I have been asked a few times to add some before and after photos, or at least, before and during as I am not there yet!  I have usually resisted having photos taken as I dislike seeing myself so much so most of these would not win any photographic awards as they tended to be quick snaps.  But now, looking back, I am finding it very motivating.  I have now lost enough that I am relieved I do not look like this anymore.  Most of all delighted that I do not feel like I used to.  I still have a long way to go but I am getting there.

May 2010 – Lara’s speech day.  I absolutely despise this photo but I am putting it here to make sure I never look like that again.

June 2010 – dressed up for Ascot.

September 2010 – my birthday

October 2010 – on holiday in Barbados with Laura and Bob.

MAY 2011 – Zoe joins Weight Watchers

June 2011 – at Wimbledon.

August 2011 – on holiday in Turkey

August 2011 – on holiday in Turkey.  2 days after this photo was taken I posted my first blog 🙂

August 2011 – meeting Hugh F-W.

August 2011 – having a bonfire with a glass of sloe gin, as you do!  I am noticing my face looking better and my legs are slimming down from all the walking I was doing.

October 2011 – with Katherina

November 2011 – with my sisters.  And Sunshine.

January 2012

March 2012 – with Kath

April 2012 – with Lara and Mirella.  This one is particularly flattering.  There is still a lot of me under that pink jacket but I am going to continue losing weight so I always like what I am looking at in photos.

21st April 2012 – in the woods.  I am doing this for them as much as for myself.

January 2013 at Lara’s 21st birthday lunch

3 girls at Wolseley The 4 of us


19 Responses to Photos

  1. Therese says:

    Hi Zoe, You look great. Congratulations on your achievement so far (59 pounds is nearly 27kg amazing!) Good luck with the rest of your weight loss journey. Hope this finds you all well. Therese xo

  2. Sarah says:

    It’s been quite a transformation Zoe. And you’ve been an inspiration to us all. Thank you. S x

  3. laura1952 says:

    I have just loved seeing your transformation even from afar Zöe. Keep on Rocking It. You deserve it. Your family deserves you as a role model to show them you really CAN do anything you put your mind to.

  4. Linda Izan says:

    Hello Zoe,

    I came across your blog when looking for some info on whole grain couscous of all things! Really touched by your stories and I wish you luck with the healthy route to feeling better and more positive about yourself.

    Linda Pearl

  5. Sandy Robbins says:

    Zoe, haven’t you done amazingly well, through sheer determination. Such a positive outlook, no looking back now, you have come such a long way. Sandy xxx

  6. Holly Sabin says:

    Well done, my brilliant sister, for putting up these photos – I’d forgotten you were that big in 2010 😦 But I love the pic of you and us in Nov 2011, especially as your face looks like you again. I also have new-found respect and admiration for you in any of your weight loss achievements: Richard and I are bored already and we’ve only been doing it (half-heartedly) for 8 weeks. I feel healthier but I haven’t really lost any weight. So keep going, lovely! xxx

    • Thank you very much Holly. I wanted to just delete them all but they are there as a reminder. I have had too many reminders lately. I have been looking through the last 21 years of photos we have and I am so fat in nearly all of them. I like the ones taken in 2004 when I lost 6 stone but I am so disappointed I put it all back on. This search of mine for finding a weight loss programme that works, is at least enabling me to maintain the weight loss I have achieved and not put it on again. It is frustrating that I have lost very little in a long time but I am always grateful I am not going up. Staying the same is so much better then going up. Thank you for the encouragement, it all helps.

  7. Sarah C says:

    My dear Zoe … you are marvellous! I really and truly love reading about your foodie adventures. What’s more you never fail to make me smile. What a transformation. Much loveliness Sx

  8. Emma says:

    Hi Zoe.
    I was just told about your blog today and it’s fantastic – such lovely photos. Well done for your weight loss, I better get reading and see how to do it myself!
    Emma x

  9. Sofia says:

    That’s the way to do it! I’m a registered dietitian and I know for sure you are doing an excellent job.

    Sofia Bustos

  10. laura1952 says:

    Honey, you have to know I loved that endorsement from Sofia.

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