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The Sick Room

My cold was so heavy today I was unable to go to work.  This is the first sick day I have taken in about 2 years so I was disappointed but I really couldn’t go in.  I slept for hours … Continue reading

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If Found, Please Return Voice

I have lost my voice 😦 .  I have looked everywhere and can’t find it.  Which is so frustrating because there is so much I want to chat to Lara about but I can’t.  Plus I feel very grotty too … Continue reading

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Pear-fect !

Today I made a pear-fect breakfast.  Inspired once again by Kath Eats I had a go at searing some fresh pears.  It is very easy and tastes wonderful.  Somehow, searing the pears makes them taste more intense.  More pearey.  It is also … Continue reading

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Oh My Gourd!

I woke up and left my warm bed very early today.   I couldn’t remember what I was doing this week and it was bugging me so I came downstairs, made a pot of tea and checked out my calendar. … Continue reading

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Smack Boys

I was in a rush today so made a very simple breakfast of Jumbo porridge oats, soya milk and water.  I stirred in a tbsp of the almond butter I made with cinnamon and coconut which goes perfectly with porridge. … Continue reading

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Ruby, Ruby, Ruby – a tale of 3 curries

I made my regular porridge and keenly anticipated the delicious almond butter in it which I made yesterday.  I was not disappointed. It was fabulous.  The coconut and cinnamon in the nut butter went perfectly with the porridge.  9 WW points. … Continue reading

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