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28 Day Vegan Challenge : Day 16

Yes, it really is only day 16!  I wanted eggs for breakfast but vegans don’t eat eggs.  I did not want breakfast or cereal or fruit,  so I used up some left over rice and had it with some stir … Continue reading

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Frollicking Follicles

Brrrrrrrrr.  It continues to be cold and continues to be beautiful with blue skies.  I had a warming breakfast of stir fried brown rice, shallots, 2 eggs and kale with soy sauce.  That set me up well for the day. … Continue reading

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Detox Day 6

Today was a challenge and it ended with, in the words of my young son, “an epic fail”.  There are no grades of failure in Harvey’s lingo.  There is either an “epic fail” or not a fail.  Black or white, … Continue reading

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A Fishy Tale

I have had rather a lot going on in my life to have managed to blog for a couple of days but today I am back on the blogging horse 🙂 . Yesterday morning I did a lovely walk with … Continue reading

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Minus 3

I could be talking about the temperature outside as it is nearly minus 3 ° .  It was minus 1.5 ° just now.  But I am not.  I am bragging about the 3 pounds I lost this week :-).  I was … Continue reading

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Masterchef Masterclass

Harvey and I were excited about today.  We were going to a cookery class, run by Jenni, who was a Masterchef contestant last year.  She was also Harvey’s form tutor and brilliant English teacher, which is how we know her. … Continue reading

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The Chapel

It was very foggy when I woke up this morning but the sun soon burnt it off and we had a glorious September day.  Bright blue skies, the sun shining brightly on the leaves which are just beginning to turn … Continue reading

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