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Back On The Wagon

Yee-ha cowboy.  She is back.  After a few really dreadful days of overeating and particularly eating too many white refined carbs, I woke up this morning feeling fairly grotty.  White bread, which I ate too much of yesterday, does not … Continue reading

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The City

I wanted to start the day with a boost of vitamins so I made a smoothie: 1 cup of frozen raspberries, 36g of a low sugar protein powder (3 points), 200 ml unsweetened soya milk (1 point), 1 tbsp chia … Continue reading

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The Joes Were Sloppy

You get 2 recipes today 🙂 . I have eaten out a bit in the past few days which is lovely but I do miss cooking so I was eager to get going in the kitchen.  Plus today is Saturday … Continue reading

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8 Mile Coastal Walk

I walked further today than I have walked for years; I walked from Ramsgate to Margate. It was about 8 miles.  The Viking Cycle Trail says 7.5 miles but I had to backtrack several times so I think I walked … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Home

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear house that we live in and now call home Happy birthday to you 10 years ago today, we moved out of our house in the suburbs of South London … Continue reading

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Oh My Gourd!

I woke up and left my warm bed very early today.   I couldn’t remember what I was doing this week and it was bugging me so I came downstairs, made a pot of tea and checked out my calendar. … Continue reading

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Canter Down to Camber

Today did not turn out as planned.  The plan was to watch the rugby world cup final, go home and do some chores including phone calls and then Harvey was having a friend round for a sleepover.  What really happened … Continue reading

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The Galloping Gourmet

I left home for Devon on Friday, via Epsom, home of the Derby and numerous other splendid events, horse related and otherwise.   I was going for lunch with Sally and her lovely daughter Holly.  I hadn’t seen them since … Continue reading

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