Chateaux and Gateaux

Today was all about the castle, eating and shopping.  And eating.  And drinking.

Isn’t this a good idea – large tea bags for tea pots?

Large tea bags

I started today with an apricot juice, granola, yogurt, pumpkin seeds, prunes and fresh fruit in a tiny bowl again.
apricot juice

Followed by rye bread, boiled egg, ham and a small slither of Brie.Bread, cheese and ham

For some, the perfect combination is chocolate cake with frankfurter and fruit salad, ideally all eaten together!chocloate cake and frankfurter

Our destination this morning, despite the pouring rain, was the Kaiserbourg, the castle at the top of the hill.  This is such an attractive town.Square below castle

My chest infection has really taken hold and it gets worse as soon as I go outside and hit the cold and damp air.  I was struggling to get enough air as the walk up to the castle is very steep in places.Tunnel to the castle

Nearly there 🙂Nearly at the top Sign about the castle

More climbing though, to get to the top of the tower.Climbing up th tower

What a view 🙂Nuremberg old town

We could make out the town square and the Christmas Market.Nuremberg roof tops

The black cars belong to the Bavarian Government who were having a meeting in the castle.  There were lots of Polizei around which Harvey enjoyed.Red rooves and government black cars

Lar and Harvey at the top of the the top of tower

Time to head back down the stairs.
L and H descend stair case

Nearly down at the bottom.Harvey at bottom of stairs

It doesn’t look so big from the outside but the view from the top is worth the climb, even when you do nearly die of consumption on the way up!The tower

Next stop was the well house – the well is 47 metres deep which is a long way down.Candles being lowered

As demonstrated by pouring a jug of water down and seeing how long it took to hear the splash ( a long time!) and then lowering the candles down.Candles in the well

This is a cute iron castle door.caste door

Time to head back to town.L and H in the castle

This is an amazing structure, built out of the bed rock.The castle on the way down

By the time we got back in to town, refreshments were required.  I just had a coffee (did you see my halo shining)coffee and menu

whereas Lara and Harvey enjoyed a crepe.In the Creperie

We then had a Gluwhein to keep the cold out.Gluwhein and gingerbread people

Shopping time.Bavarian hat sells prone people

Fancy a long sausage?IMG_1921

This is more my style – a whole stall selling different types of Stollen 🙂Stollen counter

This is such a pretty city and we really enjoyed wandering round the market.Nuremberg Christmas Market

We headed back to our hotel to drop off shopping bags and have a relax.  We are staying at the Hotel Agneshof which is in the Medieval part of town where most of the attractions such as the Christmas market are located.  We are less than a 5 minute walk to the market but down a quiet street so the revellers do not disturb us at night.Outside Hotel Agnesshof

We are in room 322 which is for wheelchair users.  We love our room as it is large and spacious with a huge en suite bathroom.We love room 322

Plenty of space for reading, writing and relaxing.Perfect for relaxing in

We fitted in another hours shopping before dinner.
Nuremberg river

These “tools” are ALL made out of chocolate!  So those rusty old cogs are actually edible.all made of chocolate

This is such a beautiful and dramatic town and even more so at night time.Nuremberg by night

We had an incredible dinner tonight.  I rarely say this, as I like variety, but if we were in Nuremberg tomorrow night, and assuming we could get a table, I would have the same again.  It was fabulous and I will be giving the Albrecht Durer Stube a 10/10 on Trip Advisor later.

We tried to get in to this German eaterie, last night but it was busy.  We peeked inside from the street and saw a busy restaurant full of people having a great time.  We wanted to be there too.

Outside ADS looking in

We booked a table at 10am today but the restaurant was already booked out from 8pm so we took a table at 6pm.  It happens to be next door to our hotel so it was very easy to get to!

Menu at ADSWe sat on a large table with a family of 4 from Somerset who were also without their man (at sea – working, not missing or lost).

L and H in ADS

This place was busy and cosy and friendly.  Perfect.People crammed in ADS

I ordered one of the specials which was goose with roast potatoes and red cabbage.  It was incredible.  Lara had the other special, which was roast duck and that was amazing too.

ADS' roast goose

This goose was perfect.  It must have been slow cooked as the meat was tender, full of flavour and the skin had no visible fat left but was crisp.  The potatoes, cabbage and gravy were wonderful.  I enjoyed every morsel and could have licked the plate, it was that good.Goose close up

For dessert I had a platter which contained a mini (they were very small portions but just right) creme caramel, vanilla ice-cream, creme brûlée, red berry mousse, vanilla mousse and blackberry compote.  It was sprinkled with toasted coconut and was really good.ADS platter

I loved this place and if I ever came again, would book this in advance to be sure of a table.  One wall is covered in certificates and awards, plus they have plenty of seasonal decorations up.ADS' Christmas decsThe other walls are covered in Abrecht Durer’s works (copies I assume) and local images.

Inside ADS

We were sad to leave.L and H outside Albrecht Durer Strube

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4 Responses to Chateaux and Gateaux

  1. aga sagas says:

    Very envious – Christmas markets, stollen and Gluwein x

    • Laura says:

      I am sending you healing prayers and vibes and energy for that nasty chest cold/infection. I hope you can have this looked at a.s.a.p.
      Today’s journey looked wonderful. Thanks for getting me out for the day!

  2. I have never been to a Christmas Market in Germany before and none of us are disappointed. it is fantastic – so much fun 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    I forgot to mention how much I laughed at Harvey’s picture with his hot dog, cake and fruit salad. LOL.

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