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Another disastrous morning with the trains!  I had to run all the way from the far end of the car park and missed it.  I was already later then usual and then the next one didn’t go to London Bridge … Continue reading

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This head of mine is so fuzzy still.  I got up early and spectacularly mis-timed the train and missed it by seconds so instead of being on the 5:47 I was on the 6:21 am.  So still very early but … Continue reading

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I did have to blink like a little mole because it was sunny this morning – whoop whoop 🙂 I made breakfast at home.  I find breakfast the hardest meal to find a healthy take out version of so always … Continue reading

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Home Coming Treat

How can a woman run for 2 different trains and miss them both?  Well, I ran for the first because I decided at the last minute to bring my own breakfast to work so left home a fraction later than … Continue reading

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It’s a Wild Life

Today’s post was going to be called “a Tale of Two Parties” but for various reasons it is now renamed.  One reason being that I only managed 2 decent photos from Veg Grower and Tree Planters’ 100th birthday party, which … Continue reading

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A Package

I felt so ill when I got up today.  Head cold has taken over my entire body which aches and is hot.  I was tempted to go back to bed after a bath but instead decided to take advantage of … Continue reading

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A Few Words

Not too much to say today as I have been so busy I am knackered.  I have worked from home but only stopped after 8pm and it has been very hectic. I started with a smoothie made with dried acai … Continue reading

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Food DIary Of A Woman Struggling With Her Diet

8 am, tea with milk 8:40 am, hot water with honey and fresh lime juice (to soothe sore throat) 9:15 am, Strawberry Cheesecake Dough Boy Smoothie with raspberries and granola 10:30 am, echinacea tincture in water as now feeling very fluey and … Continue reading

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London Prepares

I worked from home first thing today so I had a chance to make a hot breakfast instead of sitting on a train.  Using eggs we were given by our fab friends in Leicestershire and some kale from our garden … Continue reading

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Being a working Mother is demanding on a good day and in the school holidays it becomes even harder.  Juggling childcare and work is a challenge.  I was supposed to be on holiday this week to have a special week … Continue reading

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