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Eating At The Table

Tuesdays are weigh days and I was delighted to see I had lost 5 pounds today.  That makes it 13 pounds this year so far.  Woo Hoo.  I was so pleased with that.  I am slightly concerned that it is … Continue reading

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Temptation Resisted

I finally got together with all my sisters and their families today for our Christmas celebration.  Knowing I was out for the day and would be tempted multiple times, I had a substantial but very healthy breakfast. A quick forage … Continue reading

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The Market And The Yard

Last night I made my breakfast and lunch.  This was so I knew how many calories I was taking with me and to save a few pennies. Breakfast was so delicious.  I mixed 125 g Pineapple Co Yo (yogurt made … Continue reading

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Spring Is Here

Finally we had a day that feels as if Spring has arrived 🙂  It was so lovely to wake up to sunshine and a hint of warmth.  It definitely put a spring in my step and before I had even … Continue reading

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Feed a Cold

I was meant to fast today but still feel poorly with my cold, albeit considerably better then Tuesday.  So I decided to eat healthily and go for nutrient dense foods. Back to work today and my train journey was considerably … Continue reading

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Mile A Day

I was packing a lot in today so meals were fast. I made breakfast last night – Chocolate Chia Oats from a newly discovered blog called Sugar Free Mom which my friend Laura recommended for me last night.  I mixed together: 40 g porridge … Continue reading

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Being In Control

I woke up feeling very pleased with myself today.  Last night I discovered a packet of these in the cupboard.  They are my favourite crispbread and I bought them to have at Christmas as a treat with cheese or just … Continue reading

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Chores Day

Every now and again a day off has to be put aside to do chores, chores and more chores.  All day long.  Yawn! I made a smoothie for breakfast with strawberries, blueberries, almond milk, Lucuma powder, macca powder and protein … Continue reading

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Boys Keep Swingin’

It seems like ages since I had a Saturday at home.  I’d had an early night last night so I was wide awake by 6am and decided to get up and start the day.  After a lovely potter about, doing … Continue reading

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In The Garden

I had promised myself that I would tackle paperwork today but it was sunny so the garden beckoned.  This is the first sunny Sunday in ages so I didn’t want to miss it.  My vegetable garden has been very neglected … Continue reading

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