood for making something interesting to eat. Inspired by Kath Eats who makes … Continue reading

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Turkish Autumn Salad

I apologise for the lack of photos today and the quality but I was a little bit ditsy today.  I completely forgot to photograph my breakfast of yogurt, 1/2 cup of oats, 1 tbsp chia seeds, hazelnut milk, blueberries and … Continue reading

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Take Me Back

First day back in London for 2 and a half weeks.  I was feeling so much heavier I was worried my trousers wouldn’t fit.  They were snug but OK.  I think I put 4 pounds on so not great but … Continue reading

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Sweet Child Of Mine

Sometimes, as a Mummy, it can be the simplest things your children do that bring the most happiness.  My little boy, realising his Mummy was a bit sad about Lara not being at home, decided that what I needed was … Continue reading

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A visit to Moons Green Charcuterie

Harvey has broken up for Christmas so I had a little companion with me all day :-).  We started with a smoothie.  I made one without a banana as I was conscious that I have eaten a bit too much … Continue reading

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