Bubbles on a Monday

I went back to Borough Market today.  I was working in the office next to the Anchor and had a lovely seat with a view of St.Paul’s.

office next to Anchor

Some market stalls were open early but most remained shut all day – not much goes on during Mondays.bread in Borough I did enjoy strolling through these such familiar buildings.Borough 23-6-14 Turnips June 2014 I was inspired by the weekend’s walking to be healthier today so I strolled past Monmouth as it only sells cakes and pastries to eat.Monmouth 23-6 Instead I went next door to Konditor & Cook which has had a refurb’ since I was last there.  Apparently they don’t sell the savouries anymore which is a shame as I was thinking of heading there for lunch.  Instead they are focusing on the cakes but I was iron willed and resisted them all.K&C new look I bought a Bircher Muesli instead which had carrots, cashews and raisins in it and was topped with yogurt and some berries.K&C breakfast June 2014 It was very good.breakfast 23-6-14 At lunch time I went out for a walk around the market and really wanted a huge salad.  I wanted something fresh as I was feeling very unwell; tired and lethargic and just bleurgh.  Everything that was open was bready or stodgy which I did not as my stomach was uncomfortable.  There were several greengrocers open but they did not sell a ready made salad.Borough June 20q4 So I decided to sit inside Wagamama’s and I enjoyed a juice made with apple, celery, mint and lime while I selected a salad.green juice wagamama The chicken, mandarin and sesame salad was huge.  It was crunchy, plentiful and quite delicious with an excellent light and flavoursome dressing.  It hit the spot perfectly.wagamama chicken and sesame I would go back for one of these, for sure.Wagamama chicken salad

The afternoon was hot and humid and I felt exhausted when I got home.  I had planned a huge green salad for supper using up some of the bounty from the garden but I was over ruled and we ate out instead.  Her Maj’ chose the Great House in Hawkhurst.

Bubbles on a Monday?Bubbles on a MondayThis is how we roll.
Bubbles at GH Supper was a bit of a disappointment due to cheap dressings and no real butter.  Instead of a standard main (we skipped starters) I ordered the starter portion of chicken caesar salad.  Everything was really good, apart from the dressing which unfortunately smothered the entire meal.  It was a tasteless and glue-like substance which I would rather have not eaten.Great House chicken Caesar I also had a side order of green leaves with blue cheese dressing which was much better than the chicken caesar.Litttle Gem and blue cheese salad Instead of a dessert I had a cheese board which was rather modest.  I did hanker after the spectacular cheese board we enjoyed in The George on Friday night.

I had to ask for butter which was brought along in a charming little dish.  Anyone who knows my complete abhorrence of margarine will understand my disappointment at discovering a pot full of it !!!!  YUCK !!!!  Why would you even serve margarine at all and why put it in a sweet little pot?

The dessert wine was ordered and not served.  That plus the unsightly bucket full of sachets of sauces such as ketchup and brown sauce which was plonked on the table have put me off what was once a very decent local gastro pub.  I don’t think we will be returning here unless we hear it has changed chef or owners.Cheeseboard at Great House

Despite the ghastly dressing and margarine, we had a lovely supper sitting in the pretty garden.

Great House Geraniums

I am enjoying the sunshine but my garden is desperate for some rain.  Please rain overnight.  Not during the day to spoil Wimbledon or people’s plans but a prolonged amount of rain over night would be very welcome.

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4 Responses to Bubbles on a Monday

  1. suzjones says:

    We have had two winter thunderstorms here in the past few days but a cold snap has returned. You can have our rain for a little while as long as you send it back. 🙂

  2. I love the Birlcher Muesli you bought..The foods that you all posted are delicious.yummy.
    your Pretty too ^^

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