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Red, White And Blue?

Will we wake up in the morning and still be part of Great Britain?  Will we have the blue bits in our flag?  I do hope so but time will tell on that one. I did well again today.  It … Continue reading

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Sticking To My Diet

I got up to discover an amazing sky this morning.  It was a splendid mackerel sky and the tree branches and trunks, which are now definitely without any leaves, stood out as stark silhouettes.  Quite stunning. This is currently my … Continue reading

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What was I thinking today?  My brain was scrambled I think.  I forgot to photograph breakfast.  It was admittedly the same as the day before but I didn’t even think about it. Then I took these dreadful photos of lunch. … Continue reading

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Being In Control

I woke up feeling very pleased with myself today.  Last night I discovered a packet of these in the cupboard.  They are my favourite crispbread and I bought them to have at Christmas as a treat with cheese or just … Continue reading

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From An Edible Perspective

Breakfast and lunch today came from ‘Edible Perspective’, a blog I read regularly because it is a food blog written by a photographer, Ashley, so it has a dual interest for me.  Have a look at Ashley’s recipes as I … Continue reading

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GREY The lady I was in last night. Marion, Sarah and I had a fab night out at The Grey Lady in Tunbridge Wells.  It’s a music lounge and on Wednesdays and Sundays Paul Dunton & Guests present local acts such as The Good … Continue reading

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Keep Counting

Counting, counting, keep on counting. I made breakfast the night before so it was there waiting for me:  40 g oats (4 points), 300ml sugar free almond milk (2 points), 1 tbsp Chia seeds (1 point) mixed with pumpkin pie … Continue reading

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Take Me Back

First day back in London for 2 and a half weeks.  I was feeling so much heavier I was worried my trousers wouldn’t fit.  They were snug but OK.  I think I put 4 pounds on so not great but … Continue reading

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Sweet Child Of Mine

Sometimes, as a Mummy, it can be the simplest things your children do that bring the most happiness.  My little boy, realising his Mummy was a bit sad about Lara not being at home, decided that what I needed was … Continue reading

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Lonesome Tonight

Are you lonesome tonight?  I am 😦 .  It will be a long time until I see this beautiful face again. So today was rather bleak.  The grey sky, torrential rain and gusting winds did nothing to alleviate my mood … Continue reading

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