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A Shiny Golden Halo

It may have been cloudy across the South East today but people living locally to me may have thought the sun came out this evening.  In reality, that was the golden glow from my halo which is currently shining so … Continue reading

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An Outside Day

Today was an outside kind of a day.  It would have been a waste to have spent today inside so sympathy to everyone who had to be inside. Several cups of tea in my gardening mug were enjoyed in the … Continue reading

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Ever get puzzled by TLAs?  My work is full of them.  Most systems are TLAs and conversations and emails are full of them too.  Amazingly, you pick them up quickly.  Today was a good day.  I was OOO. Not on … Continue reading

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Today is my wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary oh beloved one 🙂 It is also the anniversary of me taking the plunge and going to Weight Watchers.  So I signed up on May 27th 2011 which was yesterday, in anniversary terms. … Continue reading

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Detox Day 7

I dutifully had my shake when I woke up today.  Last one – yippee! What a beautiful morning 🙂  I met Ali in the forest for a walk.  We were not expecting to see so much snow on the tracks! … Continue reading

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Canter Down to Camber

Today did not turn out as planned.  The plan was to watch the rugby world cup final, go home and do some chores including phone calls and then Harvey was having a friend round for a sleepover.  What really happened … Continue reading

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