The Room

Remember this photo?

IMG_4516I took it a couple of weeks ago of the one horrible room in my otherwise lovely home.  This house was split in to flats and this room was a kitchen.  You need to walk through this room and through a lean-to so you can get in to the garden.

I have moved from a much larger house and one that had plenty of storage space.  This house has no attic space, no study, no utility room and no cellar or basement.  So I needed to make this room a bit of a combination utility, study and storage room but also leave a clear path to the garden.P1080123How was that bright acid yellow ever popular?P1080124I will definitely need a plasterer.P1080125This looks like a war zone.P1080126P1080130I am hoping that when the old plaster board and pine cladding is removed, I will find the original architrave.P1080129I would like to preserve the sink and have it on a new cupboard.P1080128The ceiling definitely needs replacing; polystyrene is so last year (or 20 !).P1080127Two weeks and a lot of hard work, mess and dust later ……IMG_4516P1080139Rotten floorboards.P1080132The architrave emerges.P1080135P1080136It is very yellow though.P1080137It’s all there.P1080134…. Ta daa.P1080247That looks better – lots of storage space.P1080246I do like my new shelves.P1080251The original cupboard looks great now it’s been painted as does the fire place and the picture rail has been put back.P1080249I am looking forward to getting everything organised in here.P1080250I need to decide what to do with the lean-to as it is draughty and very unsightly.P1080252Hard to believe it is the same room.P1080253I have run out of money so can’t have the floor done yet and will get a rug to put down until I can get a set of reclaimed floorboards laid, sanded and waxed.P1080254I do confess I struggled with the untidiness, chaos and dust of this little project but I am delighted with the finished result.  It looks brilliant.  A huge thank you to Peter Laurense who did all the work apart from the plastering which he managed.  All I had to do was choose the units and counter top (from Howdens) and paint colour (F&B’s James White).  I highly recommend Peter and let me know if you want his details.  He is very pleasant to have around, works very hard and is really good at what he does.  Thank you Peter.

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Pizza Night

It’s Friday, yippee.  I worked from home today and had a reasonably well paced day.

Half a pineapple for breakfast.P1080234Rebecca popped in for a cup of green tea and brought me this charming little bunch of camellias from her garden.  Thank you Rebecca.P1080241I have a savoy cabbage and needed inspiration for what to do with it.P1080235Aren’t they beautiful?P1080237I found a recipe for aduki bean and vegetable soup in an old cookbook of mine; ‘Entertaining With Cranks’.  I used that recipe as a base and swopped some of the ingredients in the recipe with some vegetables that needed using upP1080243

Onion, garlic, leeks, celery, carrots and savoy cabbage.  This cooked in stock and a can of tomatoes and was seasoned with cumin, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper and when it was ready, I blended it in to a smooth soup.P1080238I munched on an apple while the soup cooked.  I only had one, not all of them!P1080239It did not taste great.  I don’t know what it was but it had a very bitter taste.  So I added a can of light coconut milk and some sweetcorn which helped but it still was not great.  I ate it anyway as it had so many nutritious ingredients in it.P1080244For supper I found a pizza in the freezer which I was happy about because I did not feel like cooking.P1080257I have no desire to eat vegan food that looks like meat and this realistic soya ‘meat’ put me off a bit actually.P1080258The pizza was ok but I wouldn’t rush out to buy another one.  I liked the salad which was a simple one made with spinach, tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts.P1080259

Today’s food came to 1,354 calories.

I walked with Milton along the promenade this evening and that helped get me up to nearly 7,000 steps which is not great but I find it difficult when I work from home.

I slept better last night and managed 7 hours and 11 minutes which I needed.

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Here’s a 2 day catch up as I was rather waylaid yesterday evening by a bottle of Prosecco and a lovely friend.

Wednesday was a very tough day and I didn’t get a chance to eat anything until lunch time, by which time I was very hungry so I had a wholemeal Piada ( a wrap) with 30 g humous, mixed lettuces and alfalfa sprouts.  I inhaled that in about 10 seconds.P1080211I spent a little longer enjoying the last portion of the peanut stew, sprinkled with fresh coriander.  I will be making this again as it was so fabulous.P1080212I snacked on 2 bananas in the afternoon and sipped green tea.P1080214We were going out in the evening so supper was very hasty and not at all imaginative.  I chopped up some potatoes, seasoned with salt, pepper and thyme and instead of oil, added a little water to the pan.  Then popped them in a hot oven for about half an hour.P1080215I had the potatoes with more than half a large head of broccoli and half a can of baked beans. It was filling and the broccoli added a lot of nutrients.P1080216I had a wonderful evening at Marion’s.  Oh my, how we can chat!  Colin did well and managed to get a few words in as well but it must be said that we can talk and we did.  There is always so much to discuss and I really appreciated the support and advice I was given.  And thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

I was amazed at the beautiful recipe book Jo Jo created for her vegan sister for Christmas.  I sent some recipes to be included and this was the first time I had seen it and it was fantastic.  In our online way of life, it was lovely to have something to hold and look at on printed paper .  Well done JoJo, this is amazing. P1080219Hmm………, rather a lot of this was consumed.  But on the plus side we did not have anything to eat, such as crisps or other salted and roasted snacks.

P1080220By the time I had tottered over the road and fallen in to bed, I had consumed 1,704 calories, much of which was not plant food!  I only walked 7,723 steps and only had 5 hours and 3 minutes sleep, so not the healthiest of days.  Mind you, not the worst either!

Today was a gorgeous day and I suspect the warmest of the year so far.  The sky was all blue and the sun bright as I walked to the office at 8 am this morning.P1080223Amazingly I didn’t feel bad after too much to drink and not enough sleep so didn’t do what I often do which is to buy a large milky coffee and a big starchy bready something.  I popped in to Waitrose and bought some grapes and coconut and enjoyed them with a large green tea.P1080224I had a rare lunch out with 2 of my work colleagues because Phoebe, who worked with us last year, came to meet us.  We wandered through the Barbican to Pizza Express.P1080225P1080226P1080227I had the superfood salad as a starter and unusually for me, just did not think about the dressing which was not vegan as it contains egg yolk.  This would have easily been made vegan by just asking for the salad without the dressing and I feel disappointed I didn’t do that.  I ate it all and did enjoy the salad.  It was made with black rice, edamame beans, red quinoa, mung beans, chickpeas, cranberries, pumpkin seeds and kale on a bed of green leaves, peppers and red onion.  It was yummy and I will have it again but without the dressing!P1080228As a main I had the classic Veneziana without the cheese.  So a pizza base with tomato sauce, pine kernels, red onion, capers, black olives and sultanas.  I really enjoyed it but the best part about the lunch was sharing it with Paul, Maya and Phoebe.P1080229Now this was bad but I had to have it.  There is a shop in Euston that sells the best ever samosas and now and again, one of our colleagues pops over to Euston and buys a huge box full, all vegetable samosas, and shares them round the office.  Worth every calorie.P1080230To balance out the excess of the past 24 hours, I had a juice for supper, made with half a pineapple, 2 apples and several sticks of celery.P10802332,142 calories today which is far too many.  I would have had less than that because the calories include over 700 for my pizza but I didn’t have cheese on it and the online calorie look up assumes I did.  I did walk over 11,000 steps so that was good and I will be going to bed earlier tonight than last night!

The vegetable juice I had tonight was very enjoyable, but the prosecco and lovely company last night was much better.

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Deja Vue

I was in London working today but was super organised and took all my food in with me.  I batch cooked everything yesterday, so eating today was very easy.




I couldn’t eat the avocado because it was too brown but I enjoyed everything else.P1080204

Exactly the same as yesterday.P1080205


Another portion of the yummy peanut stew.P1080207

Total calories consumed was 1037.

I did a lot more walking and managed 11,800 steps today.

Only 5 hours 47 minutes sleep which is not enough but it was a very deep sleep so I coped.


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Diet Day 1, Again

I had a lovely weekend, mainly because Lara came home which is always a treat for us all.  My favourite time of the week is Saturday morning when you have the whole weekend ahead of you.  Low tide was 9:23 so we were down on the beach by 9 to make the most of it.

This is such a magical place; filled with space and light, it makes me feel so happy and alive.P1080152We pottered rather than walked briskly today and enjoyed looking at all the exposed rocks and rockpools.P1080154We walked along towards the pier.P1080155An extraordinary structure.P1080156It’s worth being on the sand early so you almost have it to yourself.P1080159The wind picked up a bit and I had wet feet so we walked back to the car along the promenade.  This is part of the view from Bottle Alley.P1080162I love having my girl home.P1080163We walked a lot as we walked in to St.Leonard’s for lunch and then back again (over 17,000 steps!!) and we also relaxed a lot.  In fact we relaxed so much I had time to finish knitting the scarf I made for Lara. I am very pleased with it, particularly since it was the first pattern I had ever followed.P1080165I have bought a new set of scales.  I can not find the scales I used to have since I moved so I bought new ones and they were delivered on Sunday morning.   I didn’t want to get back to my diet on Sunday though so Lara and I had a good lunch with my Dad and in the evening I finished all the snacks in the house (crisps and houmous mainly with red wine).

This morning I weighed myself for the first time in months – it was grim!  Heigh ho, I am trying to lose weight again.  I have written down what I weighed and I hope next week I weigh a lot less.

I began with 200ml cold water and then a hot water with ginger, lime and apple cider vinegar.  I was working from home so it was easier to control what I ate and drank. P1080166I had some grapes for breakfast followed by a small juice.P1080168The ‘ginger shot’ is a Jason Vale recipe of a chunk of ginger with half an apple.  I extended it slightly to a whole apple with the ginger and I used up the lime I started this morning.P1080172I made lunch early because I was hungry.  I didn’t have enough rice or quinoa to make a portion so I cooked up a cup of buckwheat groats.  P1080169P1080170They are really easy to make.  You put 1 cup of buckwheat in to a pan with 2 cups of water ( I added some vegan stock as well), bring to the boil, simmer covered for 10 minutes and then set aside for half an hour.P1080171I ate half the buckwheat with a red pepper, some sauerkraut that Rebecca had made, celery, cherry tomatoes, pickled beetroot and some alfalfa sprouts.P1080173P1080174It was very tasty.P1080175I had about 3 cups of green tea today and 2 glasses of water.  Late afternoon I snacked on a mandarin, a banana and 6 raw almonds.P1080176I made Oh She Glows’ ‘Soul-soothing African peanut stew’ for supper .  It was quite the challenge cooking anything with Harvey and Milton lieing in the kitchen in the middle of the floor but I persevered and I am glad I did.P1080189I had a small plate of salad leaves before the peanut stew as I realised I had not had any green leaves all day.P1080193This peanut stew is fabulous.  I made it because Marion had been telling me about how much she enjoyed it when she made it for her daughter Lucy who is a vegan.  It reminded me of what a wonderful recipe it is because it is full of flavour.  This is how I made it, which is similar to Oh She Glows but with no added fat and reduced chili so Harvey could have it too.P1080194Soul-soothing African peanut stew – thanks to Oh She Glows for the recipe

  • 1 tbsp olive oil ( I used water to cut out the fat)
  • 1 onion, finely diced
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 red pepper, diced (I used a green one)
  • 1 jalapeno, deseeded and diced finely
  • 1 sweet potato, peeled and cut in to 1 cm dice
  • 1 can tomatoes
  • salt and pepper
  • 85 g peanut butter
  • 1 litre vegetable stock
  • 1 1/2 tsps child powder (I didn’t add this)
  • 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1 can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed
  • 2 handfuls of spinach or kale (I used spinach)
  • Fresh coriander for serving
  • roasted peanuts for serving (I didn’t add any extra to save calories)
  1. In a large saucepan, heat the oil (or water) and add the onion and garlic.  Saute for about 5 minutes until the onion is translucent
  2. Add the pepper, jalapeno, sweet potato and tinned tomatoes.  Simmer for 5 minutes and season with salt and pepper
  3. In a medium bowl, whisk the peanut butter with 250 ml of the vegetable stock until no lumps remain.  Stir the peanut mixture in to the pan, with the remaining 750ml of stock, child and cayenne (if using)
  4. Cover the pan with a lid and simmer for 10-20 minutes until the sweet potato is tender
  5. Stir in the chick peas and spinach and cook until the spinach is wilted
  6. Ladle in to bowls and serve with coriander (or parsley) and peanuts

I really recommend this amazing dish.  You could serve it over rice but we ate it as it is and it was lovely.  Oh She Glows says this recipe is for 6 people but we had 4 ladle fulls each which is about 1/4 of the amount.  According to Cronometer, each portion has about 400 calories.


And that’s it.  I ate very well, both in terms of nutritionally and for a woman on a diet.  I ate 1,162 calories and I am happy with that.  I did not do much exercise though as I did not get far from my lap top all day and then I was busy all evening with chores.

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Biking and Boocha

I am feeling just a little bit pleased with myself this Sunday evening.  I ate very well this weekend and apart from some salted nuts, very healthily and I did loads of exercise.  Plus I tried my first ever Kombucha brew and claim it to be a great success.

I popped to the local supermarket first thing on Saturday to stock up on some fresh fruits and veggies.p1080057I was walking with the Hastings Greenway group during the morning and so I made a citrus fruit juice for breakfast and to drink along the walk.  I juiced 4 oranges, 1 ruby grapefruit and 1 lime.p1080058I enjoyed a small glass at home and took the rest on the walk.p1080060My sister Abi came for lunch and I made her the guacamole salad I had discovered in the week, with a green salad with sprouts and sweet and white potatoes, which I chopped up in to small cubes and roasted with no added oil.  I just seasoned with salt and pepper and flavoured with fresh thyme.  I love meals like this.  So nutritious and delicious; talk about a win win.p1080088-1In the afternoon we took Milton to the beach which we all love.  We may have had a long walk in the morning but he hadn’t so more walking.  It meant I walked 17,000 steps so I was pleased with that.p1080091We had a really easy supper in front of the telly.  I made ‘My New Roots’ Four Corners Soup which is fabulous.  So apart from one beer and a bowl of salted nuts, I didn’t eat too much but I did fit in a lot of walking on Saturday.

p1080092-1You can find this recipe online and in my blog.  Make it because it tastes amazing.p1080112This morning (Sunday) I was on a mission to get the bike out.  Apart from a cycle last summer, I have not ridden my bike regularly for years and I intend to change that in Hastings.  I had my usual mug of hot water with some ginger, lime and apple cider vinegar and set off.  Harvey kindly came with me.  I am not sure what he was expecting but he was quite impressed with his Mother’s efforts as was I !  We cycled and Abi ran, in the gorgeous sunshine.p1080099It wasn’t far (about 7 miles) but it was a good start.  We cycled from home to the Bexhill side of St.Leonard’s, mainly along the promenade which is lovely to cycle along.  I hope to do this cycle weekly.p1080097After our bike ride we took Milton to the beach and timed it for low tide so we could walk along the sand.

Happy boy, happy dog and happy me.

p1080110I ate an apple and banana for breakfast and then tried my kombucha.p1080113Kombucha is a fermented drink which is meant to beneficial for health.  The Chinese have been drinking it for 2,000 years and claim it helps inflammatory ailments such as arthritis and wards off cancer.  It is also claimed to help gut health (e.g. to help irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea and food allergies), relieve stress, help liver function and give you more energy.

I made mine of 24th January which was 3 and a half weeks ago.  I could have tried it sooner but somehow lost track of time.  I made 1 litre of black tea and added 1/4 cup of sugar and a scoby.p1080118A scoby is a ‘symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast’.  I was given mine by a member of Hastings Fermentory, a group of fermenting enthusiasts.  You drop the scabby in to your cooled down tea and sugar  solution and hope for the best!p1080115The scoby I was given sank but it provided sufficient bacteria and  yeast to grow a new one on the surface of my large jar.  It’s like a lump of jelly.p1080116The kombucha is slightly fizzy and tastes a bit sour and a bit vinegary.  I liked it but Abi and Harvey gave it a big thumbs down.  I am used to drinking vinegar in the morning so found it easy to tolerate.  I have brewed another batch, this time of 2 litres and I have put the 2 old scobys and some of this batch in the brew to get it going.p1080119After the excitement of the boocha,  we walked in to the Old  Town to have lunch in The Stag.p1080120The Stag, on All Saints Street, does a vegan roast !!!!  A proper vegan roast.  It was fantastic.  I had a nut roast on a bed of cabbage with roast potatoes and parsnips with a generous portion of carrots, broccoli and cauliflower on the side.  I loved every mouthful and because we had a late booking I was starving by the time our food came at about 3:30 so it perhaps tasted even better.  I had a half a pint of Whitstable Pale Ale with mine.p1080121-1We walked back after the main course rather than eat dessert in there.  I had a smoothie at home for supper about 3 hours later.  I had a large glass of frozen banana blended with blueberries, raspberries and almond yogurt and topped with Andean superberries and goji berries.p1080122

I walked over 15,000 steps and cycled 7 miles today and didn’t overeat so I was pleased with my efforts.  I really enjoyed the bike ride and was pleased with the kombucha.  I am delighted to have discovered a vegan roast at The Stag too.

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Hastings Greenway and Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust

This is a different subject to my usual blog posts.  This is about 2 local projects I have found out about and want to help make local people aware of them.

Hastings Greenway Project

From the website: “The Hastings Greenway Project is an innovative network of linked almost traffic-free routes, that everyone can enjoy for leisure, amenity and utility walking, as well as cycling. Starting at Hastings Town Centre the Greenway will run 10 miles to Ore, Silverhill, Hollington & Mayfield and the Conquest Hospital”.

The link to the Hastings Greenway project is here

What is a Greenway?  A Greenway is more than just an off road route for cyclists, walkers and people with disability scooters. Greenways are largely car-free, off-road routes connecting people to facilities, open spaces and countryside within and around our towns. They are for shared use by walkers and cyclists and can be used by people in wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Fully developed Greenways often include amenities such as seating, planted areas and public art and may create a linear park effect or utilise an existing park. Greenways create safe and direct routes in attractive settings. They provide a sustainable, environmentally friendly travel option for utility (getting to work, education or shopping) and for leisure and health purposes.

Today Harvey, Rebecca, Beryl and I set off to meet up with the people managing the project and locals interested in using,  supporting or understanding more about the Hastings Greenway.  We walked along the proposed rail corridor link (one of several routes in the Hastings Greenway plan) and if the project can get the funding, it will create a safe cycling and walking space in the centre of town, linking green spaces such as Alexandra Park the the station and Hastings College. Meaning people of all ages and abilities can safely move around Hastings in peasant landscaped areas, free from traffic.  A lot of the route will be alongside the railway tracks and Network Rail are supportive of the plans.

We met at the Greenway sign, at the end of Holmesdale Gardens near the Summerfields Tunnel.p1080062This part of the route would use the land to the left of the train tracks.  Obviously safety fencing and landscaping would be in place.p1080064p1080065The Linton Road Bridge had a lovely collection of moss growing on it.p1080066p1080067p1080068I have never noticed the architecture of this bridge before; it’s rather ornate.p1080070The Braybrook Road Bridge.p1080072Bethune Way underpass.p1080073Queen’s Road Railway tunnel.p1080074p1080075p1080077p1080078p1080079The pedestrian walkway at the end of St James’ Roadp1080080The rail corridor link section of the Hastings Greenway ends at Mount Pleasant Road.  That is near the work being done by the Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust at Ore Valley.

Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust

The Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust is working with the local community in the White Rock area in central Hastings and in the Ore valley.  We went to the site of the old power station in Ore Valley where I was very interested to hear about their plans for clearing the land and building affordable housing for local people.

The link to their website is here

p1080081This site would link in to the Greenway route.  For now, it is a huge space, being cleared by volunteers who are selling shares to raise the funds for the development, similar to how they raised funds for Hastings pier.  I can’t believe all this space is so close to where I live!p1080082There was tea and coffee on offer and I met some really interesting people.p1080085

Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust is hosting 2 events next Saturday, Saturday 26th November 2016;  a Big Discussion and a Celebration of the work we are doing in the Ore Valley.

The Big Discussion 10am -12noon at The Bridge Community Centre. Meet the architects and join the discussion!

Warm Up Ore Valley Event 5-9pm at the Old Power Station Site, Ore Valley (Access from Firtree Road off Parker Road, or from Broomgrove Road)

Come along in your wellies and warm clothes and enjoy the Music, Barbeque and Bonfires! Bring and Share Food! All welcome!

p1080086Both the Hastings Greenway and the Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust projects sound fantastic.  I can not think of any disadvantages to either and I will be supporting and helping as much as I am able to.

If you are local, look at their websites and find out more.  Get involved and lend support.

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An Extraordinary Day

Friday February 17th was an extraordinary day.  For so many wonderful and interesting reasons.  I had taken a days holiday to have a special meal with my oldest friends in the evening and we decided to extend the fun in to the entire day.  I skipped breakfast and just had hot water with ginger and lime to save calories for later.  I picked up my friend Lucy and we travelled to London together for a day of interesting experiences and fun.


Being kind and considerate, Sally had booked a vegan cafe for us to meet at and eat in.  We met in Vauxhall Grove at the Bonnington Cafe.  p1080026The lentil soup was rather bland but lunch with the girls is always fun.p1080030p1080025This little area was delightful.p1080034p1080031p1080033p1080035p1080036p1080037After a leisurely lunch, we set off to our next destination which involved a lovely walk in relatively warm sunshine along the River Thames.p1080038p1080040Destination, Tate Britain.

Millbankp1080042We went to the Hockney exhibition.  It was crowded but excellent.  I am a huge fan and I have never seen his work before.  Definitely worth a visit, obviously for the art but also for the experience of being in this amazing building.p1080049p1080043p1080044p1080046I resisted cake and milky tea and stuck to a green tea.p1080047p1080048


On our way to dinner we happened to see this extraordinary car which had been custom made for the owner who was happy to chat to us and let us photograph his car.  You don’t see many of these at the station car park!

p1080052p1080050p1080051p1080053Dinner was at Chamber of Flavours which was certainly an experience.  It was unusual and good fun and I am sworn to secrecy so I can’t tell you anything about it.p1080056

I had a brilliant day out with very dear friends.  I felt very blessed and I ate as well as can be expected on such a day.  I was really good all day and only had lentil soup but dinner was a fixed 4 course meal with wine and I enjoyed it all.


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Vegan At The Stag

Today was quite a good balance between work and play.  I worked from home and when I was working, I really focused and got a lot done.  But I also made sure I made time to eat very well during the day and in the evening I took Harvey out to a lovely dinner at The Stag in Hastings.

I fancied a juice this morning and made a large one with the broccoli stem, fennel, beetroot, turmeric, celery, an orange and a ruby pink grapefruit.p1070990Not bad.p1070991These 2 kept me going until lunch time.p1070994I was wondering what to have for lunch and had a quick browse through social media while I pondered.  A friend had posted this recipe for a guacamole salad so I made it and it was wonderful.  Click here for the recipe.  It is super easy and took me about 10 minutes to assemble.p1070995Guacamole salad, made with tomatoes, avocado, red onion, sweetcorn and black beans.p1070996I served it with boiled potatoes, green salad and mixed sprouts and I enjoyed every mouthful.p1070997p1070998Then these happened.  I didn’t even like them much.  Neither did Harvey who opened them while he sat next to me but he then walked off and left them so I ate them.  I won’t buy anything like that again.p1070999I have not done anything fun with Harvey this weekend so I took him out for dinner.  I happily logged off my laptop at 5:30 and after a few chores, we walked to the Old Town.  I always walk along St Mary’s Terrace so I can admire the pretty houses on one side and the view on the other.p1080012I love the Old Town and the maze of twittens, alleyways and passages.  Walking there and back also helped me hit my 10,000 steps target.p1080014We went to The Stag on All Saints Street because they have vegan food on the menu.  On a Wednesday it’s a 100 % vegan menu but the rest of the time it’s just a few dishes added to the menu.   Thursdays is Balinese.  I had a half pint of pale ale; first alcohol in nearly 2 weeks.  I enjoyed that.p1080015I chose the gado gado with rice and it was really good.  I enjoyed every mouthful and want to go back for a vegan Wednesday.  Harvey really enjoyed his meal too.p1080018Well done The Stag.  Good food, very friendly and helpful staff and locals perched at the bar and a warm and cosy ambience. p1080019We will be backp1080022Along the road a little way was this cosy looking pub, Cinque Ports, but Harvey wasn’t allowed in the bar so we walked home. p1080023So a big thumbs up to The Stag.  I am enjoying living in Hastings.

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Portion Control

I was working from home today which makes eating what I like and when I like much easier.  It does make walking harder though because I am mainly on one room and today I didn’t have time to go out for a walk as we are so busy at work.  Anyway, I am trying to eat much smaller meals as well as very healthy meals because our portion sizes are much too large.

I made a smoothie bowl for breakfast, using up the remains of the fruit bowl because I was having a shopping delivery later in the day.  For 2 of us I made the smoothie with 2 mangoes, 2 pears, 1 avocado and half a bag of frozen blueberries with a splash of oat milk.p1070976Having blitzed the fruit to make the smoothie I added some coconut and pecan nuts to serve.  The flavour was overwhelmingly of pear, which was very nice but surprising.  The pears were very small but they overtook all the other flavours.  It was very enjoyable.p1070977Enjoyed with 2 mugs of hot water with lime and ginger.p1070978Lunch was leftovers.  I was pleased to see a large bowl of the sweet potato, butternut and chard casserole in the fridge; I had forgotten it was there. I cooked some rice and heated up the casserole and it was delicious.  This is such a wonderful recipe, we both love it.p1070979I always cook 1 cup of Basmati brown rice  and we often share it between us but today we only had a quarter each.  It was plenty.p1070980I added some smoked chili pickle and thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful of my lunch.p1070981I was peckish in the afternoon (more likely bored actually) so I had some almonds and dates with black rooibos tea.p1070984I made stir fried rice for dinner, using another quarter of the rice.  I stir fried, in coconut oil, red onions, garlic, celery, fennel, peas, courgette and half an orange pepper.  I added liquid aminos and a splash of apple cider vinegar for flavour and served it with fresh basil.p1070986I then remembered I had some mixed sprouts in the fridge so I added a handful of those too.  Simple and satisfying.p1070987

My eating was ok today.  More fat than I needed and not enough raw food but I was out of fresh groceries so tomorrow I can eat more raw foods.   I have not done enough exercise so I must do better with that tomorrow.  I did well with portions today though.

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