A Walk To Lyme Regis And Back

We were blessed with brilliant bright blue skies today.

Lucy's house Knowing where I would be having lunch I just had a clementine and a small apple before we set off for a walk in to Lyme Regis.walking down the Lane The cliffs have slipped in the storm.  Last week this was a road we could have driven along but a long section has dropped down at least a foot.  It is now closed to cars which must be inconvenient for the house that is situated at the end of the lane!boys by road drop A little way further and this part has slipped even more.next to landslide This was level.Harry by landslide Look at this beautiful view and blue skies.  It was fantastic to be outside in the sunshine.  Walking in the sunshine is always enjoyable at this time of year but more so after the recent storms.walking to beach footpath sign It was just over a mile to walk down to the Cobb.  All the debris was still there.  Hard to believe the waves hurled this concrete post about.concrete post on cobb All these pebbles were hurled from the beach on the other side of the wall.pebbles on cobb 2 All these pebbles were thrown over the wall.pebbles on Cobb pebbles in Lyme harbour There’s a couple of likely lads.H and H playing football They have played football all the way from the house, down to the beach and now along the beach.H and H on LR beach The rest of us couldn’t stop looking at all the trees and other debris washed up by the storms.M's on beach We walked along the beach to the other end of the town.LR beach Feb 2014I wonder where all these trees came from?

trees on the beachThey were washed up all along the beach.

L and O walking along beach

It was beautiful walking along and being outside today and I loved it all.  After our walk and with it being early afternoon, it was time to eat.beach front Lyme

Destination, the Town Mill Bakery.  One of my favourite places to eat in the world.  Not the healthiest unfortunately but for superb baked products, in a convivial atmosphere you can not find better.entrance to Town Mill Bakery

Food is constantly changed over so it is always fresh and you choose from what is laid out here.  It’s a bot rough and ready with no frills or fancy service.  You come here for the food and the fun of eating together.in The Mill Most of us chose soup.  I had leek and potato and Harvey had the tomato.  It was served in a bread bowl and it was all delicious.H eating soup in bread Harvey and I shared a chocolate brownie and this carrot cake.  Naughty but, oh so nice.carrot cake mill Not a morsel left on any of our plates is a common sight here.Inside Mill

We walked back up the High Street and up the long hill to get home.  That gave me a chance to look at the lovely houses in detail, that I usually drive past.  This is the door to the “mushroom house”.door to mushroom house This is the mushroom house.mushroom house My walking boots are rather old and showing it.  They are cracked and probably need replacing now.  They have taken me for many miles and to many beautiful places.  Few lovelier than Lyme Regis which has now added sand to them.muddy and sandy bootsMy lovely weekend ended with a roast chicken dinner.  My Uncle and Aunty joined us and it was hard to leave.  Thank you Lucy and Trevor for such a wonderful weekend.

Roast chicken dinner 16-2-14 I will miss you, little fella.  Have fun with your cousins.H having dinner


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