Stockholm Day 4: A Sunk Ship And Two Drowned Rats

We knew we had been lucky with the weather, especially yesterday, so we shouldn’t really complain that the weather today was dreadful.  But it really was terrible today !

We had breakfast first thing and luckily it wasn’t so busy in the dining room today.H eating breakfast at Clarion Muesli with 2 types of yogurt: mango and natural.  There wasn’t any fruit salad today which was a shame.Muesli 1-11-14 One plateful today with part of a crisp bread, butter, melon, pink grapefruit, sausage, bacon, boiled egg, tuna, cheese and sprouts.  The melon today was wonderful as it was so sweet and juicy.Breakfast 1-11-14 We had to take the bicycles back so we cycled, in the rain, to Djurgarden which took about 20 minutes.  Cycling in Stockholm is better than London as all the major roads have cycle lanes and there are virtually no pot holes so you can enjoy the ride more.  Harvey, who has rarely cycled on the road, absolutely loved it and found it quite exhilarating.  I was more anxious and much as I have enjoyed our 24 hours of cycling, was relieved that both we and the bikes survived the experience.

To get out of the rain I decided we should visit one of the many museums.  My Aunty had recommended the Vasamuseet so we went in, with only low expectations.  After all, how interesting could a ship that sank on its maiden voyage from Stockholm and was under water for 333 years be?

WOW!Vasa 9 It was fascinating.Vasa 8 The scale of the ship is incredible and to then think this survived in the water for so long is amazing.Vasa 7 The detail of the ship was incredible.  It would have been painted in bright colours in its day.Vasa 6 The scale of the ship is hard to comprehend as it is massive.Vasa 4 The museum building is 6 storeys high and you gradually climb higher and higher, seeing the boat from different angles and enjoying the exhibits on each floor.Vasa 3 Vasa 2View from the top.
Vasa 1 1 in 10 scale model to give you an idea of what it would have looked like when it was painted and with the sails up.1 in 10 model vasa The exhibits were fascinating too.Vasa exhibit This is one of many models showing how they raised the Vasa.flotating the Vasa H at Vasa I really liked this wooden relief map.wooden map It helped explain why the King of Sweden commissioned the building of the Vasa as Sweden was involved in the Thirty Years War in the Seventeenth Century.wooden relief map of 30 years war H acting Hard to see but this is Harvey in the diving bell.diving bell One of our favourite exhibits was the recreation of crew faces.  There were skeletons and personal possessions from the crew who died when the Vasa sank and these incredibly life like models of what their faces are calculated to look like.Vasa crew This was a fascinating and incredible exhibition and we would not have seen it if Aunty Marion had not recommended it so thank you Aunty M. for that.Vasa painting We then went on a ridiculously long walk in the rain to Sodermalm, an area of Stockholm I thought we would enjoy walking around.  We actually tried to get a bus but you have to buy bus tickets from a shop, not on the bus and I never worked out which shop to go to.  So we walked and walked in the wind and rain.

We went to Mellquist Kaffebar as it was recommended for its cardamom buns and coffee.Mellquist Kaffebar The coffee was weak, served in a glass which I hate and I didn’t like the bun either !  Cardamom bun We did both enjoy the sit down in the comfortable chairs which looked like they came from a theatre as we were both very tired today.H in my glasses We were not in the mood for pottering about Sodermalm in the rain so we headed back to the hotel.Gingko Sodermalm kiosk in Sodermalm Stockholm is still pretty in the rain.  Just not as in Sodermalm mural in Gamla Stan We weren’t sure if this was a demo or a celebration.demo in Stockholm We stopped at Vete Katten, a traditional cake and tea shop but we were so wet by then we took cakes away to have at the hotel rather than sit inside in our wet clothes and shoes.  I know I shouldn’t but it was a cake kind of an afternoon, enjoyed in bed while watching a film.  Philomena was on the TV so I was happy and Harvey enjoyed some time on his iPad.Vete Ketten box This was a large (actually huge) delicious crunchy pastry and sugary something.sugar pastry This cake was incredible.  I have admired them every day when we walked past and had to have one today.  It is made of sponge, berries, whipped cream and covered in marzipan and it was just as good as I hoped.marzipan cake We went out for a late supper to Cloud Nine near the hotel.  Bread baskey Cloud Nine It is a French restaurant and cocktail bar.H in Cloud Nine We just had one main each and I treated myself to a glass of wine as it is our last night here.  I had a Boeuf Bourgignon which was good but such a small portion.Bouef Bourgignon About £60 for 2 small meals was expensive.  Thank goodness we had cake earlier !!Cloud Nine bill

We have really enjoyed our time in Stockhom.  It is a lovely City and we would both happily return.

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  1. Lucy Murphy says:

    It looks as though you’ve both had a great time. They made one of those green Princess Cakes on the Great British Bake Off – I’m sure Olivia could knock one up for you if you liked it!

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