Vegan At The Stag

Today was quite a good balance between work and play.  I worked from home and when I was working, I really focused and got a lot done.  But I also made sure I made time to eat very well during the day and in the evening I took Harvey out to a lovely dinner at The Stag in Hastings.

I fancied a juice this morning and made a large one with the broccoli stem, fennel, beetroot, turmeric, celery, an orange and a ruby pink grapefruit.p1070990Not bad.p1070991These 2 kept me going until lunch time.p1070994I was wondering what to have for lunch and had a quick browse through social media while I pondered.  A friend had posted this recipe for a guacamole salad so I made it and it was wonderful.  Click here for the recipe.  It is super easy and took me about 10 minutes to assemble.p1070995Guacamole salad, made with tomatoes, avocado, red onion, sweetcorn and black beans.p1070996I served it with boiled potatoes, green salad and mixed sprouts and I enjoyed every mouthful.p1070997p1070998Then these happened.  I didn’t even like them much.  Neither did Harvey who opened them while he sat next to me but he then walked off and left them so I ate them.  I won’t buy anything like that again.p1070999I have not done anything fun with Harvey this weekend so I took him out for dinner.  I happily logged off my laptop at 5:30 and after a few chores, we walked to the Old Town.  I always walk along St Mary’s Terrace so I can admire the pretty houses on one side and the view on the other.p1080012I love the Old Town and the maze of twittens, alleyways and passages.  Walking there and back also helped me hit my 10,000 steps target.p1080014We went to The Stag on All Saints Street because they have vegan food on the menu.  On a Wednesday it’s a 100 % vegan menu but the rest of the time it’s just a few dishes added to the menu.   Thursdays is Balinese.  I had a half pint of pale ale; first alcohol in nearly 2 weeks.  I enjoyed that.p1080015I chose the gado gado with rice and it was really good.  I enjoyed every mouthful and want to go back for a vegan Wednesday.  Harvey really enjoyed his meal too.p1080018Well done The Stag.  Good food, very friendly and helpful staff and locals perched at the bar and a warm and cosy ambience. p1080019We will be backp1080022Along the road a little way was this cosy looking pub, Cinque Ports, but Harvey wasn’t allowed in the bar so we walked home. p1080023So a big thumbs up to The Stag.  I am enjoying living in Hastings.

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Portion Control

I was working from home today which makes eating what I like and when I like much easier.  It does make walking harder though because I am mainly on one room and today I didn’t have time to go out for a walk as we are so busy at work.  Anyway, I am trying to eat much smaller meals as well as very healthy meals because our portion sizes are much too large.

I made a smoothie bowl for breakfast, using up the remains of the fruit bowl because I was having a shopping delivery later in the day.  For 2 of us I made the smoothie with 2 mangoes, 2 pears, 1 avocado and half a bag of frozen blueberries with a splash of oat milk.p1070976Having blitzed the fruit to make the smoothie I added some coconut and pecan nuts to serve.  The flavour was overwhelmingly of pear, which was very nice but surprising.  The pears were very small but they overtook all the other flavours.  It was very enjoyable.p1070977Enjoyed with 2 mugs of hot water with lime and ginger.p1070978Lunch was leftovers.  I was pleased to see a large bowl of the sweet potato, butternut and chard casserole in the fridge; I had forgotten it was there. I cooked some rice and heated up the casserole and it was delicious.  This is such a wonderful recipe, we both love it.p1070979I always cook 1 cup of Basmati brown rice  and we often share it between us but today we only had a quarter each.  It was plenty.p1070980I added some smoked chili pickle and thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful of my lunch.p1070981I was peckish in the afternoon (more likely bored actually) so I had some almonds and dates with black rooibos tea.p1070984I made stir fried rice for dinner, using another quarter of the rice.  I stir fried, in coconut oil, red onions, garlic, celery, fennel, peas, courgette and half an orange pepper.  I added liquid aminos and a splash of apple cider vinegar for flavour and served it with fresh basil.p1070986I then remembered I had some mixed sprouts in the fridge so I added a handful of those too.  Simple and satisfying.p1070987

My eating was ok today.  More fat than I needed and not enough raw food but I was out of fresh groceries so tomorrow I can eat more raw foods.   I have not done enough exercise so I must do better with that tomorrow.  I did well with portions today though.

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Busy But Dieting

I have been very busy in the last 2 days as I was working full-time in the City and doing the changeover of my old house.  While I try and sell it I am letting it out through Airbnb and I had to fit in the changeover last night.  I am also trying to fit in lots of walking and eating healthily so I can lose weight.  Difficult when I am so busy but I am determined.

Monday morning and I had a large rooibos tea with no milk and 3 apples for breakfast.   We have a Waitrose round the corner from the office which is very handy.p1070948Next to Waitrose is a restaurant called Passione which has a fantastic buffet.  You buy either a medium  (£4.70) or large (£5.20) tub and then help yourself to their extensive buffet.  There is a selection of hot and cold dishes and lots of lentil, bean and vegetable dishes.  I love a decent buffet.  I wasn’t very hungry on Monday so I had the medium and filled it mainly with raw and pickled veggies.p1070949In the evening, while my washing machine and tumble dryer ran non stop for about 5 hours, I heated up some of the leftover broccoli pesto quinoa and added some butternut and chard casserole to serve with it.  I was joined by Sarah who popped over to lend me her iron and phone charger and we had a lovely catch up over glasses of tap water – that is definitely a first!p1070951I also snacked on a few almonds.p1070955This morning I caught the train to London Bridge station which has improved massively over the past couple of years.  I could have gone to Cannon Street but I got off a stop early to lengthen the walk.p1070957The section between the station and London Bridge remains as grim as ever though!p1070958I was at London Bridge at 7:30, just in time for sunrise which was very pretty.  I have been working in the West End for the past couple of years and although I wish I still was, I do enjoy some aspects of being back in the City and walking over London Bridge is one of them.p1070960There is absolutely no filter or editing on this photo.  I timed my walk perfectly and as I neared the North side of the bridge, I was able to see the sun sitting in the middle of Tower Bridge. It was actually a very deep orange, even though in the photo it looks white.  Certainly an awesome start to the day.p1070962I felt really hungry today and after my black Rooibos and 3 apples, I had another Rooibos, this time with some soya milk to keep me going until lunch time.p1070965I went back to Passione for lunch today.  This is one of 2 sets of the cold buffet bowls so there is plenty of choice.  There are meat options but most dishes are vegan and not smothered in dressings – hallelujah.p1070967I was hungry so I had a large pot today.p1070969So much yumminess and good nutrition in one pot.p1070970After work I drove home to Hastings and it was great to be home.  I had a few almonds and a smoothie for supper, made wth 3 small ripe bananas, half a punnet of blackberries, some oat milk and a teaspoon of sea greens powder.p1070972I am really pleased with how I have eaten because it’s predominantly plants and lots of it is raw, which is my objective.  I have also walked at least 10,000 steps a day too so another objective achieved.

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Beach Walking

I usually wake up early.  Some mornings it feels right to snuggle under the covers and relish the opportunity to lie in.  Then others, like today, I just want to get up and out and start to enjoy the day.  Of course, my go to place is the beach.  It was fabulous, despite the grey, overcast weather and we were practically the only ones there.p1070894I had wanted to go at low tide so we could walk on the sand, partly because I love it but also because our lovely dog Milton has arthritis and I thought the sand would be easier for him than the pavements.p1070893There is always so much for a boy and dogs to find to enjoy looking at (or sniffing if you are a dog) on a beach.p1070901p1070907p1070896The tide came in very quickly so we didn’t walk as far as I wanted as we had to turn round before the water cut us off.p1070895The sun did try to come out for about 2 minutes and then gave up for the rest of the day.p1070908p1070911I have never stood under the pier before and its rather awesome getting up close to see the scale of the thing.p1070912p1070915p1070917Back at home I had a hot water with lime, ginger, apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper.  Harvey has his with honey but no cayenne.p1070923Very late morning I had half a watermelon.p1070924I wasn’t hungry at lunch time and was going to wait until dinner but then mid afternoon I couldn’t resist Harvey’s pasta left overs.  This was a very small bowl of pasta in puttanesca sauce.p1070925My photos of my dinner do not do it justice.  This was one of the most delicious tasting stew/hearty soups I have made in a very long time.  The recipe for ‘Cozy butternut squash, chard and red lentil stew’ is on the consistently good ‘Oh She Glows’ blog, written by a Canadian vegan I have followed for years.  The sauce is made from tomatoes and coconut milk, seasoned with turmeric and cumin which is a flavoursome combination.  The flavours were deep and rounded and it was hard to not overeat because I liked it so much.  I served it over some of yesterday’s leftover broccoli pesto quinoa.p1070939 To find this delicious recipe, click on this link:  Cozy butternut squash, chard and red lentil stewp1070943We have had Beryl, the little black pug to stay this weekend which we consider to be a real treat because we all love having her here.  She lives with Rebecca, opposite me.  Rebecca makes these gorgeous fishing net houses which you can put a candle in.  I think they are fabulous and so was delighted to be given one as a thanks for having Beryl.p1070926I need no reward for the pleasure of having Beryl here but I am very happy with my ceramic gift.  Thank you Rebecca.p1070945

I have enjoyed my low key at home weekend.  I wish we could have it all over again.


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Back To The Blog

Well hello strangers!  I knew I hadn’t blogged for a long time but I had no idea it was since September.  Wow!!  I can’t promise to be back to blogging almost daily but I do want to get back to blogging regularly and back to losing weight.  I have been dreadful over the past few months so let’s leave the past in the past and move forwards.  Well, let’s do that after a quick catch up.

I have finally moved to Hasting and am loving it.  Harvey and I now live in a Victorian terraced house near Alexandra park and we hope Lara will visit often.

I moved in just before Christmas when I had 3 weeks off work to move and settle in.  It meant Christmas was a busy time, especially since I hosted but I was very lucky and help from my sisters and friends. Christmas was enjoyable and a welcome break from chores.  It was lovely to have my family all visiting and helping make the house feel like our new home.

I have been on a 5 day juice only fast.  I followed Jason Vale’s 5 Pounds in 5 Days programme which was very easy to stick to.  So this morning (Saturday), was the first time I ate anything since last Sunday.  I broke my fast with quarter of a watermelon which I really enjoyed.  It was a particularly juicey one.p1070865It has been threatening to snow all day but it just didn’t quite happen.  It was damp and murky outside but I was on a mission, after a very sedentary week, to walk my 10,000 step target as a minimum.  So Harvey and I set off to walk to St.Leonard’s for lunch.

Whenever I can I like to walk beside the sea.  It was quite calm and a milky pale green colour today.p1070870

p1070871p1070872p1070873We walked to a recently re-located restaurant; Nico’s Kitchen.  It is now at 35 King’s Road in St.Leonards.  It’s a mainly vegan restaurant and I was kean to try it.

Harvey had sushi and sourdough toast with 2 types of humous.  I had stuffed mini peppers with an almond sauce and Vietnamese rolls with chili dips.p1070875p1070876I had mine with a mug of peppermint tea.  It was all very tasty and the almond sauce served with the mini peppers was particularly delicious.  All the dishes can be served as a main or starter.  As I hadn’t been here before I wanted to try as many as possible hence we ordered 2 starter sizes each but it wasn’t quite enough; I realised I should have had a starter and a main.  They were very helpful and served Harvey an extra portion of toast for his humous dips.p1070877On the way back we walked via one of my favourite shops – Trinity Wholefoods.  It’s only a little shop but it stocks a wide range of products and I try and shop there whenever I can.  I bought some groceries and we headed home.p1070878By the time we had walked home I had over 12,000 steps on my Fitbit which I was pleased about.  It would have been easy to just stay inside on such a miserable day but having gone out, we enjoyed our potter about and lunch out.

Harvey had chosen these from Trinity Wholefoods to eat but they were too spicy for him.  Unfortunately I loved them and ate too many.  I was annoyed with myself for that and must be more disciplined.

p1070886After a lovely relaxing afternoon, having a doze and then doing some some knitting, I made supper.  I had found some recipes online I wanted to cook and I chose to make the  Vibrant Vegan Double Broccoli Buddha Bowl from 101 Cookbooks.  If you click on the link it should take you to the recipe.


In summary you cook some quinoa, make a broccoli pesto with broccoli, almonds and garlic and mix the pesto with the quinoa.  I added salad, cooked broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, mixed salad, toasted almonds and mixed sprouts to the quinoa.  I also added some Vegan Blue cheese dressing and a dash of sriracha, a hot chilli sauce.p1070879p1070881p1070882p1070883p1070885

It was very tasty but I do now feel very full.  The almonds and dressing made it very rich.  This bowl packed in a  lot of really good nutrients and was a pleasure to eat and I have leftovers in the fridge which is always a good thing.

I am pleased I am back to blogging and hoping it will help motivate me to exercise regularly and eat well.  Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017.

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Hastings Weekend With Keven

Harvey and I were treated to a weekend in Hastings with Keven, Viv and Ian.  When they originally booked their visit from Australia I had hoped to be living in Hastings by now so Hastings was on the itinerary.  When they realised I wasn’t, they rented a great house through AirBnB on Priory Road with a bedroom for us to stay in too.

There was a lovely courtyard garden with several places to sit in it – all good inspiration for my future home.p1070655p1070656p1070658p1070659The house was apparently the first Victorian house built in Hastings.  It was filled with interesting pieces of art and was very comfortable.

And they had lots of vinyl to play which I really enjoyed.p1070703The best thing about the house was the light and views.

On Saturday we met my sister Abi and her family at the cafe in Alexandra Park.  We walked there from the AirBnB house via the house I am buying so we could show Keven our new home (hopefully).  It was a lovely walk with more great views.p1070638After lunch we went to Bexhill-On-Sea and enjoyed a long walk along the sea front in warm sunshine; it was like a summers day.p1070642p1070645p1070648p1070649p1070650We finished our visit to Bexhill at sunset with a beer in Rocksalt before heading back to Hastings for a Chinese for supper.  It was an amusing meal, in part due to the well meaning but comical waitress who explained to us that the 3 hours (yes, she did say 3) between 11pm and 1 am were the most important to be asleep so our blood could be changed and we wouldn’t wake up with yellow eyes!

I walked nearly 19,000 steps which I was very pleased with.p1070653Today (Sunday) we spent some time in the morning relaxing in the house.  Viv made me a fruit bowl and Keven cooked up some veggies and toast and a cup of green tea for breakfast.  It was so lovely to have food prepared for me; a real treat.  Lucy joined us for the day and we went to Seed on George Street for lunch.p1070706These tempura aubergines were delicious.  They were very accommodating in Seed and provided me with a lovely vegan meal, including salad which was not on the menu.  Thank you Ian for buying lunch for us all.p1070705I have been up the East Hill lift many times but never the West Hill lift and today I made it.  This lift takes you through a tunnel which is an interesting experience.p1070708The view at the top was spectacular and was very close to Keven’s house.  There is a cafe here with stunning views and I will come back to enjoy a cuppa and this view over the Old Town.p1070710Keven, Lucy, Harvey and I then spent the afternoon enjoying a leisurely stroll around the Old Town.p1070717The variety of charming buildings makes this place such a pleasure to walk around.p1070723p1070725p1070726If you visit Hastings, you should include Hendy’s.  It is more like a museum than a shop!

All too soon it was time to say good-bye to our very dear and special friend.  I think it is our turn to travel down under to visit Keven next time.p1070727

We both really enjoyed our visit to Hastings and saw parts of the town we have never seen before.  The company was the best bit but the comfortable house, great weather and interesting towns all helped.  That was a weekend i could repeat again.

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Lara, Harvey and I had a very relaxing and extremely enjoyable week long holiday in Sardinia at the end of August.  We booked it last minute and set off, not really knowing what to expect as none of us had been there before.  Well, we shall be going again.  We all loved it, especially the beaches.  We left London Gatwick on a very early flight.img_3551The advantage of the 2:30am start was that we were in Sardinia by 9:30am and after a fairly challenging drive to our hotel (2 and a half hours in a manual car for the first time in years on the right hand side of the road) we arrived by lunch time and had the afternoon to relax by the pool.img_3558p1070396p1070399The following day we discovered the delights of the hotel beach; a delightful cove.p1070402There was a lifeguard and kayaks and paddle boards to borrow.p1070404A quiet and beautiful spot.p1070405Our hotel was spread over such a large area they had little trains to take you around.  I managed to get lost one evening which was frustrating but I got to see the resort.p1070413At the entrance to the park was a large lake filled with birds.p1070414p1070415p1070420p1070424I ended up in completely the wrong part of the park which caused a lot of worry for Lara and Harvey but I eventually made it back.p1070425We were up and out early for our first full day on holiday.p1070426We had a bed and breakfast deal and the breakfasts were a bit limited for me but great for everyone else.p1070427Having discovered the hotel beach, we didn’t waste time at the pool anymore.p1070432There was a second pool at the hotel which was quiet and peaceful but still no where near as alluring as the little cove.p1070434p1070436p1070438p1070440p1070441We went in to Arbatax for supper on our second day.  Not much there but it was good to get out and have a stroll around.p1070442p1070443Mushroom pizza and salad for me which was delicious.p1070444We spent a couple of unplanned days in the South of Sardinia near Villasimius.   I think I would stay in the South the next time I come as the beaches are lovely there.  We were meant to be out on a boat for the day on Tuesday but the trip was postponed due to a thunderstorm!

p1070445p1070446So we hopped in to our car and headed South to Villasimius in the South Eastern part of Sardinia.  It was about 2 hours to drive there.  We had lunch overlooking the main beach but decided to move on in search of somewhere quieter and more scenic to spend the afternoon.p1070449We found a really pretty beach at Spiaggi de Punta Molentis and settled in to the sun loungers for an afternoons relaxing.p1070451This was a very well crafted sand sculpture.p1070458It was a sea serpent that was part buried in the sand.  Unfortunately his nose was washed off before I took my photo.p1070459p1070460This was a very pretty beach.p1070461p1070463p1070466We liked it so much we came back the following day as the weather further North remained unsettled with the risk of rain.  We were actually trying to find a way to Cala Caterina but failed so we went back to yesterday’s beach as that was lovely.p1070471View from my sun lounger.p1070473Paying Euro 25 for 2 sun loungers also gave you access to a variety of ball games which we all had a go with.p1070475This beach was found down a sand track where everyone just parked in a rather random way but it did the job!p1070478After a tough day on the beach we wandered in to town to find somewhere for a drink and for supper before driving back to Arbatax.p1070479Villasimius was a pretty little place.p1070480Aperol Spritzer was the drink of the holiday this year.p1070481We had dinner in a charming first floor pizzeria looking out over the main street – La Tartana.p1070482Obviously the vegan pizza was mine and no prizes for guessing who had the sausage and chips pizza and who had the more sophisticated smoked salmon.  This lovely meal was a  good ending to another lovely day.p1070483On our penultimate day we actually made it to the boat trip cancelled on Tuesday due to thunderstorms.  This is the pretty little port in Arbatax.p1070484p1070486We set off on our boat, with about 12 other people and headed North  along the East coast of Sardinia.  The scenery was stunning.p1070489p1070505p1070508p1070514p1070515When we stopped at a beach we could not believe the colour of the water.  It was extraordinary.p1070521It was such a lovely day, possibly the best day of the year.  We spent about 4 hours on 2 beaches, stopped in several places to swim/snorkel and the rest of the day relaxing on the boat.p1070528p1070529Yes, that is Harvey, leaping from the rock!p1070533The captain of our boat delivered each family a large cool box containing lunch.  There was a box of cold meat, cheese and olives, pasta, Sardinian dried bread, water and a chilled bottle of red wine.p1070535Not a bad spot for lunch (and no I didn’t eat the prawn).p1070536p1070538This was the perfect beach.  Amazing water with a good swell to bob about in and beautiful scenery.p1070541I didn’t want the day to end but end it had to.p1070549p1070550We spent our last day on holiday beside the beautiful cove at our hotel.  I loved this little spot.

I loved the big smooth rocks that sloped gently to the clear water and the little platform and ladder to make getting in to the water easy.p1070552I liked the platform with sun loungers and sunshades.  Apart from a toilet and freshwater showers, there was nothing else there.  And not too many people either.p1070557p1070558There was usually a choice of sun or shade, to suit your mood or skin type.p1070559p1070560The water round Sardinia is clean and clear and full of fish but with nothing dangerous so Harvey could relax and enjoy snorkelling and I could enjoy my book.p1070568p1070572I was sorry to leave this beach heaven.p1070573p1070574p1070576We considered having our final Sardinian supper in the swanky restaurant at our hotel with its lovely views.p1070579But decided against it because it seemed too quiet so we headed in to town instead.p1070580We went out to a local Osteria, Bepi da Guia for a special meal to end a really lovely holiday.  It was a lovely restaurant; good service with lovely food and a relaxed and friendly ambience.p1070586We sat outside and ate Italian style with a Primi (pasta) and Secondi (meat or fish) dish.  I had bread followed by pasta with swordfish and then a fried sea bream.  It was all very delicious but no vegetables which I found a bit odd.  No complaints from Harvey on that score though!   This was a great place to sit and relax in a pleasant location, watching the sunset over the port.

Those of you who read rather then skim the blog will note that I said I ate fish.  I did indeed.  I have no intention of doing so regularly (maybe never again) and no intention of ever eating meat of any description.  But sometimes I wonder if fish would be beneficial brain food for me and I also decided to try something on holiday I can’t have at home.  I really enjoyed it but it sat heavily in my stomach all night and I prefer the lighter feeling of eating vegan.

I loved the reflections the plants made on the ground.  This was the walk back to our room from the car park.

p1070591p1070590We stayed at the Arbatax Park Resort which was very good although rather hilly which I got fed up with at times, especially in the heat of the day.  It was designed in the style of a traditional hill top village and really was very beautiful to wander around in.  Our room was at the top of these stairs.  We had 2 large bedrooms and a shared bathroom and it was very comfortable.p1070592I was reluctant to leave; I could easily have stayed much longer.p1070593p1070595p1070596There was a large animal park on the site which we wandered around before leaving.p1070597p1070598We took a wrong road on the way back to the airport in Olbia and ended up on a high mountain road.  We got there in time for our flight but I was rather tense on the very high and in parts, narrow roads.p1070606p1070614Sardinia was a very pleasant surprise and I hope to go back one day and swim in those wonderful seas and eat the lovely, fresh and local food.  Ideally with Lara and Harvey who are fantastic holiday companions.

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Back To The Diet

I have been bad lately.  Very bad.  For a very long time.  But I have made some big decisions lately and am feeling more in control of my future and I don’t see a fat person in that future so time to get back to losing weight.

Sometimes I have been bad because I am sad or angry or lonely – I wish I felt the urge to go for a run or head to the gymn when feeling negative emotions but I don’t.  I dive in to carby and fatty foods which are a disaster.  Recent favourites have been crisps and humous or chips or toast and nut butters.

My naughty eating is not all negative though; sometimes I have been bad because I am celebrating such as my recent birthday.  I was very spoilt.  My wonderful neighbours hosted a drinks party with very gourmet vegan snacks and we sat outside and ate, drank and made very merry indeed.  Then on Sunday my Dad hosted a BBQ for my 3 lovely sisters and me with our families.  p1070617The sun shone, everyone turned up who we were expecting plus a special guest, Keven, a very dear friend of our family who we have known since we were teenagers.   It was a really wonderful day.  It could not have been better.p1070624I recently returned from a lovely holiday to find my greenhouse full of ripe tomatoes.  I have never had such success with tomatoes and I pick and eat them and they continue to ripen.  It’s rather a never ending supply at the moment which is such a treat.p1070627This lot were oven roasted with some olive oil, garlic and herbs and then blended with some potato and consumed as a soup, nearly every day this weekp1070616This week I have eaten very healthily but also eaten too much in terms of portion size and had too many snacks and calorific meals such as the irresistible fruit bread from Timberyard, which they toast and spread with almond butter and cinnamon seeds.  It has far too many calories, especially when washed down with a large oat milk latte !  So that will have to be resisted in future.

I feel good when I eat a mainly plant based diet and so that is how I will try and eat.  I will aim to eat in the ratio of 80:10:10 (carbs:protein:fat) which is the proportion most plants are in.  So nature provides us all this wonderful food which nourishes our bodies properly so it seems to make sense to eat lots of it – right?

I woke up today and decided today was the day and then I saw two things on Facebook this morning which affirmed my resolve.  No one will fix my problems for me, I need to do it and I might as well get on with it now.  So here we go.

Breakfast was a frozen bowl full of bananas with mixed berries, softened at room temperature slightly and blended to make this heavenly meal which tasted like ice-cream.  Yum!  Just bananas and mixed berries.p1070626Lunch was….. wait for it…… more tomatoes!  I oven roasted this lot with a little salt and pepper and enjoyed them with a large handful of mixed green leaves and a baked sweet potato.  No oil added and no dressings required.  The tomatoes are so juicy I didn’t need to add oil when I cooked them or mayonnaise or dressing to the leaves or vegan butter equivalent to the potato.p1070631That kept me full all afternoon and I nearly didn’t bother with supper but then decided I might get hungry later and snack so I had a simple pasta supper.  This red lentil pasta is excellent.  It only has 2 ingredients; red lentil flour and water so sounds healthy enough to me.p1070633I ate it with a courgette, spring onions and more tomatoes.  Perfectly adequate.  That was all I ate all day and I feel perfectly sated. I drank water, black and green tea and a black coffee.  Tracked and weighed everything too so I can see how close I am to 80:10:10.p1070634

How did I do?

Very well actually.  According to Cronometer:

Calories = 924

Carbs = 77.5%

Protein = 15.4%

Fat = 7.1%

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Bye Bye Ramsgate

We sold our holiday house beside the sea this week so after a busy couple of weekends we had so say bye bye.  Very well done to James, Harvey and Matt who moved us out on the hottest day of the year !!!

Harvey and I had a final hurrah in the house and made the most of the wonderful weather to enjoy eating out and walking around this lovely town and beach.  Milton was with us too.

P1070338I will miss this extraordinary view from the house.  This picture was taken from the gate.P1070339We walked along to the little parade of restaurants nearest the house for lunch on the Saturday.P1070340P1070341I celebrated my 50th in the Italian restaurant so for old times sake, we had lunch there.P1070342These girls look happy.P1070332We sat outside, overlooking the marina.P1070337Pizza – yummy.P1070335This is the only royal harbour in England and it is beautiful and always a pleasure to walk around.P1070344P1070345P1070346I walked and Harvey cycled around the harbour, beside the beach and along the promenade.P1070347P1070348In the evening we went to Sandwich to see my cousin Hannah’s new house.  This beautiful river is just behind them.P1070350Aunty Marion joined us for a stroll around Sandwich which is well worth a visit.P1070351Behind this wall is ‘The Salutation’, the house of Steph and Dom, well known to Gogglebox fans.P1070352Nice pad!P1070354

We had a lovely evening at Hannah’s and made the most of the weather by eating outside; Hannah made a delicious curry for me followed by fruit and vegan ice-cream.  It was lovely.

Sunday was a stunning day with bright blue skies.  It began hazy but that soon cleared but we were up and out as soon as we woke up to make the most of the day.  We ate breakfast our in a cafe along the promenade; beans on toast for me.

P1070355There was a big motorbike event setting up along the seafront on the road leading to the port; we peered at it from above but didn’t go down.P1070358P1070361When the haze cleared, the sky was so blue.  It was a perfect beach day.P1070364P1070368After a good walk we headed on to the sand and had a wonderful time swimming and walking along the main beach at Ramsgate.  It was glorious and luckily we didn’t come across any jellyfish in the sea.P1070371P1070372We both enjoyed our swim very much.P1070374We eventually dragged ourselves away and in to our favourite place to eat; The Belgian Cafe.P1070382We got a booth – yay 🙂P1070379Vegan sausages and mash for me which was really good and so filling because of all the vegetables.P1070380One final potter about before heading home.P1070383P1070384P1070387

P1070388P1070391Final stop of the weekend was Revolution where Harvey BMXd and Oscar scootered and they had a great time.  I did too, chatting to Hannah and Alex.P1070393

We also spent last weekend there but that was a lot more hard work as we had to sort everything out.  We did have some fun too though and another lovely evening with Hannah and her family and Aunty Marion.  We had supper at a fantastic Italian called Luigi’s at 3 The Quay, Sandwich, CT13 9EN.  I highly recommend it and they were very accommodating to me and cooked me a vegan pasta dish which was excellent.  We spent the rest of the evening at Aunty Marion’s.

I woke up early on my last morning in the Ramsgate house and made the most of the view.  This was the view from my bedroom at about 7am.

IMG_3492We had a very busy day ahead of us so we began with a full English – vegan version for me -at one of the little cafes on the local parade.IMG_3498After a very long and busy day sorting everything out, it was time to say farewell.  IMG_3507I will miss this beautiful Georgian house beside the sea but have plans for a different way of life in another town beside the sea.IMG_3515

I hope the new owners enjoy this house.





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Rye and Hastings

I started a blog about a recent trip to Rye and then forgot to post it.  So here’s the blog about Rye and I have added on the lovely day I had in Hastings with my sister Abi on Wednesday too.


Monday nights have become the new going out night in our house.  Inspired by a need to hit my 10,000 steps a day and wanting to amuse Harvey in the holidays we planned a late afternoon walk.  I work from home on a Monday so our excursions always begin late afternoon or early evening.

The rain ambushed our plans to walk round Bodiam castle so instead we went to Rye.  Nearly every building in the old part of town is worthy of a photo.

P1070146P1070145I love the effects of this one as it looks as if the tunnel is spinning.P1070147P1070148P1070149P1070150P1070151No danger of deep water at low tide.P1070154P1070153P1070155P1070156P1070157We popped in to a pub for a little drink.P1070158Cheers.P1070159P1070160P1070161This is the house opposite the pub – love the house name.P1070163The 15th Century building housing the Mermaid pub was a great place to have a drink and a relax.P1070162P1070164P1070167P1070169P1070170P1070171Beside the river we walked past Ferry Cottage.  Rye has such an interesting history.P1070176P1070174It also had a great playground which Harvey was very happy to use while I made my 10,000 step target by walking along the river bank.P1070177P1070179P1070180We nearly stayed in but I am really glad we went out.  I walked my 10,000 steps and we enjoyed pottering about the lovely then of Rye.


On Wednesday I had a day off and Harvey and I went to Hastings.  This is such a surprising town.  Close to the centre of town was this lane which seemed as if it should be in a rural location.P1070295We walked in to the Old Town.P1070296P1070298Once upon a time I would have gone for coffee and cake.  Nowadays I rarely eat sweet things like cake as it is too hard to find vegan versions.  I have not become ultra healthy though as I have swapped the coffee and cake for a drink and a packet of crisps and nuts.P1070299Which is exactly what I had in the First In Last Out pub.  We enjoyed ourselves in this traditional pub.P1070300I met my sister Abi with my lovely nieces and nephew and we had fish and chips on the beach.  Well, I had chips.P1070303After lunch we went up the funicular to the East Hill where there is a large country park.P1070304Plus great views of the Old Town and the beach.P1070305P1070310P1070309P1070308P1070311We walked down from the Country Park and along some charming roads, back to the Old Town.P1070314P1070315

P1070319P1070318I spy with my little eye, some gorgeous cherry print deckchairs I might aspire to own.P1070324The new pier beckoned.  It is such a great space to walk along with fabulous views back to shore.P1070328P1070329P1070330We had a lovely day and left Hastings bathed in bright sunshine.  I can’t wait until we can have a lovely day in Hastings and don’t have to walk away.P1070331


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