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Looking After Myself

Life has been very busy lately and I felt exhausted and generally bleurgh when I woke up.  I have not been looking after myself properly recently and so I decided to do something about it today.  I have been making … Continue reading

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A Life In Pots

I seem to be eating a lot of my food from pots these days!  This is actually quite good as it means I am often taking food to work from home which saves money and puts me in charge of … Continue reading

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Free Food Or Syns?

In general I find Slimming World very easy to follow but there are some things I am finding confusing.  It would help if I had stayed to my first class and I will be asking some questions tomorrow when I … Continue reading

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Crafting, Cabaret and Cocktails

What a very lovely day I had.  Sadly not the best day on a diet but lots of fun.  I just had tea for breakfast so I could save calories for lunch.  I was meeting Laura early in central London … Continue reading

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28 Day Vegan Challenge : Day 9

This is so much easier at home! I was up bright and early and inspired by the promise of a pretty sunrise which I hoped would turn in to a sunny day. I was hoping for one of those bright … Continue reading

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Today is my wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary oh beloved one 🙂 It is also the anniversary of me taking the plunge and going to Weight Watchers.  So I signed up on May 27th 2011 which was yesterday, in anniversary terms. … Continue reading

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Making The Most Of Every Minute

Today was all about making the most of every minute I had left with Lara as she had to return to Durham this afternoon.  Hopefully I will go and see her in February but she can’t come home again until … Continue reading

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Oodles of Noodles

Saturday mornings always seem so busy in our house and I was popping in and out constantly.  It was one of those mornings when I would be in for 15 minutes before dashing off again, which is not long enough … Continue reading

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