Easy Sunday

When I turned the radio on this morning (Steve Wright’s ‘Love Songs’ was on) Lionel Ritchie was singing “easy like Sunday morning”.  Oh yes, Sunday mornings are so relaxed compared to the rest of the week.  Well, they are since Harvey gave up rugby.  So we had the time to cook crispy bacon and poached eggs.  Yummy.  With a large pot of tea and a flick thought the papers.

Followed by a blood orange to satisfy the healthy eating rule that each meal has to contain fruits and/or vegetables.

These are just perfect.

Sweet, juicy and with a lovely flavour.  We sat and slurped these and enjoyed every mouthful.  I must buy more next week.

Rain stopped outdoor play today so I went shopping.  For my vegetable seeds.  Twice actually, because I lost my internet connection as I was paying the first time and I stupidly hadn’t signed in so I had to start again.  GRRRRRRR.  I buy my seeds from The Organic Gardening Catalogue which I have used for a few years now and am generally very pleased with.  I am a little late for buying some of these things but I will pop them in and see what happens.

This is what I bought.  There are some flower seeds in there.  Some for pest prevention and some to encourage insects to come along and pollinate.  Others just because they are pretty.

I have focused on green leaves as I like to pick them and eat them straight away and vegetables I eat a lot of but which are expensive such as tomatoes.  I may have overdone it with the kale (5 varieties!) but I am about to make a significant investment in a super duper blender and will be eating a lot of green smoothies so will need a lot of kale for that.

I have also bought some seeds for vegetables Harvey particularly likes (carrots and sweetcorn) so he will be motivated to help me sow the seeds, tend the plants and then enjoy eating the produce which will hopefully be bountiful, to encourage him.

1 x AUBERGINE Black Beauty (AUBB)
1 x BEETROOT Boltardy (BEBO)
1 x BROCCOLI Wok Brocc (ORWB)
1 x CABBAGE Marner Lagerweiss (Storing White) (CBMW)
1 x CARROT Amsterdam Forcing (CRAM)
1 x CARROT Autumn King (CRAU)
1 x CELERY Solid Pink (CESP)
1 x CHOY SUM Purple (ORPF)
1 x CLARKIA elegans Double Delight (FCCE)
1 x CLIMBING BEAN Neckar Gold (FBNG)
1 x COSMOS Mixed (FCOS)
1 x FRENCH BEAN Aiguillon (FBAG)
1 x FRENCH BEAN Royalty (FBRO)
1 x KALE Dwarf Green Curled (KADW)
1 x KALE Fizz (KAFZ)
1 x KALE Jersey Walking Stick (KAJW)
1 x KALE Red Curled (KARK)
1 x KALE Red Winter (KARR)
1 x LARKSPUR Dwarf Mixed (FLDM)
1 x LETTUCE Mixed Lettuces (LEMX)
1 x LETTUCE Oakleaf (LEOK)
1 x LETTUCE Tantan (LELT)
1 x MARIGOLD Disco Mixture (FMDM)
1 x NIGELLA Miss Jekyll (FNMJ)
1 x OKRA Burgundy Red (OKBR)
1 x OKRA Clemsons Spineless (OKLG)
1 x ONION Ramrod (ONRM)
1 x PARSNIP Tender and True (PATT)
1 x PEPPER Bendigo F1 (CPBN)
1 x POTATO Maris Piper 2.5kg (PNMP)
1 x POTATO Nicola 1.5kg (PONI)
1 x POTATO Orla 1.5kg (POOL)
1 x RADISH French Breakfast (RAFB)
1 x ROCKET Wild (ROLL)
1 x SPINACH New Zealand (SPNZ)
1 x SPINACH reddy (SPRE)
1 x STOCK Night Scented (FSNS)
1 x SUNFLOWER Tall Single (FSTS)
1 x SWEET WILLIAM Double Mixed (FSWO)
1 x TOMATO Gardeners Delight (TOGD)
1 x TOMATO Harbinger (TOHA)
1 x TOMATO Lily of the Valley (TOLV)
1 x TOMATO Tumbling Tom (TOTT)

For lunch Harvey had crudités with humous followed by a Scotch egg.  I made a salad for myself.

My protein came from the picked herring with dill.  I love rollmops, and have not had them for ages.  They go perfectly with boiled potatoes and a blob of mayonnaise.  Look at the colour of this boiled potato (I made extra yesterday).  I have not edited the colour at all, it really was that purple.

In my salad I had lettuce, mushrooms, sugar snaps, carrots, cucumber and celery.

No dressing as I had some mayonnaise on the side.

I made something new this afternoon and this was the star of the show – a swede (or rutabaga).

I got this recipe from Scandi Foodie which is a beautiful blog to look at and very interesting to read.  The writer is Finnish and lives in Australia and she comes up with some very original recipes.  Such as this one for Swede Casserole.  I meant to make this yesterday to go with the baked gammon.  The flavour and texture of the baked swede would have been better with the gammon than the roast chicken I had with it tonight, but I was too tired yesterday so we had it today.

Swede and Almond Bake

Ingredients (serves 4).

  • 500 g peeled and chopped swede
    1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 tablespoons ground almonds
  • 3 tablespoons almond milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground white pepper
  • 1/8 teaspoon (or to taste) freshly grated nutmeg
  • pinch of sea salt
  • 1 medium egg
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons ground almonds, extra, for topping


  • Preheat the oven to 180 ° C.
  • Put the swede in a saucepan, cover with water and bring to the boil.
  • Add 1/2 tsp salt and cook until soft (about 15 minutes).
  • Put the  ground almonds, almond milk, ginger, pepper, nutmeg, salt and egg in a bowl and mix until well blended.

  • When the swede is cooked, drain well * and mash.

*( little tip: – I kept the strained water and used it to make the gravy with)

  • Mix the almond mixture in to the mashed swede and mix well.
  • Tip in to an oiled baking dish, sprinkle the extra ground almonds on top and bake in the oven for half an hour.

It was soft and smelt nutmeggy and dessert like.

It did still have that earthy swede tang to it though which I do not dislike but I am not a huge fan of.  I think it would have been better with a good blob of butter and some black pepper on it.  However, I was serving it with roast chicken so I held back with the butter and enjoyed it with the gravy.

We often have roast chicken on a Sunday.  It is such an easy roast dinner to make and one we all enjoy.  And while we are a family of three, there is always a portion left over, which I will take to work tomorrow.

We had our chicken with roast potatoes, Swede and Almond Bake, leeks and Helda beans which I really like.  A lovely dinner, as three empty plates were testament to.

Back to work tomorrow.  I feel easier about it this week as I know what to expect tomorrow.  But my work load is definitely not easy and I already know I have a lot to achieve this coming week.  No surprise that Lionel did not sing about “easy like Monday morning”!

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Hi! My name is Zoe and I live in Hastings, East Sussex, with my son Harvey and dog, Milton. I have been fighting the fat for years but this time I am serious. I want to lose weight and gain health. This blog is about how I am changing my lifestyle so I can lose weight but not by just "being on a diet" but by making small changes to our lives so that as I lose weight, I gain health. I want my family to be healthy too and never have to struggle with their weight like I have. In common with many large people, I have gained and lost weight many times over the years. This time, I want to lose it and maintain a healthy low weight. I am interested in eating food that is nutrient dense and delicious and that appeals to children and adults. I do not eat animal products so follow a vegan diet. I try to use locally produced food supplemented with what I can grow myself. I support and try to use local farmers markets and farm shops. Another objective is to add more exercise to our days. It sounds so simple when I write it down :-)
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2 Responses to Easy Sunday

  1. laura1952 says:

    I remember watching a program on The Food Network and she was in Alberta tasting purple potatoes for the first time. Apparently they are more nutritious than any other potato. Here is the link for a potato salad that gets 5 stars.


  2. I love the colors of the purple potatoes. I just bought some purple sweet potatoes, and then some “normal” purple potatoes:) :)Like them a lot, and the health benefits:)

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