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Mid-Surrey Came to Camber

I was so happy it was sunny when I woke up as we had a day at the beach planned :-).  I made a delicious smoothie to start off with.  I am going to share the recipe as it is … Continue reading

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Organised Me

The last 3 weeks have been bad.  I have eaten lots of healthy food but lots of bad food too.  I don’t mean the occasional brownie I succumb to because they are freshly made and not full of chemicals and … Continue reading

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A Little Less Again

I made it to Weight Watchers tonight for the first time in 3 weeks and notched up another 2 and a half pounds off.  That makes it 4 stone and 3 pounds less of me than there was before :-). … Continue reading

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Panini Person

Breakfast was nearly ready when I came downstairs this morning.  The buckwheat and chia seeds I had soaked in water the night before had swelled up. So they were ready to go in to the blender, along with a small … Continue reading

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She Is Nutty

I definitely go through phases with my eating.  I haven’t been eating many nuts lately but that changed today. I had banana and chia seed porridge for breakfast (1/3 cup of oats, 1/2 cup of almond milk, banana, 1 tbsp … Continue reading

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Moro Today

While I drank my hot water with cayenne pepper and lemon juice this morning, I flicked through MORO The Cookbook.  I was inspired by many of the recipes. I made porridge for breakfast with 1 tbsp chia seeds, 35 g Jumbo … Continue reading

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They Were All Yellow

I woke up early today (6 am) and felt wide awake which is a good feeling.  I lay there quietly, enjoying the peace and stillness in the house as the weak wintry light slowly filtered in to my room.  I … Continue reading

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I Knead Dough

This could be an observation on my precarious financial position but actually relates to how the little fella and I spent some time this afternoon.  But more on that later. We had a busy morning ahead as Harvey had a … Continue reading

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Surprised in Souf London

The girls were leaving the boys at home today and heading for “Souf” London, to the home of the Undomesticated Urban Goddess (a.k.a. Michelle) and scene of recent riots.  I had been promised a microwaved ready meal for lunch so … Continue reading

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