Granola Goddess

When I woke up today, I was not planning to make Granola for the first time.  My objective today was to get all Harvey’s uniform and kit labelled and ready for school tomorrow.

I wanted a quick breakfast but we had no decent cereal so I had a smoothie.  Strawberries, banana, tahini, 3 tbsp Greek yogurt and soya milk.

While I had my smoothie I browsed some blogs,  looking for some recipes for Granola.  This was prompted partly because I only managed to eat 25 g out of the 500 g bag I bought at great expense at the Town Mill Bakery in Lyme Regis due to the speed with which James and Harvey ate it.  Ands also because it is expensive and there is not much choice in the supermarkets.  Lots of muesli but not much granola.  If I am using the terms correctly, to me muesli is uncooked and granola is similar ingredients and roasted.

I came across a recipe on Nutmeg Notebook which seemed good.  Using that recipe as a base, this is what I actually made.

Fantabulosa Granola

  • 200 g Jumbo Oats
  • 25 g ground almonds
  • 35 g pumpkin seeds
  • 25 g almonds
  • 10 g desiccated coconut (I would add 25 g next time but I only had 10 g today)
  • 1 tbsp Honey
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 3 tbsp rapeseed oil
  • 2 tbsp apple juice
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon (next time I would add 1 tsp)
  • 100 g raisins
  • 50 g mixed berries and nuts (the ones I used had raisins, cashew nuts, cranberries, pecan nuts and blueberries )


  • Heat oven to 140
  • Put oats, ground almonds, pumpkin seeds, almonds and desiccated coconut in to a large bowl and stir to mix
  • Put the honey, maple syrup, rapeseed oil, apple juice and cinnamon in a saucepan.  Heat gently so all ingredients have become liquid and well mixed.
  • Stir the liquid mix in to the dry mix in the large bowl
  • Spread on to a baking dish ( I use one of the Pampered Chef Stoneware pieces).  If you are using a metal baking sheet you would need to oil it first but well seasoned stoneware doesn’t need oiling
  • Place in oven for 30 minutes
  • Remove from oven, stir and add the raisins and mixed berries and nuts
  • Put back in oven for 20 minutes
  • When it is cooked, allow to cool completely before storing in tupperware or glass jar.

My recipe filled the jar perfectly.

Wow did it taste good.  I noticed handfuls of it were disappearing fast.  I kept giving in to temptation too so I can’t just blame the kids.  The amount I managed to put in a jar was approx. 500 g.  Assuming an average serving would be 50 g, I estimated, using WW e-source, that each serving would be 7 WW points.  So not a diet food really but if you can limit the amount you have, it will be fantastic sprinkled on yogurt or added to stewed fruit.  Or just eaten as it is.

I had a really light lunch; salad leaves and radishes from the garden, 1 rasher of bacon, 1/2 a chicken drumstick and 1 tbsp salad cream.

I could not resist the lure of the Granola a minute longer.  I had to have some after lunch;  100 g Greek Yogurt with 25 g Fantabulosa Granola and 1 tsp raw honey.  It was so delicious I could have eaten it again and again and again.

I was not in the mood for cooking at all tonight, which is very unusual for me.  So we had some pasta with vegan pesto, tinned sardines in olive oil and because I can not eat something without fruits or vegetables, I added some grated carrot.  It tasted ok actually and everyone ate it with no complaints.

How long until breakfast so I can have some more Granola?

About Lose Weight and Gain Health

Hi! My name is Zoe and I live in Hastings, East Sussex, with my son Harvey and dog, Milton. I have been fighting the fat for years but this time I am serious. I want to lose weight and gain health. This blog is about how I am changing my lifestyle so I can lose weight but not by just "being on a diet" but by making small changes to our lives so that as I lose weight, I gain health. I want my family to be healthy too and never have to struggle with their weight like I have. In common with many large people, I have gained and lost weight many times over the years. This time, I want to lose it and maintain a healthy low weight. I am interested in eating food that is nutrient dense and delicious and that appeals to children and adults. I do not eat animal products so follow a vegan diet. I try to use locally produced food supplemented with what I can grow myself. I support and try to use local farmers markets and farm shops. Another objective is to add more exercise to our days. It sounds so simple when I write it down :-)
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3 Responses to Granola Goddess

  1. Lucy says:

    That looks delicious (the granola). I can’t eat granola because of the nuts and seeds but Harry would love a big bowlful of that next time we visit.

  2. Vegetable Grower up the Road says:

    We can’t have it either as Emily is allergic to nuts too. But I make my own muesli – and use some of the ingredients you do – without the nuts! Not as good uncooked, but with a big dollop of yoghurt and a spoonful of home made plum jam, it’s good enough for me in the morning.

  3. I will be making plenty more and will try and come up with an amazing nut and seed free recipe.

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