In The Cage

What a party we went to last night!   We were blessed with fine weather and we sat outside until the early hours with no need for even a wrap or shawl.

sitting outside I hopefully burnt a couple of calories by dancing.  I managed to resist the nibbles, was too busy chatting to lots of people I haven’t seen for ages so I missed dinner but unfortunately (for my diet) I didn’t miss pudding.  Confronted with carrot cake and chocolate roulade I do confess the no flour rule was but a dim memory.  The fizz and wine was not very helpful to ones diet either but it was an excellent party and I thoroughly enjoyed it all.Dancing inside Thank you to our lovely hosts, Marion and Colin and happy birthday, again, to Marion and Jane.  One legged “happy birthday” is an excellent legged happy birthday

So today I woke up later then usual but felt undeservedly perky.  I had been considering spending the day on a juice fast and I actually did it.  Yes, all I have had all day is juice.  I did day 4, to the letter, of Jason Vale’s 5 lbs in 5 days.

I began with hot water in lemon, followed by hot water with mint and then a ginger shot.  For the morning and evening juice I had this lot which is called ‘Nature’s Super Blend’.   It was certainly a lot of healthy fruits and veggies; spinach, apples, broccoli, limes, courgette, pepper, celery, carrots, cucumber and avocado.Nature's Super blend ingredients It didn’t look very appealing and it tasted just about OK.  I glugged it down and thought about the good it was doing me rather than worry about the taste.Nature's Super Blend The lunch time and afternoon juice was so much better!  This little lot make ‘Minty Sunshine’.  It was meant to be made with oranges but I used a combination of oranges and clementines.Minty Sunshine ingredients Absolutely delicious.  I could drink this one every day.Minty Sunshine

That was it, I resisted everything else, even the curry the others had for tea.  Plus I managed to cook breakfast and lunch for Harvey so I was a little bit saintly I think.

I was woken up before 7am by 2 of my favourite garden workers.  While I slumbered on (yes, I went back to bed), this is what they did.

They cleared a very overgrown area behind the vegetable garden.fruit cage 3 They laid out the frame.fruit cage on grassBy the time I was back in the land of the living the frame was up and I was treated to a little pole dance!George pole dancingShortly after that he net was in place and the raspberries and blueberries were planted.  Yes, I have a fruit cage now and I am very happy with it.Fruit cage 2

The edging and base are not completed but at least the fruit plants are in the ground and protected from the birds.

Insode the fruit cage I think the fruit cage is a pleasing addition to the vegetable garden.Fruit Cage 1 The most pleasing addition of the day though was Lara coming home 🙂



About Lose Weight and Gain Health

Hi! My name is Zoe and I live in Hastings, East Sussex, with my son Harvey and dog, Milton. I have been fighting the fat for years but this time I am serious. I want to lose weight and gain health. This blog is about how I am changing my lifestyle so I can lose weight but not by just "being on a diet" but by making small changes to our lives so that as I lose weight, I gain health. I want my family to be healthy too and never have to struggle with their weight like I have. In common with many large people, I have gained and lost weight many times over the years. This time, I want to lose it and maintain a healthy low weight. I am interested in eating food that is nutrient dense and delicious and that appeals to children and adults. I do not eat animal products so follow a vegan diet. I try to use locally produced food supplemented with what I can grow myself. I support and try to use local farmers markets and farm shops. Another objective is to add more exercise to our days. It sounds so simple when I write it down :-)
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  1. laura1952 says:

    Nice. I loved the pole dance! Too cute. Happy Lara’s Coming Home Time.

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