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Apple Time

The Little Fella and I were in Cranbrook early this morning for haircuts and there was an apple fair on.  Unfortunately my camera was out of juice so no photos.  Back at home we had some fresh juice.  Harvey opted … Continue reading

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A Shiny Golden Halo

It may have been cloudy across the South East today but people living locally to me may have thought the sun came out this evening.  In reality, that was the golden glow from my halo which is currently shining so … Continue reading

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Craving Healthy

After all the garbage I ate at the weekend I was actually craving healthy food today.  I really was. I started with black tea and lemon to reduce the dairy I consume.  I made 2 cups with 1 teabag to … Continue reading

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From An Edible Perspective

Breakfast and lunch today came from ‘Edible Perspective’, a blog I read regularly because it is a food blog written by a photographer, Ashley, so it has a dual interest for me.  Have a look at Ashley’s recipes as I … Continue reading

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It’s Been A Long Time

What a happy but busy day we had today.  Fuelled first thing by porridge with blueberries, banana and almond butter.  9 points (40g oats = 4, Soya – 2 and 1 tbsp almond butter = 3). It has been a … Continue reading

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The Happiness Jar

Sorry for bragging but my goals of losing weight and gaining health have got off to a cracking start.  I have been fantastic today 🙂 I woke up feeling fresh and enthusiastic about all the good food I had in … Continue reading

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A Dinner Party

What a wonderfully sociable couple of days I have had.  They have not had much to do with losing weight or being healthy but I have enjoyed myself.  I have had a coffee with Eula, a 2 hour ramble through … Continue reading

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Surprising Salad

I managed to eat healthy food all day – whoop whoop. Tropical Porridge for breakfast. Ingredients: 1/4 cup of porridge oats 3/4 cup hemp seed milk 1/2 passionfruit 1 tbsp raw coconut chips 1/2 tbsp chia seeds 1 banana I … Continue reading

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Cinderella Had A Ball

What a fun few days I have had.  Oh dear me though, quantity and quality of food would not win any dieting or healthy living awards 😦 One notable exception is a delicious soup I made on Friday lunch time. … Continue reading

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Watching Weight and Counting Points

OK.  The weight gain of recent weeks and weight stagnation of recent months has to end.  It ends right here, right now.  I set up the WW app on my phone today and have been counting points all day.  It … Continue reading

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