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Some Good Some Bad

Some good eating recently, some bad and a reasonable amount of exercise. The beetroot is ready.Lovely round globes. I checked to make sure and apparently you can eat the stalks and the leaves. This one was actually a bit too … Continue reading

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Little Gems

Unusually for me I didn’t have breakfast because I had forgotten the Oven Fairy was coming to scrape a years worth of dirt and grime off my oven.  It meant my kitchen was out of bounds all morning but it … Continue reading

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Mother’s Ruin

I failed today’s first objective – I didn’t even manage to set an objective! Breakfast was delicious and easy as I had made it the night before. Bircher Muesli: 1/3 cup oats 1/3 cup almond milk 1/3 cup natural yogurt … Continue reading

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Crazy Horses

It’s the weekend 🙂 .  So time for a cooked breakfast.  Bacon, poached egg and tomatoes.  Is it runny? Oh yes, I remain the world champion egg poacher.  They were cooked to perfection. This is Harvey’s “egg volcano”. Off to … Continue reading

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Easy Sunday

When I turned the radio on this morning (Steve Wright’s ‘Love Songs’ was on) Lionel Ritchie was singing “easy like Sunday morning”.  Oh yes, Sunday mornings are so relaxed compared to the rest of the week.  Well, they are since … Continue reading

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Bucking The Trend

We woke up this morning to a light and patchy covering of snow.  Oh my gosh it was cold!  I was going to make a fresh vegetable juice for breakfast but was too cold to do more than dismiss that … Continue reading

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Moro Today

While I drank my hot water with cayenne pepper and lemon juice this morning, I flicked through MORO The Cookbook.  I was inspired by many of the recipes. I made porridge for breakfast with 1 tbsp chia seeds, 35 g Jumbo … Continue reading

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