Copenhagen: Norrebro, Paper Island, Tivoli and Carlsberg.

This post is a quick romp through two days we enjoyed in Copenhagen.  We hired bicycles on Tuesday so we could go to some of the places we wanted to visit which were a bit too far to walk.  I also really wanted to cycle round a city which is so well suited to cyclists.  It was brilliant because most streets have a cycle track which is clearly marked and defined.  There are traffic lights for cyclists and no shortage of parking places.

We cycled to an area called Norrebro, specifically to a street called Jaegersborggade which has some charming independent shops and cafes.  We had breakfast in a cafe oozing hygge.  It was an unusual breakfast of humous, bread and nut brittle.  Unusual but delicious.

Cute and cool shops to browse in.

We liked Norrebro.  It was a colourful urban landscape and we really enjoyed pottering about.

Next stop was Paper Island and to get there we cycled relatively easily through central Copenhagen.IMG_2341I really liked the lightweight bicycle with the upright riding position.  And the large and comfortable saddle.IMG_2342We went to Paper Island to visit CC, the Contemporary Arts Centre and the Street Food.

The virtual reality exhibition was one of the most interesting and amazing things I have ever seen and we all loved it.

The Street Food was fabulous.  Inside one huge building were many stalls selling all kinds of food and drink.  There was a lively and fun atmosphere and we all enjoyed choosing what to have for supper.  I had a vegan burger and plantain chips.  The chips were literally made from a flattened chunk of plantain which was then fried on a hot plate.  It was delicious.

We had intended to spend the evening at Tivoli but due to torrential rain completely soaking us, we had a peaceful (and warm and dry) evening at our hotel.  Instead we went to Tivoli the following morning.

We all enjoyed the cycling very much so here are a few more pictures of some of the thousands of bicycles of Copenhagen.

Wednesday was our last day in Copenhagen and we set off to the centre to visit Tivoli.  First of all we looked for somewhere for breakfast; finding a cafe seems to be harder here than London and eventually we stopped looking for an independent cafe and opted for an excellent chain called ‘Joe and the Juice’.  I had a juice and an avocado and tomato toasted sandwich, both of which were delicious.IMG_2371We ate in the central station and this was our view.IMG_2373We went to Tivoli because I thought it was part funfair (which I am not interested in) and part gardens.  Unfortunately these days it’s just a funfair.  IMG_2226It is very well laid out and charming and there was a good Halloween theme and we enjoyed walking around but did not stay for long.

We then walked to the Carlsberg brewery through an area called Vesterbro which we all agreed we would have liked more time to look round.  We did a self guided tour which was interesting.  We looked at displays about the history of the brewery and ended in a beer hall where we had a good choice of beers (and soft drinks) which were included in the entrance price.

I felt sorry for these beautiful horses, left shackled up to a cart for the benefit of the tourists.  Their stables were very grand and I hope they get to spend lots of time outside on some green grass.

The beer hall we ended up in overlooks a bottling plant which was interesting to look at, while we tried different beers.  Cheers!

We only had 4 days in Copenhagen.  My wallet was relieved it was a short trip but we all loved it and could easily have spent more time there.  I like to think I will go back again one day.

Our final meal was at Yo Sushi at the airport which is not very Danish (apart from the heft £100 bill !!) but then airports are not renowned for their good food.

IMG_2428We only ate 2 meals each day; the meals were not on the Slimming World plan and I definitely did not eat enough fruits and veggies.  However, they were only ever one course and apart from some salt licquorice, there was no snacking.  I didn’t drink much alcohol either but I do feel as if I have put weight on.  That will be a shame because I have exercised a lot this week.


All will be revealed on the scales tomorrow !












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