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A Day Out With My Sisters In Brighton

I had a lovely day out to look forward to when I woke up today; a day in Brighton with my sisters. Before I went out though I made a blueberry and banana smoothie for myself and Harvey as a … Continue reading

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Making Your Own

I mainly ate quite well this weekend which means vegan and plant based and low added extra fat.   I began with a fresh juice on Saturday morning, made with these ingredients.  It tasted ok but it was even better when … Continue reading

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Making Bread

Today has been far too busy, mainly with admin chores.  I do hate sorting out tax affairs and I feel as if that is all I have done all day. I did begin with a reasonably decent smoothie but I … Continue reading

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The Bright Side Of Life

Friday may have been hot, hot, hot but Sunday was fun, fun fun! I made fresh orange juice for breakfast and at Harvey’s request, added some ginger.  In a juice made with 4 oranges (for 2 people) I used about … Continue reading

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Someone Special

I was so happy to wake up today, knowing someone special, my beautiful daughter, was under the same roof, tucked up in her own bed for the first time in five long weeks :-). We had a berry licious start … Continue reading

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