Five Days of Lyme Time

I have just returned from 5 mainly wonderful days in Lyme Regis.  The sadness of he visit was because my family gathered for the funeral of my lovely Aunty Hilary.  Her loss is felt keenly by us all as she was much loved.

It doesn’t seem appropriate to take photos during a wake, which in some ways is a shame because it is a day when all your nearest and dearest are together, in the same way they are at a wedding.  But no one takes photos and I didn’t even think about it until later.

After the funeral service and the wake, my cousins, sisters and our families congregated on the seafront in Lyme Regis, at the Harbour Inn.P1070261We occupied the left hand side of these tables and benches until 11:30 pm as it was such an incredibly warm evening.  The children played football on the beach and swam in the sea.  We all drank too much and chatted, laughed and cried.  It was a magical evening after a very emotional day.P1070260On Saturday we had a late start to the day.  I enjoyed a peaceful sit in this lovely sunny spot in my sister Lucy’s garden.  Sunshine, their dog, wanted a walk.P1070183So we went for a walk beside the river .  This was a reasonable length walk and as is so often the case in Lyme, it involved a very steep hill, on the way down to sea level and then again on the way back up!P1070184P1070190It was such a sunny and hot day it was lovely to be in the shade of the trees lining the river.P1070191P1070192P1070199P1070200Pretty Lyme Regis cottages near the river.P1070201P1070202I might like to have a  bridge from the path to my house.P1070203I got very hot and worn out walking back up to my sister’s house and was happy to see this unusual shaped thatched house as I know when I see this that I am nearly  there.P1070204It had been hard for me to eat properly on Friday so I really enjoyed the fresh fruit I had for breakfast and the pasta with lots of vegetables we had for lunch after our riverside walk.  We then headed down the hill again to the beach, where we met up with our cousins and their families.P1070219These two dear cousins, Miranda and Edwina, have been such superstars, the way they have supported their Mum and Dad all year.  They are amazing and despite everything they have been through recently, they organised the beach get together and supper in the evening for us all too.P1070215I am very lucky to have such lovely cousins.P1070217P1070211I wish every day could be a beach day.P1070210Especially if it was at Lyme Regis which is such a delightful place.  We all had supper together at the Harbour Inn; a reservation for 30 people and they coped very well.  We had a good dinner and a fairly early night.P1070207A shorter walk on Sunday, in the woods.P1070221P1070222I made a vegan shepherd’s pie for lunch which was good and we watched the French Lieutenant’s Woman in the afternoon; well my sister did but I fell asleep!  I took Harvey and Harry to Grandpa Ian’s for supper and we had a lovely drink in his beautiful garden, followed by a simple but delicious supper of pasta with a roasted garlic and tomato sauce.P1070242

My sister had to return to London for work but I stayed on in Lyme for a couple more days with harvey and my nephew Harry.  We had a really lovely time.

We went to Topsham on Monday where we cycled 13 miles along the River Eve to Exmouth and then on to Orcombe Red Rocks.  Grandpa Ian came with us which was great.  We. hoped Pashley bicycles from Dart Farm and set off.

The cycle trail takes you South along the River Exe to the estuary at Exemouth.  Most of the trail is relatively flat but there were a few hills which were ok on the way there but a challenge for me on the way back.  I need more practice

P1070241Luckily my trail companions were happy to wait for me when necessary.P1070223We passed a donkey sanctuary which was cute.  I haven’t seen donkeys for a long time and they trotted over to say hello.P1070228P1070227

We had lunch at one of the first places we came to along the seafront in Exemouth – The Waterfront.P1070229We had a great view of the sea.P1070231I had an open sandwich made with humous, avocado, tomato and balsamic vinegar which was delicious and a much needed cold soda water with lime.  It was good to have a rest from cycling.P1070232After lunch we decided to go along the seafront as far as we could, rather then head back to Darts Farm.P1070237We could go as far as Orcombe Red Rocks which was a charming and quiet little beach.  I have never been here before but would definitely return.  Probably not on a Ashley though because they are really heavy.P1070236P1070235I really enjoyed the cycling but was very tired and sore by the time we returned the bikes.P1070234

Today (Tuesday) was our last morning in Lyme Regis.  We were all up quite early and walked in to Lyme Regis for breakfast and a potter about.  Look how tall this fascia hedge is!P1070243We walked over the fields in to town, rather than down the road or beside the river.

I was tempted in to this cute little hat shop where I did treat myself to a beach hat and the milliner explained how she makes the hats.  We walked past some pretty buildings and in to the Town Mill Bakery for breakfast.  No trip to Lyme Regis is complete without one visit to the bakery for their fabulous toast and coffee.

My other must visit place is the Cobb so we wandered past the crowded beach.

The Cobb is one of my very favourite structures in the world.  I can never resist walking along it.

We spent a couple of very happy hours, sitting and relaxing in the sunshine, watching the boats sail by and just chilling.  It was perfect.P1070274These two were excellent company.P1070275P1070283There is so much history here on the Cobb.P1070284P1070285P1070286There was so much to sit and look at.P1070289P1070290P1070291All too soon it was time to head back to my sister’s, pack up and hit the road home.  Up that bl**dy hill again !!!P1070293Farewell lovely Lyme, this was an excellent visit and I look forward, all always, to returning.P1070292P1070294











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3 Responses to Five Days of Lyme Time

  1. laura1952 says:

    I am sorry for the lost of your dear Aunt Zoe to you and the family. I also want to thank you for all the wonderful pictures and the tour of Lyme.

  2. laura1952 says:

    I hope so too Zoe. My Sister just flew home for a European Cruise on British Airways and didn’t have enough great things to say about it. She loved the reclining seats and the fact you could sleep on the upper level of the plane.

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