Feeling Christmassy

We were all sad to be leaving Nuremberg yesterday.  After breakfast in the hotel we spent 2-3 hours wandering around this beautiful old town.  The architecture is so lovely.

Nuremberg buildings

Look at the detail on this building!Lovely sculpture L and H near advert

We picked up the last few bits we needed in the Christmas Market and then headed up to the main shopping area.Looking towards castle

I have no idea what this statue represents!Statue in Nuremberg

This cute Christmas wooden statue is more my thing at Christmas time 🙂Wooden statues on buildingWe checked in so quickly at the airport we had loads of time to hang around with not much to do.  This tea display was amazing.  So much choice of different teas and when I asked for a peppermint tea, I was asked if I wanted a tea bag or fresh leaves!  There was an excellent choice of accompaniments too, such as different types of honey and lemon.  I wish some of our high street chains were this good.
Tea counter

I wasn’t very hungry so Harvey and I shared a salad i.e. he ate most of the chicken and I got the lettuce!half a chicken salad

Thanks to my careful budgeting, we were left with Euros 9.19.  I walked round the airport and noticed there was no confectionary for sale.  None at all.  People who wonder why childhood obesity is such a problem in this country should perhaps look at countries where levels are lower and so too is the availability of confectionary.  Maybe there is a bit of a connection.  I bought a small stollen which they cut up for us and we enjoyed with tea and coffee.
Marche stollen

On the plane we were given a chocolate cookie and small bar of chocolate so a bit of a sugar rush in the afternoon!Swiss chocolate cookie

This morning I started the day with a red berry smoothie made with mixed berries, almond milk and 4 dates.  I should have blitzed it more but I was in a rush as I had to go out.Berry shake

One of many errands today was a visit to the Rolvenden Farmers market.  I haven’t been for months as I am always in London on Thursdays so I really enjoyed a chance to go back.  It doesn’t quite have the air of jollity and Christmas spirit that Nuremberg had though 😦Rolvenden church

Ham salad with sweet potato for lunch.  I made the salad from iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and raw shredded brussel sprouts.  I also had a little piece of Christmas cake with a cuppa. What a treat.Ham, salad and sweet potatoFor supper we went out to the Black Pig, Hawkhurst with Lucy, Emily and Charlie.  I had the belly of pork which was served on smashed potatoes with courgettes, carrots and cabbage.

Belly of pork at Black Pig

We had a cosy table in the bay window and a very jolly evening indeed.Supper at the Black Pig

Instead of dessert in the pub we headed up the road to Lucy’s for mince pies and unfortunately, tea for this driver.  I should have asked Lara to drive :-).  It was a lovely evening and that plus the Christmas Market has made me feel all Christmassy.

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Hi! My name is Zoe and I live in Hastings, East Sussex, with my son Harvey and dog, Milton. I have been fighting the fat for years but this time I am serious. I want to lose weight and gain health. This blog is about how I am changing my lifestyle so I can lose weight but not by just "being on a diet" but by making small changes to our lives so that as I lose weight, I gain health. I want my family to be healthy too and never have to struggle with their weight like I have. In common with many large people, I have gained and lost weight many times over the years. This time, I want to lose it and maintain a healthy low weight. I am interested in eating food that is nutrient dense and delicious and that appeals to children and adults. I do not eat animal products so follow a vegan diet. I try to use locally produced food supplemented with what I can grow myself. I support and try to use local farmers markets and farm shops. Another objective is to add more exercise to our days. It sounds so simple when I write it down :-)
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2 Responses to Feeling Christmassy

  1. Clairey says:

    Hi Zoe, great to stumble upon your page today 🙂 I like the pictures you took.
    Happy Holidays to you.

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