It’s A Boy !

Due to being extremely busy, I was not going to post a blog yesterday or even take any photos.  After working all day I had a date at the theatre with my husband and when I looked up the location of the theatre, I saw it was near Buckingham Palace (ish) so I got there early and walked down to see the easel.  Yes I did. I walked though London, in extreme heat and humidity, carrying my lap top and work files on my back, to see an easel.  I looked like a snail and walked along at about snail’s pace.

I have never noticed before that Admiralty Arch curves towards you from both sides.  Here it is from The Mall.Admiralty Arch from The Mall This is from the other side!  I always assumed it curved towards you from one side and away from you the other.  It is going to be opened as an Armani Hotel in 2015, apparently.Admiralty Arch from T.Sq Walking down The Mall.walking towards BP Looking up The Mall towards Trafalgar Square, from the Victoria Memorial.looking down The Mal from VMBuckingham Palace from Victoria Memorial.

crowds outside Buck Pal

The gates in to Buckingham Palace.Buckingham Palace gates gate detail Crowds looking at Buckingham Palace from the beautiful Victoria Memorial.Policeman near Vic Memorial The Queen’s guards at Buckingham Palace.the guards at BP I do not envy them those woollen uniforms!Buckingham Palace guards Royal Guards Changing the guards The easel announcing the birth of the 3rd in line to the throne.The Easel Royal Birth noticeThere was a lovely festive and sociable atmosphere around the Palace last night and I was very glad I had gone to see it and to briefly, be a part of it.
Victoria Memorial 2 I was so hot I would have loved to actually just jump in to this water at the base of the Victoria MemorialVictoria Memorial 1 The world’s media are lined up opposite the Palace so when the presenter does his/her piece to camera, they have the palace in the background.TV presenter I enjoyed my stroll down The Mall and back again and once again marvelled at how lucky I am to be working in one of the greatest cities in the world.walking along The Mall The theatre was hot too so no respite for me but it was very enjoyable.  I really like John Simm and it was good to see him on the stage.Hot House Some of the audience sat behind the stage!  I have not seen that before.Hot House stage

When we came out of the theatre, I noticed the fountains in Trafalgar Square were blue to celebrate the birth of the new Prince.

We are having such lovely warm evenings we are sitting outside until rather late.  It is wonderful and fresh outside compared to inside which is rather warm by the evening.

H on lap top at night

I worked from home today – so happy to miss 3 hours of commuting 🙂

A pink grapefruit was the star of the breakfast grapefruit  pieces I made a smoothie with chia seeds, natural yogurt and Maca powder.  Sadly it tasted quite horrid (sour and unpleasant) but I consumed it anyway as I hate wasting food and at least it was nutritious.grapefruit smoothie But I did not enjoy the experience so it wasn’t long before I had a Gala apple and some Stilton.Gala and Stilton Followed by a Pink Lady and some more Stilton.Pink Lady and Stilton A light lunch with some lettuce, peas, nasturtiums and radishes from the garden, with cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, cucumber, pine nuts, humous and anchovies.salad 24-7-13 2 A bowl of varied yumminess.salad 24-7-13 It was hot so I snacked on a Fruit Pastille ice lolly.Pastilles lolly Then some nuts, seeds and I added raisins.  I was in a really picky mood this afternoon.nuts and seeds Harvey requested Tacos for tea but I couldn’t find any so we had Nachos instead.  I only had a few and I used the lettuce instead to wrap up the spicy minced beef.  Very tasty and another meal enjoyed outside.Mince for tacos

So, a very exciting 2 days of Royal baby news.  I wish HRH Prince George of Cambridge and his parents long, healthy and happy lives and hope the media will now leave them in peace to enjoy getting to know each other.  Privately.


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3 Responses to It’s A Boy !

  1. laura1952 says:

    Oh my, I was hoping, hoping, hoping you somehow managed to get there, and sure enough, you did! Thank you, thank you, thank you for these amazing photos.
    Great job on the eating and even consuming the “horrid” smoothie that you knew was nutritionally good for you anyways.

    Thanks again Zoe for your awesome blog, brilliant photography and true to the heart honesty!

  2. Kathryn says:

    How excited am I that Prince George had the good sense to be born on my own birthday! Am thrilled someone I know has been to see the easel. thanks!

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