Sweet Peas

I spent many very happy hours in the garden today.  The spinach had bolted so I saved what I could and pulled up the straggly bits and sowed more spinach seeds.

spinach 29-6-14

In a neglected corner of the garden, behind the veggie patch, are the raspberry canes my friend Kath gave me when she emigrated back to New Zealand.  Well, it was negelected but it has now been tamed and tidied up.Kath's raspberriesThere were lots of ripe raspberries but also lots of nibbled ones too!  Is that birds who peck at them?pecked raspberries After clearing the area of nettles and weeds I picked as many as I could find and made them in to a smoothie.raspberries one

This was delicious.  Harvey and I loved this smoothie made with 2 handfuls each of spinach and raspberries, 1 frozen banana, soya milk, vanilla soya yogurt and cashew nut butter.  It was creamy and smooth and so tasty he had no idea it was full of spinach.raspberry and spinach smoothieThe strawberries are not ready yet.
white strawberries June is a wonderful month for flowers, the garden is looking very colourful.2 pot The sweet peas are quite spectacular.sweet peas in blue pot In this triangle shaped bed, on the way in to the veggie patch, the sunflowers are growing very well, as are the sweet peas.sweet peas and sunflowers I have enough growing to pick 3 vases a week at the moment.sweet peas 29-6-14 They are so pretty.sweet peas white and pink

They smell amazing.sweet peas in utility roomI don’t want that many nasturtiums but they keep the weeds down, while I wait for my rose bushes which are going to go in here.nasturtiums growing through wire fence sweet peas and nasturtiums The broad beans seem to have been flowering for months.broad bean flowers 29-6-14 Finally the broad beans are actually growing too.broad beans growing 29-6-14 The first French bean is peaking out.French beans The runner beans are flowering.runner bean flowers The purple french beans are on there way too.purple beans The lettuces have been magnificent.  These 4 are from Sarah Raven; left to right are Mizuna, Mustard Red Giant, Lettuce Solix and Lettuce Green Oak Leaf.  Their germination rates were not great so I sowed more today.mizuna and solic Lettuces and rocket which came from Garden Organics which is my favourite sed company.  We have eaten a lot of these recently and they taste wonderful as they are so full of flavour.lettuce and rocket This bed is full of courgettes and sweet potatoes.  And nasturtiums which pop up everywhere so i did clear a lot out today.courgette bed I pulled out all the radishes as they had got too big and gone woody.  I also cleared out some nasturtiums and chopped the Swiss and Rainbow chard back.  I added about half a ton of fresh soil to the top bed, carefully raked it and sowed carrot seeds (the seeds I sowed 3 weeks ago did nothing so I am trying again) and spring onions which apparently help keep carrot fly away.  Did you see that bit – I added about half a ton of soil to the top bed?  No mean feat with a wheelbarrow with a flat tyre!veg beds 29-6-14 I also planted out these which I have never grown before – do you know what they are?  I am trying 3 in a bed and will also try 3 in the greenhouse when it is built.red okra The busiest bed by far is the pea bed.peas 29-6-14 They have grown so quickly and look to be in perfect condition.peas growing Every pea plant is completely smothered in pods and lots look ready to be eaten.pea pods in gardenI decided a small boy should be enlisted to help pick and shuck them.

Little Fella – where are you?  Strangely he had become very quiet and uncharacteristically very still!Harvey in treeOnce spotted and prised from the tree he did well.  We both ate lots of the peas raw as they are so sweet and delicious.Harvey and the peas For lunch we enjoyed a salad made from leaves from the garden and tomatoes.garden saladEaten with tacos to which I added the peas and it was just warm enough to eat in the garden.   It was a very tasty lunch and the best part was eating so much I have grown myself.  I really enjoyed my day in the garden.tacos with peas I really enjoyed yesterday too.The Delaunay water I went up to London with Annette and we met Laura in The Delaunay (http://www.thedelaunay.com) which is a ‘Grand European Cafe Restaurant’ apparently.Delauney bread I had a very good steak Bearnaise and frites.  Some greenery with it would have been appreciated but it seems you have to order that separately.steak and chips Delauney The espresso was really good..Delauney Espresso We met for lunch and then went on to see Wolf Hall at the Aldwych Theatre.  It was very good.  Quite long at 3 hours for the performance and I would have liked a bit more variety of the scenery but the script and acting was really good.  It was not as confusing to me as the book but I did occasionally have to rack my brains to remember which Thomas that was – why are there so many Thomas’?  I really enjoyed the humour in this production.Wolf Hall

A very satisfactory weekend for gardening and catching up with 2 lovely friends, having a good meal out and a trip to the theatre.  I hope you had a good weekend too.

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5 Responses to Sweet Peas

  1. Gilli Fryzer says:

    Very strange – my sweet peas are hopeless so far, (about three flowers) peas have been a disaster, but broad beans have been cropping for a fortnight and we have just come to the end of the strawberries after a month where I’ve had to make jam to keep up with the load – perhaps we should set up a veg sharing scheme between us! 🙂 x

    • It is strange. How are your carrots? I have sown 3 packets of seeds on 2 different occasions and have not one seedling to show for it! It is frustrating but I guess that is why gardening is enjoyable as it is a challenge.

  2. suzjones says:

    I think I need to you come and plant and then tend my garden. I often wish that I had a vegetable garden but then my enthusiasm wanes lol

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