Hastings Greenway and Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust

This is a different subject to my usual blog posts.  This is about 2 local projects I have found out about and want to help make local people aware of them.

Hastings Greenway Project

From the website: “The Hastings Greenway Project is an innovative network of linked almost traffic-free routes, that everyone can enjoy for leisure, amenity and utility walking, as well as cycling. Starting at Hastings Town Centre the Greenway will run 10 miles to Ore, Silverhill, Hollington & Mayfield and the Conquest Hospital”.

The link to the Hastings Greenway project is here

What is a Greenway?  A Greenway is more than just an off road route for cyclists, walkers and people with disability scooters. Greenways are largely car-free, off-road routes connecting people to facilities, open spaces and countryside within and around our towns. They are for shared use by walkers and cyclists and can be used by people in wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Fully developed Greenways often include amenities such as seating, planted areas and public art and may create a linear park effect or utilise an existing park. Greenways create safe and direct routes in attractive settings. They provide a sustainable, environmentally friendly travel option for utility (getting to work, education or shopping) and for leisure and health purposes.

Today Harvey, Rebecca, Beryl and I set off to meet up with the people managing the project and locals interested in using,  supporting or understanding more about the Hastings Greenway.  We walked along the proposed rail corridor link (one of several routes in the Hastings Greenway plan) and if the project can get the funding, it will create a safe cycling and walking space in the centre of town, linking green spaces such as Alexandra Park the the station and Hastings College. Meaning people of all ages and abilities can safely move around Hastings in peasant landscaped areas, free from traffic.  A lot of the route will be alongside the railway tracks and Network Rail are supportive of the plans.

We met at the Greenway sign, at the end of Holmesdale Gardens near the Summerfields Tunnel.p1080062This part of the route would use the land to the left of the train tracks.  Obviously safety fencing and landscaping would be in place.p1080064p1080065The Linton Road Bridge had a lovely collection of moss growing on it.p1080066p1080067p1080068I have never noticed the architecture of this bridge before; it’s rather ornate.p1080070The Braybrook Road Bridge.p1080072Bethune Way underpass.p1080073Queen’s Road Railway tunnel.p1080074p1080075p1080077p1080078p1080079The pedestrian walkway at the end of St James’ Roadp1080080The rail corridor link section of the Hastings Greenway ends at Mount Pleasant Road.  That is near the work being done by the Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust at Ore Valley.

Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust

The Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust is working with the local community in the White Rock area in central Hastings and in the Ore valley.  We went to the site of the old power station in Ore Valley where I was very interested to hear about their plans for clearing the land and building affordable housing for local people.

The link to their website is here

p1080081This site would link in to the Greenway route.  For now, it is a huge space, being cleared by volunteers who are selling shares to raise the funds for the development, similar to how they raised funds for Hastings pier.  I can’t believe all this space is so close to where I live!p1080082There was tea and coffee on offer and I met some really interesting people.p1080085

Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust is hosting 2 events next Saturday, Saturday 26th November 2016;  a Big Discussion and a Celebration of the work we are doing in the Ore Valley.

The Big Discussion 10am -12noon at The Bridge Community Centre. Meet the architects and join the discussion!

Warm Up Ore Valley Event 5-9pm at the Old Power Station Site, Ore Valley (Access from Firtree Road off Parker Road, or from Broomgrove Road)

Come along in your wellies and warm clothes and enjoy the Music, Barbeque and Bonfires! Bring and Share Food! All welcome!

p1080086Both the Hastings Greenway and the Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust projects sound fantastic.  I can not think of any disadvantages to either and I will be supporting and helping as much as I am able to.

If you are local, look at their websites and find out more.  Get involved and lend support.

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