Seafood And Eat It

My stomach is distended, every muscle in my body aches and I had a very satisfying, weekend.  We went to Ramsgate for the weekend as we had lots of chores to do.  As soon as we got there on Saturday we headed out to Miles Bar.  This is a strange place.  Great location beside the marina, great coffee and cakes, fabulous mussels but some unpleasant items such as cheap and nasty mayonnaise and very variable waitressing quality but we all love their Moules et Frites so we set off and all had the same.

Moules et frites at Miles This was a hard working weekend for us all but we did have a stroll round the corner to a pub for a cheeky beer on Saturday evening.  The Edwardian shelters along the front have been refurbished and they look really good.evening stroll This is the delightful view from our dining room.  I love sitting here but unfortunately this was not a weekend with much time to sit and stare.looking at the marina 2 The front garden had become so overgrown it was hard to get to the chairs and tables.  This is a lovely spot to relax in as you are secluded from the road and protected from the sea breezes.

children gardeningThis basement level courtyard looks much better after a coat of paint.

painting the ground floorAs it was Father’s Day, we all had a big breakfast together.  We don’t usually have breakfast together as we all get up at different times.

breakfast Melon and raspberries (my choice),raspberries and melon Pain au chocolat (Lara’s choice)pain au chocolat and eggs and bacon (boy’s choice!)bacon and eggs

This was the destination for lunch.  This ugly old building at the end of the harbour wall has been unused for ages but about 6 months ago, a new restaurant opened in there.  This was our first visit to Royal Harbour Brasserie.

Ramsgate brasserieIt is in a fantastic position at the end of the East Harbour wall so you have the marina on one side of you and the Channel on the other.  So you can sit and watch the endless movement of boats in and out of the harbour.  I liked the decor inside too.Inside Ramsgate Brasserie 2 Lots of grey and red which looked smart, coffee sacks used to line the partitions and bench seating which helped with the more relaxed vibe.  The windows on 3 sides provided a fabulous view.inside Ramsgate Brasserie The food was good too!  Cod goujons with tartare sauce to start with, which were small but perfectly formed.  Not greasy and the batter was crispy.cod goujonsDressed crab with new potatoes and salad which was delicious.
dressed crab Followed by a very naughty orange sponge and custard which was a bit school dinners.

The house wine was good (Sauvignon Blanc) and most of us really enjoyed everything we ate.  It is not cheap and the portions are not massive but they were not stingy either.  I would say they were just right.
sponge and custard I overexposed this picture but rather like the effect.  I took this on the way back from the restaurant while we were on the harbour wall.over exposed Ramsgate This was taken from our house, looking out to the Brasserie.  We all enjoyed it and would all choose to go again.destination restuaruant looking at the marina I should have taken a “before” picture to show the contrast between how this overgrown front garden looked before we tackled it.  All 4 of us helped and it was rather satisfying.Tidied up garden I had forgotten that it is a reasonable size!Tidy front garden Cleared gardenOutside the kitchen is a little raised deck area which Lara spent literally hours scrubbing to get rid of all the algae that developed during winter.  It came up really well.

deck from the snug This little deck catches the early evening sun and is a delightful spot to sit and enjoy a chilled glass of something.Scrubbed deck areaWe all worked really hard this weekend.  There was plenty to do inside too and it seemed a shame to have to come home when it was looking ship shape and lovely.  We had 2 lovely lunches but not much relaxation apart from that.  As if to tempt us to stay, the mainly cloudy day changed in to a sunny and blue skied evening.
Ramsgate, Sunday evening sunshine I am heading back next weekend for a Mums and Kids weekend – can’t wait!Ramsgate Sunday evening

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6 Responses to Seafood And Eat It

  1. gini smith says:

    Great post and what a lot of hard work. Looking forward to seeing you gx

  2. laura1952 says:

    Thanks for posting pictures of Ramsgate on the outside. You did a great job of cleaning it up. All of you.

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