Daintree To Cape Tribulation

North of Port Douglas are miles of beautiful rainforest.  This area is known as the Daintree and we got out to see what it was like.

We stopped at Mossman Gorge and did the loop walk which was 2-3 km so not a huge distance but long enough to appreciate the rainforest and gorge.Mossman Gorge sign The river has enormous boulders in it and we returned to this spot for a swim.Mossman Gorge 3 Mossman Gorge 2

3 children on boulderThe tree were extraordinary.  Trees in a rainforest grow so tall that they develop buttress roots to support themselves.

children in buttress roots L and H by buttress roots buttress roots It is hard to photograph the trees to give you a clear idea of how tall they are.  You may just have to take my word for it.fig tree 2 fig tree The walk was a good distance for a mixed group of people (age and fitness) and quite easy but slightly challenging in places so it was interesting all the way.walking along This is quite possibly one of the most perfect swimming holes I have seen as it was small, safe for little people and completely surrounded by beautiful lush greenery.swim hole 2 swim hole 1 See what I mean about lush greenery?  Helen and BJ are sitting on this tree looking at the little swimming hole.H and BJ] swimming hole 12-8-13 Come on then kids, time to get going again.Buttress 2 More amazing trees.Buttress 1 Back at the main river it was time for Mossman Gorge some boulder jumping Boulder jumping and swimming.swimming in Mossman Gorge After leaving the gorge we continued to drive North and came to the Daintree River which has a ferry to cross it.  This is a simple drive on ferry which is winched across the river on steel cables.Daintree River crossing We found an ice-cream shop 🙂  Any guesses who the unusual looking cassowary is?Floravilla chocolate I had the coffee wattleseed and it was very good.  Floravilla ice-cream This ice-cream shop and cafe area is for sale if you fancy relocating to FNQ!Ice cream parlour After a bit more driving we arrived at Cape Tribulation.Kulki Cape Trib’ comprises a wide arc of very fine white sandy beach.Cape Trib beach Cape Trib It was really beautiful and very peaceful but I was unable to relax because i was too scared of crocs.BJ, H and Lara at Cape Trib This is what grows in to the sea – mangroves which are a favourite of the large toothed snappy creatures so I was happy when it was time to move on.mangrove roots We took the short walk round to the lookout.Cape Trib lookout On the way home we stopped off for a pizza at Sandpiper, a pizzeria on a campsite in the Daintree.SandbarAnother lovely day in this beautiful country.

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  1. suzjones says:

    Looks like you had an awesome time. We didn’t actually go to Mossman Gorge but did stop at Cape Trib. The beach was so crowded that day. We had the opportunity (we were on a tour) to go a bit deeper into the Daintree by 4WD and that was pretty cool. We did a Daintree River cruise as well and saw lots of crocs. Great fun.

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