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Bean Feast

I am really enjoying Day-Off-Mondays.  Especially when the sun is shining and I have the delightful company of the Little Fella. I over ate this weekend.  Massively.  So decided to have 2 juices today instead of breakfast and lunch and … Continue reading

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Sweet Peas

I spent many very happy hours in the garden today.  The spinach had bolted so I saved what I could and pulled up the straggly bits and sowed more spinach seeds. In a neglected corner of the garden, behind the … Continue reading

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An Early Start

I had so much work to do today I caught the 5:47 train so it was still dark as I walked over London Bridge. It takes about half an hour to walk from London Bridge to the office.  Along quiet … Continue reading

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Chilly, Chilli and Chilling

I have not had a good week of eating.  To get me back on track I agreed with myself today that I can eat what I like but it has to be healthy i.e. no sugar, cakes, biscuits, crisps etc. … Continue reading

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Thank Goodness That’s Over!

What a tough week and what a rubbish day!  I guess I am lucky that I don’t often think this way but tonight I do. Another week, another hotel room.  My favourite hotel was fully booked so I tried the … Continue reading

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Seaweed Super Salad

Friday!  Yippee.  I have missed my smoothies recently as I haven’t made one for ages so for breakfast I whizzed up a frozen banana, frozen raspberries, yogurt and almond milk. Every Friday when I work from home, I hope to … Continue reading

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The Shard

Today was the official opening of The Shard, Europe’s tallest building.  Well, until the end of the year at least when a new tower opens in Moscow which will be even taller.  I left work early today and observed the … Continue reading

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A Pie Fit For a Shepherd

I felt very tired when I woke up today and would have liked to stay in bed but there was too much to do.  First of all, before I even had a cup of tea, I started making a shepherd’s … Continue reading

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A Pledge

I made a pledge today to eat more fruits and vegetables.  I wasn’t hungry this morning so breakfast was easy – a pear with 12 g of pistachio nuts (2 WW points).  Pears are delicious at this time of year. … Continue reading

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