To visit New  Zealand is a wonderful thing and I defy anyone to dislike this beautiful country.  I feel very lucky to be here and lucky that I have visited twice before too.

What I have particularly enjoyed this time is staying with friends.  It has enabled us to live with New Zealand families and experience New Zealand as the locals do.  Today was very much a day in the life of a Kiwi family.

I knew a lot of food would be consumed today so I had a very light breakfast of a mashed banana and a chopped up fresh orange.mashed banana and orange We all went to watch Ruby play netball in the morning (they won – woo hoo) and then we went to the Masterton Farmer’s Market.  This is the band!the band in Masterton It was really cold here and we all sympathised with the stall holders so we bought what we could; Farmer's Marketcheese, bread and pate.
pate, bread and cheese
This was a delicious blue cheese made with Ewe’s milk and we also bought a cow’s milk Brie.KingsmeadeWe spent lunch time at Bex’s parents, Ann and Bob’s.  They have created an extraordinary garden.  They are blessed to have a natural spring running through their garden which they have made water features from but also, they use it as a source of all their drinking water.
water 3 There are numerous waterfalls in their garden which helps cool the air (not so important in winter but it must be wonderful in the summer), adds to the beauty and they sound enchanting.water 2 water 1Everywhere you look are lovely plants, some in pots.
pink succulent in blue pot

cacti and waterOthers growing in the earth.

looks like pepper pink flower Bob has many different types of native New Zealand fern growing.fern 3 I love the patterns and colour of the ferns.fern 2 fern 1

Tucked away or in prominent positions are all manner of lovely statues and sculptures.boy reading white heads pumice head Maori head wooden head hug statue Dry-Az-ABonestatue Dry Az head Here are Bob and Ann, reading my blog 🙂reading the blog 2We had a fantastic arrangement of Sushi for lunch.sushi board

Bex bought the Sushi after netball from a takeaway place where the Sushi is all displayed and you can choose what you want and you pay for what you choose.  Served with bread, crackers, pate and cheese.  What a feast – it was really good.Sushi and cheese Bex and Ruby with Rosie and Ted.girls and dogs After lunch we took Harvey and Ruby horse riding.rusty tractor Harvey has never had a riding lesson before and he really enjoyed it.  I thought he would because he loves being with animals so much.Harvey and MaxHorses terrify me but they don’t seem to bother the little fella.

Pony grooming

Ruby is very proficient in the saddle.riding lesson 4

As he was a beginner, Harvey needed a grown up with him and luckily for me, Guy stepped in to the riding school.Riding lesson 3 Melissa demonstrated ‘hoof ball’.HoofballHarvey liked all the ponies, even the naughty one called Ruby.
Harvey and Ruby Harvey really enjoyed the games, such as Simon Says, Round The World and Egg and Spoon race.Riding lesson 1 He did really well for a complete beginner.round the world Thank you Guy for all that running around with Harvey, he really enjoyed it.riding lesson 2 Ruby and Ruby !Ruby on Ruby


In the evening Guy cooked blue cod, roast yams, fried potatoes and green beans for us.  It was excellent and I really enjoyed it.

There was (and will be) some naughty snacking of chocolates, nuts and ice-cream.  Well, it is our last night here.

blue cod I will really miss sitting at this kitchen counter with these 2 lovely people.  Since I have been here we have never actually sat in the living room.  We have sat here, talking, laughing, drinking, eating, blogging and as in this picture, spreading latex on to plastic!Bex Latex




In this charming house, in the land of the long white cloud, we have had a blast.  Thank you so much.Cloudy at houseAotearoa.

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  1. Great post. New Zealand looks amazing, I would love to visit it one day (although wouldn’t like all that flying to get to it!). Sounds like you had a very busy and productive day. 🙂

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