A Wee Trip

I always though our compatriots in the North used the word “wee” to mean little but they also use it to mean a short distance or a short period of time.  So I have been away on a wee trip.  I have worked in 4 offices in 4 days, met new colleagues and been reacquainted with old.  It has been fun but exhausting.

My eating has been generally bad.  Too much of it and not all good quality.  This was the breakfast offering from my BA flight to Glasgow.

BA breakfast The Glasgow office is located in the centre of the city with plenty of food choices.  I went to M&S even though I can eat that anywhere and chose the Wholefood salad.  Liking the healthy ingredients.M&S ingredients It was really good.M&S superfood salad In the evening I caught the train to Edinburgh but got off at Linlithgow with my colleague Yvonne who I worked with last year.  She chose a fantastic restaurant for dinner on Linlithgow High Street called Livingstone’s.

We began with an Amuse Bouche of carrot soup which was delicious.Amuse Bouche We declined starters as we selected a hearty main course of Scottish beef with summer vegetables.  It was perfectly cooked and not too huge so there was plenty to eat but not enough.   Yummy.  This was enjoyed with a bottle of Merlot we shared.Scottish beef The restaurant then provided a raspberry sorbet which was very small (that is a teaspoon) but perfectly formed and full of flavour.raspberry sorbet We did treat ourselves to a dessert and it was worth every calories as it was fabulous.  It was a de-constructed Black Forest Gateaux.  Every mouthful was quite divine.black forest dessert All too soon it was time to hop back on the train and say farewell to Yvonne.Linlithgow station Hello Edinburgh!  It had been a long day which started at 4:30am and ended when I got to my hotel at 11pm.Arriving in Edinburgh This was the view from my hotel in Edinburgh.  It was sunny 🙂Edinburgh on Weds morning I met my colleague, Zoe, in the foyer and we had a very enjoyable walk around in the early morning sunshine.  Zoe used to live in Edinburgh and wanted to see some favourite places and I was very happy to be shown around.  I have not been to Edinburgh for about 23 years and was excited about seeing it.swan sculptures We returned to this canal area in the evening and sat outside enjoying drinks until nearly 10pm.Edinburgh CanalWe had a lovely evening near the canal and then 10 of us went for a curry at The Indian Cavalry Club which was excellent.  One of the best Indian restaurants I have been to. Shame it is so far away!

We had some excellent popadoms and then I tried a colleague’s cheese dosa.  For my main I had a chicken curry called ‘Red Fort’ which was in a yogurt and almond sauce with Tandoori spices, a sag aloo (spinach and potato) and an onion bahji.bhaji, Red Fort and sag aloo It was a fun end to a good day.Curry at Indian Cavalry Club

I worked in another Edinburgh office today alongside Phil who I worked with so much last year but had only met once before so it was good to spend some time with him.

So having spent 3 days with lots of colleagues, both at work and socially, it was time to head home.  I couldn’t wait to get back as it had been a tiring trip.  My gorgeous children had made dal and flatbreads for dinner.  So happy to be home 🙂

dinner at home

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