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Superfoods and Super Syns

I intended to flood my body with super foods today and get in lots of exercise.  I did complete both those goals but then the wine and pudding came out which was a disastrous combination. The day started so well. … Continue reading

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Feeling Peachey

What an amazing day I have had.  Apparently I have lost 15 pounds this week.  Yes, that is what the scales say.  15 POUNDS !!!!!!  I know I have done the 5lbs in 5 days juice detox but even so, … Continue reading

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Fast City

I have lost count of how many fast days I have done now but I am definitely in the swing of them.  It was freezing cold again this morning but sunny and bright which is lovely for walking in.   … Continue reading

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Oh My Gourd!

I woke up and left my warm bed very early today.   I couldn’t remember what I was doing this week and it was bugging me so I came downstairs, made a pot of tea and checked out my calendar. … Continue reading

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Masterchef Masterclass

Harvey and I were excited about today.  We were going to a cookery class, run by Jenni, who was a Masterchef contestant last year.  She was also Harvey’s form tutor and brilliant English teacher, which is how we know her. … Continue reading

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Aubergine Pizzas Rock

Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink. I am of course exaggerating and I am not at sea facing death by thirst.  For some reason we do have a trickle of water in the kitchen.  However, in general terms … Continue reading

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