Jack In The Green 2017

I have had an amazing weekend and feel tired as a consequence and happy.  It was the Jack In The Green festival weekend in Hastings and there were events on every day.  I had a very late and extremely enjoyable Saturday night when Sally and Lucy came to stay.  We had supper and a fair few beers in The Stag.  Greg, Clare and Millie joined us which contributed to a very late night!  On Saturday Harvey and I went to see the drum off in the Old Town which was very impressive and in the evening Lucy and I went to see the Lianne Carroll Trio which was brilliant.

Today was the main day of the weekend festivities.  I didn’t manage to be up and on the hill at 4:30 to see the Morris dancers welcoming the dawn.  But we were in the Old Town at 9 am to see Jack burst out of the Fishermen’s museum.

It was exciting walking over the West Hill and in to the Old Town, knowing we were going to see something special but not sure exactly what.  P1080585Shame about the weather but spirits were high.P1080586The costumes and make up were incredible.P1080587Cute decoration on a young boy’s hat.P1080590This family had been up since 3am to get blacked up and to dance in the dawn in Eastbourne.  Historically, this group of Morris dancers hailed from Shropshire.  They blacked themselves up with coal dust and goose fat so they were disguised because it was illegal to dance on a Sunday.P1080591This man’s costume was one of my favourites.P1080592The drama begins as we ready ourselves for Jack to break out from the fisherman’s museum.P1080596These costumes were all made in a local studio in Hastings by their wearers.P1080597This Mother and daughter looked very glamorous and the Mum had made both headpieces.  I loved how friendly everyone was and how willing they were to talk about their costumes.P1080598And here is Jack, so now the celebration of summer beginning  can start.P1080599More amazing costumes.P1080601Harvey and I wandered over to the High Street to watch the procession.

The procession pauses in the High Street so we can be entertained by the dancers.P1080608Here’s ‘Jack’, covered in greenery and wearing a crownP1080609Off he goes, up the hillP1080610With all his followers.P1080612The streets were packed and there was a fantastic atmosphere.P1080615Here’s the fabulous Clare, looking amazing.P1080617Happy smiling faces.P1080618Hello again!P1080622This mural was painted in the Old Town.  Jack is coming and its nearly time to break him free.P1080626As we walked up the West Hill, the sun came out.P1080628I do love my new town.P1080629We got to the top of the hill and then saw the procession again which was an unexpected bonus.

Hello Greg

P1080642There were so many incredible costumesP1080643There’s MillieP1080644I could have taken a photo of everyone, they were all so interesting!

We saw this drumming group in Hastings Old Town yesterday – they were excellent.  This was perhaps my favourite of the many drumming groups because they were very upbeat.P1080668P1080669After the procession, all the different groups performed.  I was enjoying watching it and was happy my sister Abi and family were able to join but it was actually quite cold, because of the wind so when they wanted to go and eat in a cafe, Harvey and I headed home.  We had been on our feet for 5 hours and felt a bit tired.

P1080676Tired but very happy as I walked though my door.  I love my new town and next year intend to be more involved in the festival.  It was an amazing sight,P1080677After a very long snooze I enjoyed a glass of red or two with rebecca and then managed to cook a delicious and nutritious dinner of 3 colours of quinoa with a stack of veggies, my favourite tofu (Taifun’s smoked tofu with almonds) and a mustard sauce.  We both enjoyed this meal.P1080680I go to bed tonight with many happy memories from my wonderful weekend.  This was my first Jack in the Green festival and it will not be my last.





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