I enjoyed today, despite being a little tired from the night before!  The eating was dreadful at times.  In Monmouth they have these huge wooden bowls full of pastries which don’t usually tempt me but they did today.

Table of goodies in Monmouth


To go with my morning coffee I had an almond croissant.  It was very enjoyable.

Almond Croissant

I did more walking than usual today which was good.  I had to go to a meeting in an office on Gresham Street and enjoyed walking there with 2 colleagues.

Gresham Street

I enjoy being in the square mile.  I have worked here for so many years and always enjoy strolling around these streets which were once so familiar as I walked along them every day.

At Bank

Here’s the Bank of England.

Bank of ENgland

This statue opposite the Bank s of James Greathead who was the engineer who invented the shield which made it possible to do the deep drilling required to create the Underground tunnels.

James Greathead

I used to work a few doors up from Leadenhall Market which I used to visit every day for lunch.

Leadenhall Market

Then you will never guess what happened – I saw the Queen!  Quite by chance.  She was at a function in Fishmonger’s Hall on London Bridge.  I was walking back over the bridge to return to my usual office and there was a large crowd outside the building.  I walked past the crowd but was then stopped by a policewoman.  I was rather irritated as I had to get back for a meeting.  I was told to either wait for literally 2 minutes or cross the bridge and walk over the other side.  I asked why and was told the Queen was leaving the Hall.  Then there she was!  Looking lovely in green.

Crowds at Fishmonger's Hall

I felt rather guilty for standing completely at the front when other people had waited for a while.  Just lucky today I guess 🙂

The Queen in green

This one’s fuzzy but shows how close I was.

Fuzzy Queen

There she is getting in to her car.  Farewell your Majesty.

The Queen's car

By the time I got back to my office it was 3 pm so I had a very late lunch of cauliflower cheese soup from Pret which was delicious.  Eaten with a roll and then a chocolate Brownie.

At home I made a simple supper.

Avocado, tomato and Halloumi

Halloumi with tomatoes and avocado, drizzled with olive oil and some ground pepper.

Supper 6-12-12

So not the best day for eating but lots of walking and an enjoyable day with a little unexpected excitement of seeing the Queen.

About Lose Weight and Gain Health

Hi! My name is Zoe and I live in Hastings, East Sussex, with my son Harvey and dog, Milton. I have been fighting the fat for years but this time I am serious. I want to lose weight and gain health. This blog is about how I am changing my lifestyle so I can lose weight but not by just "being on a diet" but by making small changes to our lives so that as I lose weight, I gain health. I want my family to be healthy too and never have to struggle with their weight like I have. In common with many large people, I have gained and lost weight many times over the years. This time, I want to lose it and maintain a healthy low weight. I am interested in eating food that is nutrient dense and delicious and that appeals to children and adults. I do not eat animal products so follow a vegan diet. I try to use locally produced food supplemented with what I can grow myself. I support and try to use local farmers markets and farm shops. Another objective is to add more exercise to our days. It sounds so simple when I write it down :-)
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8 Responses to Queenie

  1. lusohouse says:

    wow. that’s a fantastic post. Got a little thrown back with all the cookie photos. But a great post. I actually got here because I was looking for motivation to keep my diet up (day 2 today). Glad I found you and will share it on my self-motivator page i set up to keep me on track for my diet.
    Hope you don’t mid if i add my page link. i need as much support as I can.
    Thank you

  2. Lucy Murphy says:

    Marvellous. I love queenie. She looks so nippy in her suit doesn’t she. I hope I am as sprightly when I am her age.

  3. Sarah says:

    Wow! And she looks lovely and relaxed…you really are one of those lucky Luckies Zoe. Looking forward to catching up today at the Veggie Growers Up The Road? xxx

  4. laura1952 says:

    That is so amazing Zoe that you got to be that close to HRM. I am sure she/Great Grandma to be must be smiling because she knows Kate is going to be okay and the fetus is okay.

    Nice looking pastries for sure. Thanks again for your awesome photography. I will be checking out your FB page Chubby-Diaries.

    Zoe I am 10 pounds released and 11.25″ released since I got my pedometer. I put a post on Tractivity on FB. Thanks for all you have contributed to this with awesome recipes to add to my life and Food Blogs you have supported as well.

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