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Brazilian in Birmingham

Hotel breakfast – yay !  Muesli, fresh fruit, almonds and yogurt with grapefruit juice. Off to work and work, work, work all day.  I had a chicken sandwich and bag of popcorn for lunch.  I was so excited to finish … Continue reading

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Family In My Suitcase

I worked much longer and harder today than I expected to.  This is going to be another tough week! This looks weird but it was quite tasty.  I had some left over smoothie from yesterday and I used it to … Continue reading

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British Wildlife

What a gloriously sunny morning :-).  I was feeling so guilty (and still full!) from the previous days over-eating I just had a nectarine for breakfast.  A perfectly sweet and juicy nectarine. Mid-morning we headed off to the British Wildlife Centre which … Continue reading

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Lunch In The Sun

I was so tired when I woke up.  We watched the Olympic ceremony until the end so didn’t get to bed until 1 am which was a much later night than I needed.  Worth staying up for though – wasn’t … Continue reading

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Back For The Olympics

I have worked hard and played hard in Birmingham this week so I am completely exhausted.  Unfortunately I have eaten disastrously.  The office was full of unhealthy choices which were being paraded round constantly, either as fund raising or people … Continue reading

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Hotel Happiness

Farewell London with all your pink signs for a few days.  This one was on the underground at London Bridge. I was heading to Birmingham for work for a few days.  I grabbed a Bircher Muesli with pistachios and dried … Continue reading

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London Turns Pink

What is happening to London?  I turned up to the office yesterday to find Wenlock (Olympic mascot) outside. When I walked along Bankside at lunch time, there were more Wenlocks and Mandevilles (Paralympic mascot).  But I forgot my camera so … Continue reading

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In The Garden

I had promised myself that I would tackle paperwork today but it was sunny so the garden beckoned.  This is the first sunny Sunday in ages so I didn’t want to miss it.  My vegetable garden has been very neglected … Continue reading

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Oyster Festival

I half prepared breakast when I got up this morning and left it to thicken while we went on a long walk. It was sunny 🙂 We walked from the village through the orchards to the castle gardens and were … Continue reading

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Mangosteen or Rambutan?

I was working from home today so I had time to make a smoothie for breakfast.  For protein I added 1 tbsp hemp seed powder. I added that to strawberries, a frozen banana, almond milk, natural probiotic yogurt and some … Continue reading

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