We Love Lucy

We have all had the most fantastic weekend celebrating my sister Lucy’s birthday.  We stayed in an incredible house called ‘Stonehall’ in Portland, Dorset.  Stonehall is a church and vestry which has been tastefully converted in to luxury holiday accommodation by friends of my sister’s.  There is a mixture of old and new, traditional and contemporary but mainly comfort and space to relax.

This is the shutter in my bedroom.  It was all so charming.bedroom shutter The little stone staircase linking the church to the vestry.stone staircase One of 2 downstairs kitchens.downstairs kitchen peephole The upstairs balcony in the church.upper areaOne of many seating areas; this one is underneath the balcony in the church.stonehall seating area The huge fireplace in the church where I spent many happy hours, sitting and chatting and quaffing far too much wine.fire and organ A seating area upstairs.Stonehall 2 The large upstairs kitchen and sitting room.Stonehall upstairs kitchen View from the upstairs kitchen window.view from Stonehall Breakfast time.stonehall 1 View from the upstairs terrace.view from Stonehall 1 roof terrace On Saturday morning I went for a lovely walk along Chesil Beach with Lara, my sister Abi and my neice Charlotte.Chesil Beach 8 Chesil Beach 7We walked a long way along the ridge of Chesil Beach.
Chesil Beach 6 seaweed and Chesil beach Lara and Abi We then walked back beside the sea and headed to the cute huts, seen here in the distance.boats on Chesil Beach to the huts Lara and Charl Chesil Beach 4 Chesil Beach 3 Chesil Beach 2 This was a beautiful place to walk and even more so when the sun finally came out.Chesil Beach 1 We wanted to walk further but we had a party to help prepare for.  This is Stonehall – what a stunning place to return “home” to.stonehall boat on church The converted church made a spectacular venue for a party.getting ready for party Lara expertly made scones for 50 with the assistance of lots of little helpers.making scones We had so much food.party food 3 Quiche, an amazing salad (recipe from ‘Polpo’) made with courgette, rocket and parmesan, potato and radish salad,  a green salad, peppers, olives, houmous, tzatziki, party food 2a roasted vegetable, chick peas and couscous salad, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes and guacamole.  Well, that is what I ate.  There was also a tuna salad, hot smoked salmon, meat pies, home cooked ham and roast chicken.Party food 1 Far too much to drink.drinks table Plus cheese.  The cheese was awesome.  I was certainly not vegan this weekend!

Neither was I any good at my diet as I ate far too much of everything.  I particularly ate too much cheese and sooooo many cakes.cheese table When everything was ready we enjoyed some bubbles and waited for the other visitors to arrive.Lucy's party 3 We had about 50 people for lunch to celebrate Lucy’s birthday.Lucy's party 2 Me and my lovely sisters – Lucy is on the right.me and my sisters This was the perfect venue for hosting a large lunch.  There were so many cosy little spaces to sit and eat and chat and drink.  I loved catching up with Aunties, Uncle, cousins and some of Lucy’s closest friends.Lucy's party 1 More tea vicar?  Yes please, and another scone with clotted cream and jam.Trev and scones

In the evening, some played cards,

cards others played snooker.  snooker In the morning, after a leisurely breakfast and time to read the papers, we went up the hill to admire the view over Portland and Chesil Beach.Portland and Chesil Beach The Olympic sailing took place here and this sculpture of the Olympic rings commemorates the great event.   I think we have all enhanced the sculpture.olympic rings We also went to the lighthouse at Portland Bill.Portland Bill Lighthouse This was a very dramatic place to walk.Portland 8 Superb examples of coastal erosion.Portland 6 Portland 5 Portland 4 Portland 3 Such a pretty place too. Portland 2 Portland 1 coast pathIt was very sad packing up to leave as we had such a lovely time.  Lunch was easy though because we had so many leftovers.

Lunch 10-5-15

Thank you VERY much Lucy and Trevor for hosting such a wonderful weekend.  It was a real privilege to be there and to celebrate with you all.

Stonehall is available for rent and you can find the details about it here.

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  1. What a lovely weekend you had. I love the converted church and those sweet huts. Some great photos, as per usual! And you are looking fab as well. Xx

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