A Sunday Walk And A Roast

We had a lovely relaxing Sunday today which involved a good walk and ended with a delicious roast.

Fresh fruit for breakfast and I also added a few pistachios.
Breakfast fruit 21-9 I really wanted to do a good walk to day as I find fitting exercise in to the week quite challenging so I needed to compensate for that today.  Earlier in the summer, Harvey and I did a lovely walk around Bodiam Castle so we went with Lara today to repeat the walk.  The walk goes alongside a canal, through the lovely East Sussex countryside.Bodiam walk 21-9 5 Bodiam walk 21-9 4 Bodiam walk 21-9 3 Bodiam walk 21-9 2 Bodiam walk 21-9 1The walk ends at the castle which we didn’t go inside but enjoyed looking at.Bodiam Castle 21-9We had lunch at the National Trust cafe at Bodiam where we sat outside and had a jacket potato.  Mine had cheese and was served with salad.  It was very good.  I do like the National Trust cafes and restaurants.  They are not the cheapest but all our meals were well cooked and the portions were generous.  Harvey declared his potato to be the best he had ever had!
jacket potato and cheese and salad Next to the cafe is a gift shop which mainly sells good quality and charming products.  We thought they had misjudged this hedgehog though; the poor chap looks like he has a terrible skin disease!manky hedgehog 2 happy boys in the back of the car.  Harvey was particularly happy as I never allow the dogs on the seats but Lara drove and she is not fussy about dog hairs on her seats.H and M in car The first hops I have seen this year.hops I roasted a chicken for supper.  I meant to buy tarragon but forgot so instead used lemon verbena which I grow on the patio.  I chopped it up finely and pushed it up under the skin over the chicken breast, with butter and garlic.lemon verbena, garlic and butter Ready for the oven.chicken ready for roasting Runner beans, a single green bean, swiss chard and a Trombetti to go with the chicken plus lots of raspberries.veg from garden 21-9 Roast chicken with roast parsnips, green veggies and sweetcorn.  I felt we had eaten enough potato today so no roast tatties for us today.  We mainly ate the legs so saving the breast for salads during the week.roast chicken dinner 21-9

If only I had stopped there I would have been good today.  Unfortunately the remains of the salted caramel ice-cream and box of chocolates left over from Friday proved irresistible.  Fortunately I had 2 little helpers so the portion was modest but still very naughty.  If I don’t manage to behave myself tomorrow, I will juice fast again to get back in the zone.

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Supper With The Natives

Yesterday I had the local natives round for supper.  It was all very casual, partly because I am, partly because they are and partly because it was a Friday and I was working all day.  So supper was simple to prepare in advance, hopefully tasty and relatively healthy.

Very early in the day I made a recipe from an Instagram account I follow @livinglovinginspiring.  The recipe was for caramel slice.  It was really easy to make but you have to start a long time before you want them due to the amount of refrigeration time required.  I should have used a smaller baking dish so each slice was thicker but this one turned out fine anyway.

Caramel Slice

Base Ingredients and Method

  • 1 cup + 2 tbsp ground almonds
  • ½ cup walnuts
  • ½ cup desiccated coconut
  • 1 tbsp raw cacao powder
  • 2 tbsp coconut palm sugar
  • 3 tbsp of rice malt syrup (I didn’t have any so used Agave syrup)
  • 1 tbsp Coconut Oil (melted)
  • Pinch of Himalayan salt
  • 1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
  • 2. Put all ingredients into a processor and mix.
  • 3. Mould dough in to a baking tin.  I lined mine with foil to make it easier to take out.
  • 4. Drop oven temperature to 150 degrees and leave base in the oven for 10 minutes.  Take out and cool down.

coconut and nut slice base Filling Ingredients and Method

  • 10 Medjool dates (pitted)
  •  ½ cup Coconut cream
  • ½ cup boiling water
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter
  • pinch of Himalayan salt
  • 1. Put all ingredients in a processor until smooth.  I used the Vita Mix.
  • 2. Pour over cooked and cooled base.
  • Set in fridge/freezer

making coconut and nut sliceChocolate Drizzle Ingredients and Method

  • 1 tbsp coconut oil (melted)
  • 1/3 tsp raw cacao powder
  • 1 tsp rice malt syrup / Agave syrup
  • 1 tsp crushed peanuts
  • Lightly whisk melt coconut oil, raw cacao powder and rice malt syrup until smooth and silky.
  • Pour over tart.
  • Sprinkle crushed peanuts on top.
  • Keep in the freezer/fridge

My drizzle did not come together.  The oil and cacao powder seemed imissible.  It tasted good though.Coconut and nut slice in trayI only had one meal during the day but it was a good one.   Banana ice-cream made with 2 bananas, about 1/3 of an avocado, 1 heaped tbsp cacao nibs, 1 nectarine and some pistachios.

lunch 19-9 This one was particularly creamy and I loved it.banan ice-cream with avocado and pistachiosI was excited to finish work and get cooking.
fruits and veg by window sill I made another recipe from Mary Berry Cooks The Perfect; Spanish-style Chicken Paprika.  This dish has chicken cooked in paprika, covered in a mushroom sauce and topped with chorizo and olives.paprika chicken in dish I really enjoyed it and there were no leftovers so I think it went down well.  I will make it again and share the recipe then.chicken paprika dish I served it with rice and salad.  I added these colourful tomatoes to the salad.Wild Wonders colured tomatoes I bought them in Wholefoods earlier in the week.4 colourful photos

I didn’t manage to have everything ready but I was close enough when my lovely local friends arrived.  Instead of a starters we had crisps and crudités with 2 sorts of humous.  I stuck to the carrots and sugar snaps with a little humous.

drinks in the lounge The natives are a delightful lot to have over for supper and I had a wonderful evening.friends at supper tableThe food was alright too.  Spanish-style chicken paprika with brown basmati rice and salad.paprika chicken and salad Caramel slice with fruit salad; pineapple, papaya, dragon fruit and grapes.  i did also serve 2 types of caramel ice-cream but apart from one spoonful as I put the leftovers away, I resisted.coconut nut slice Cheese and biscuits.  I had 2 crispbreads with Brie and Danish Blue.  I was sensible with my drinking and enjoyed 3 half glasses of wine which I mixed with sparkling water.  So I did quite well relatively and didn’t massively over eat.round crispbread

I started today with another banana ice-cream.  I was asked how big my glass is that I tend to use.  It can hold 400ml of liquid or this lot which is 2 bananas, about 2/3 of a small peach, a handful of amazing raspberries from the garden and some pecans. Kilner glass and ingredientsPeach melba!  Really yummy.brealkfast 20-9raspberry banana ice-creamThese are the crisp breads I served last night.  I really like them and they were very popular but there were some left.Peter's Yard CrispbreadKnackebrod nurition

croispbread ingredients

I had one crispbread with 5g of butter and 35g of Brie de Meauxcrispbread and brieand a bowl of the pea and ham soup Harvey made last weekend but which I couldn’t try then as I was juice fasting.   It was delicious and I loved every mouthful.

pea and ham soup 1Soup, crispbread and cheese, the Saturday paper and some time, peace and quiet to enjoy them all.  Bliss.
IMG_7843 A bit later I did have to try another bit of the caramel slice.  At room temperature it becomes a bit mushy but from the fridge it is chewy and fudgey and really very moreish.  Just one wafer thin slice.holding the coconut nut slice

It’s just the three of us at home this weekend and we went out for supper and then on to the cinema.  We had supper in Wagamama’s.  We shared edamame and duck gyoza’s and I had ginger chicken udon noodles with a green juice

Wagamama Udon noodles Top company :-)L and H in Wagamama's I was given a chocolate sample by my supermarket delivery this week.  I was going to resist but failed.  I did however share it with Lara and Harvey so I only had 2 squares.  It wasn’t bad either.Lindt sweet chocolateSo far I have had a wonderful weekend and there is still Sunday to look forward to.

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Red, White And Blue?

Will we wake up in the morning and still be part of Great Britain?  Will we have the blue bits in our flag?  I do hope so but time will tell on that one.

I did well again today.  It is definitely easier going to work later as it gives me time to prepare breakfast and lunch to take in to town but it makes my day busier and harder as I have to pack the same work in to a shorter time period so I need to get back to early morning.  I will try making breakfast and lunch the night before next week.

This is actually huge but the photo has no scale in it.

large papaya They are not my favourite fruit but pleasant enough and I am trying to eat the widest variety of fruits and veggies possible.papaya 2 papaya 1 I took some of the papaya to work with some fresh coconut.papaya and coconut

Late morning I popped over the road to try another juice bar.  This is just a wagon by the side of the road that I have never tried before.

Juice Island wagon

They had a long menu.
Juice Island menu I chose one of the ‘Lean and Green’ juices.Juice Master Stall This was made with apple, celery, parsley, cucumber and carrot.  They had no ice which was a shame as I like my juices chilled.  It was a bit sludgy with bits in so I wont be rushing back.Juice Island juice I prepared a lunch box at home with cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, sugar snap peas, rocket, lamb’s lettuce and yellow pepper.veggies in lunch box I added a heaped tbsp of mayonnaise and 2 boiled eggs.sliced boiled egg By the time I had got to work it looked a bit messy but it tasted good and it took ages to chomp through all those vegetables which was great.  I sat and worked at my desk and munched away.lunch 18-9 For supper I made another banana ice-cream.  This was meant to be pink as it had raspberries and Acai in it but I think the super greens, cacao nibs and 2 dates made it pale brown.supper 18-9 Topped with Goji berries, cacao nibs and peanuts.  Absolutely delicious and a healthy way to curb my sweet cravings.banana ice-cream 18-9

I am pleased with how well I have eaten today.  I didn’t move around much so I need to find a way to fit in some exercise!

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Chocolate Orange

I have eaten so many fruits and vegetables today I think I might be photosynthesising tomorrow.

I bought this salad yesterday to eat in the evening before I went out but plans changed and I went home so I left it in the fridge at work and enjoyed it for breakfast today instead.Tropical fruit salad I really enjoyed it.tropical fruit pot I went back to Wholefoods Market today to buy some more of those tropical fruits for the weekend.  This time I bought whole fruits so I can make my own fruit salads as it is very expensive buying them ready chopped.Wholefoods shopping basket I hadn’t had a juice for breakfast so I bought one for lunch.Juice Tonic Juicery I went in to Juice Tonic Organic Juicery,  which is one of the juice bars I passed yesterday.  It is also one I was recommended by one of the people I follow on Instagram.  Thank you @superfoodsusie for the recommendation.  The juice I had was great, the vibe in the juicery was good and the music they played was lovely.  I could easily have sat there and enjoyed my juice but I was rushing to get back for a meeting.  My only disappointment was the unfriendliness of the staff.  Well, at least the one who served me.  Maybe it was an off moment but I did not feel like a customer but rather an interruption to their day.  I will try again though to give them the benefit of the doubt.juice tonic 2 I have been craving citrus today so chose this juice.  It’s 400ml of ‘Citrus Fusion’ made with orange, grapefruit, lime and lemongrass.  Delicious.Juice Tonic 1 I prepared my lunch at home this morning and took it to work.  I mixed about 2/3 of a tin of tuna (in brine) with mayonnaise and added it to the box with yellow peppers, lamb’s lettuce, rocket, carrots, yellow pepper, sugar snaps, cucumber and tomatoes from the garden and red grapes.salad 17-9 I bought this houmous at lunch time.pumpkin seed houmous And added 2 tbsp to the salad.  I slowly munched my way through this salad while I worked.  I really enjoyed it and must take in my own more often.sunflower seed humous Last night I had some chocolate.  Lara had bought me a bar of my favourite Lindt liquer chocolate for my birthday which I had been resisting but for some reason last night I had to have it.  We shared it but I had most of it.

I often fancy something sweet in the evening so tonight I decided to make myself something sweet but healthy for supper.  I blended 2 frozen bananas and some frozen raspberries with half a cup of soya milk and all these superfoods.superfoods 17-9 I was craving oranges again so I layered the chocolatey banana ice-cream in a tall glass and put the chopped up orange in the middle.  I topped my chocolate orange ice-cream with Goji berries and cacao nibs.chocolate orange smoothie 17-9 Super yummy and it seems to have done the trick with those chocolate cravings.chocolate orange smoothie

I must eat like this more often.

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Juice and Bubbles

I enjoyed eating today so much and only wanted healthy foods.  I wanted to eat fruits and veggies and fish.  Yes, fish, it was definitely a fish day.

I began well again with a juice and a bowl of fruit.  I picked up a 500ml bottle of ‘Green Clean’ and a bowl of pineapple, mango and raspberries from Pure and made myself a green tea.breakfast 16-9 The Green Clean is not for the faint hearted and I didn’t like it much.  It was made with fennel, carrot, spinach and celery but just tasted of fennel.  Too strong for me.  I did enjoy the fruit pot though.go green breakfast 16-9 At lunch time I walked over to Wholefoods Market at Piccadilly Circus and bought the most amazing salad.  You choose your own from the salad bar and then pay by weight.  It had salmon, tuna, Feta cheese, pecans, humous and black beans for protein and loads of vegetables.  Name a vegetable and it could have been in here.  It was a modest sized container so no danger of overeating and I loved every mouthful of it.Wholefoods Salad 16-9 Instead of rushing back to the office like I usually do I took 20 minutes to sit and eat in leisure.  I sat just there, under the tree.set under treeI decided to walk back along a different street to usual and walked along Old Compton Street.  I will try this Japanese cafe one day as I am developing rather a taste for green tea.
Kirazu I walked past several bubble tea places and I have no idea what that is so there’s something else to go and investigate  one day.Bubble Tea sign I was really pleased to see several juicing bars on the street.  Juice Tonic and Juice Tonic Joe & The Juice.  So happy to see these places here as it will make replacing one meal a day with juice so much easier.Joe & The Juice I will bring Lara and Harvey along here next time they come up to London too.  My cup cake loving daughter would like Muriel’s Kitchen, or Patisserie Valerie or Paul’s Bakery which are along the same street.Muriel's Kitchen Harvey would want to go to Herman ze German as he loves Frankfurters.Herman ze German They would both enjoy a burger in here too.Ed's Another bubble tea place – what is that?Moo Boo bubble tea I sipped water all afternoon and herbal tea.  The chap I sit next to bought me a Monmouth coffee and I resisted it :-)  I am trying to avoid caffeinated tea and coffee.

At home I made a really simple supper of a crab salad.crab salad 16-9 2Made with rocket, lamb’s lettuce, sugar snap peas, 100g crab, 2 tbsp mayonnaise and red grapes.  It was a quick and easy and healthy supper.
crab salad 16-9

I am pleased with how well I did today and inspired to keep going tomorrow.

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The First Day After The Detox

I can eat again – yippee :-).  I broke my juice fast with …….. green juice !  And a bowl of homegrown raspberries.  Delicious.

raspberries and juice At lunch time I was on a mission to get to a particular cafe.Neal's Yard sign I like this walk along the white tunnel walking in to Wild Food Cafe and out in to the colourful world of Neal’s Yard.Outside Wild Food Cafe 1 Monty Python plaque I was heading up to the Wild Food Cafe.  A vegetarian restaurant that makes a lot of raw food dishes.Outside Wild Food Cafe I sat on a stool at the counter and enjoyed watching the activity in the kitchen in front of me.sitting in Wild Food Cafe I chose the tropical salad and a glass of water.wild food tropical salad 3 It contained lettuce, beansprouts, tomato, yellow pepper, green papaya, fresh coconut, mixed seeds, marinated cashews and nori seaweed with an avocado dressing.Wild Food tropical salad 2 It was very crunchy which was just what I wanted after all that juice.  I enjoyed crunching through and chewing every mouthful.Wild Food tropical saladIt was a lovely sunny day in London and the windows were wide open which helped to bring some of that end of summer sunshine inside.
Inside Wild Food Cafe At home I went to the local leisure centre to weigh myself.  I haven’t been for a couple of weeks but I am 4 pounds less than when I last went so I am happy with that.  My weight has yo yo’d up and down this year quite drastically but I am 11 pounds down on the year and 3 stone and 2 pounds less than when I started.  So moving in the right direction.  For me, the main thing is to maintain the loss so I am focusing on that and aiming for a 1 – 2 pound loss next week too.

At home, Lara helped me cook supper.  We made another Mary Berry recipe, tonight’s was a curried lentil and spinach soup.  It was easy to make and tasty too.  Each portion of soup was only 100 calories (Mary gives you the calories per portion in each recipe).  I could happily have eaten 2 or 3 portions but everyone wanted a bowl so I added a wholemeal roll with ham.
curried lentil and spinach soup This recipe took about half an hour from start to finish and it was nourishing and tasty so a good find.curried lentil soup

I wonder what I will eat tomorrow.

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Juice Master Detox Day 5

I have strictly stuck to my 5 day juice detox and not cheated at all.  Thank goodness that is over!  I do feel much better now than I did 5 days ago but I have missed cooking and eating with my family.

The first juice of the day involved beetroot again.  2 blog readers, Suz and Tina, suggested I peeled the beetroot to make it less earthy.  I had already done that previously but thanks for the tip ladies.  I think the beetroot which get too big taste too earthy and are very woody so today I picked much smaller ones and they were a huge improvement.

beets in veggie garden The day’s fruits and veggies (mainly) washed and ready for juicing.fruits and veg for day 5First thing I had a mug of warm water with lemon juice followed by a ginger shot which I really enjoy.  It’s the juice of half an apple and a chunk of ginger.
ginger shot 14-9 I then made the ‘Sweet Beet Smoothie’.  You juice 1 apple, 2 carrots and 1 medium sized beetroot.  Look at the colour of it !!sweet beet juice in jug You then blend that with frozen blackberries and it turns in to a soft frozen and very pleasant tasting smoothie.sweet beet juice 14-9 2Very enjoyable.
sweet beet juice 14-9 1 In preparation for all the healthy food I want to eat next week, I went through my grains, pulses and superfoods cupboard, throwing out the old and making a shopping list of things that need replacing.  I found this packet of broccoli seeds I have not opened before.Aconbury Sprouts broccoli seeds I found my sprouting jar.broccoli seeds and sprouting jsr Followed the instructions.sprouting instructions Now hoping they sprout !broccoli seeds in water Yesterday I bought a new cookery book.  It was a complete extravagance as I have loads but who doesn’t love Mary Berry?  Apart from the GBBO book, I don’t actually have any of her recipe books and wanted one.Mary Berry Cooks The Perfect I chose this one because I am beginning to teach Harvey to cook and I love the layout of this book.  There is a big picture so you know what you are aiming for.  The recipe is VERY clear and easy to follow and each page includes ‘keys to perfection’.pea and ham soup in recipe book The ‘keys to perfection’ are helpful little tips to make your meal really good instead of just good.  For the novice cook, they tend to answer the questions they would have.

It proved to be excellent for Harvey and would also be good for any teenager or young person about to head off to University or leave home for the first time.  Also very good for their Mothers – I can’t wait to get cooking some Mary Berry recipes.keys to perfection The Little Fella did himself proud. He made, all by himself, a delicious ham and pea soup, served with toasted slices of French bread with mustard butter.  Yes, I supervised, but he did all of it himself.  He, his sister and his Dad all enjoyed it very much and I have saved the 4th portion to have in the week.pea and ham soup with bread Meanwhile, back at the juice ranch, I made do with a pear and parsnip juice which was very pleasant.  It has a mild and sweet flavour.pear and parsnip juice The garden continues to produce food for us.  The runner beans have climbed up over their raised bed and up the wall of the fruit cage, where they continue to produce beans.runner beans on fruit cage Beans galore and plenty more young ones developing too.runner beans 14-9 1 The raspberries are also doing well.raspberries 14-9 2 These were picked and will be my first food after the detox tomorrow.raspberries 14-9 1 I will need some help slicing that lot.runner beans and raspberries 2 little helpers made swift work of that pile of beans.  Some were used in their pork and prawn stir fry Lara made for supper and the rest are blanched and in the freezer.  Thanks for helping :-)runner bean helpers I have saved some beans to use to produce next year’s crop.runner bean new and old The small ones are the ones I picked last week and in just a week they have dried out to less than half their original size.runner bean pink beans

I did ny exercise as well today.  I didn’t manage the 2 sessions Jason recommends but I was on my feet a lot of time so think I did OK.  We walked the dogs over the road and I tried a little bit of jogging again.  Both children were astonished that I can run and that i am still alive.  Humph!  Plenty of life left in this old girl.

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Feeding Your Children When You Are Juice Fasting

Day 4 of Jason Vale’s 5 lbs in 5 days juice detox.

I am struggling with this juice fast over the weekend.  In some ways it is easier than being in the office when there seems to always be someone eating or offering to buy you a latte. Too much temptation.  But I am struggling with wanting to cook over the weekend but not being able to so next time I fast, I will definitely do it Monday-Friday.  I need my weekend cooking fix, especially at this time of year when the garden is full of lovely eatables that I can only juice.

One big challenge for me has been what to feed Harvey.  Lara has been juicing with me (or she has been out) so that is easy.  But the Little Fella enjoys his food and has developed expectations over the years.  Such as, could he have pancakes for breakfast please?

I drank my water with fresh lemon juice and then a green tea while I pondered what he could have for breakfast.  Light fluffy American style pancakes were out of the question as I would definitely give in and eat one of those!Green teaWhenever I juice I always give Harvey a juice too.  Not as a meal replacement but as a drink before his meal.  I have to be careful to not put in too much greenery or vegetables or it will be rejected.  He loves ginger in a smoothie and I usually use an apple and an orange as a base.  Today I added some kale and yellow pepper too.
Harvey's juice ingredients 13-9 I stuck a straw in it (that always helps persuade him to drink it) and since it wasn’t too green, it was enjoyed.Harvey's juice I remembered reading somewhere about a pancake made with just egg and banana.  I ran the idea past the Little Fella and got the thumbs up.  I also thought I would try using this coconut flour which I have had a while now but never used.  It did smell of coconuts!

2 eggs, 1 banana and 2 tbsp coconut flour made the ‘batter’ and I cooked it in coconut oil.coconut pancake ingredients I began by mashing the banana in to the flour but it was too dry so I added the eggs.mixing coconut pancake It then made a smooth paste quite easily.  I wondered about adding some milk as pancake batter is looser but decided for the first attempt to leave it as it was.coconut pancake mix Not bad.  It cooked the same way as a standard pancake but it was quite large and it broke when I served it, rather than crack while cooking.  It looked moist and smelt really good.  Served with raspberries from the garden and maple syrup.  coconut pancake and maple syrupThe maple syrup was a condition of eating the pancake!  It got the thumbs up and I managed to resist trying any.
coconut pancake I had a ginger shot instead; half an apple and a chunk of ginger.Ginger Shot 13-9 Followed by a ‘Nature’s Super Blend’.  This is one of my favourite juices.   You juice 2 apples, a large handful of spinach, 1/2 a courgette, 1 peeled lime, 2 carrots, 1/4 of a cucumber, 2cm broccoli stem, 1/2 a celery stalk and 1/4 of a green pepper.  Then you blend the juice with half an avocado and some ice.Nature's Super Blend full shot It seems quite sweet but not too sweet and the avocado makes it creamy.  I really enjoyed it and it kept me feeling full for hours.Nature's Super Blend 13-9 from top We were out for the afternoon and had to leave early.  I made up a double batch of ‘Minty Sunshine’ as you have the same juice at 1 pm and then again at 4pm.  I missed out the ginger (by mistake) but this is it, for 2 juices!  I really liked it but it did not sustain me for long.  I was really hungry and very tired by early evening when I enjoyed another nature’s Super Blend.carrots, oranges and mint

Due to timing and shopping incompetence on my part, I had neither the time nor ingredients to make Harvey the packed lunch he needed so we went to the wonderful Hartley Dyke Farm Shop.  They sell a good range of ready made sandwiches and wraps plus baked goods such as pies, sausage rolls and Scotch eggs.  Harvey chose a chicken and salad wrap, bag of Doritos, juice and some dairy free orange chocolate.  Well, to be precise he chose a load of rubbish and we negotiated to what I bought!  Just as well as his Father was in charge of supper which was a takeaway.

So I did some cooking for my cherub but also bought ready made food.  I don’t feel too bad about it as it is only one weekend I am only cooking for him some of the time.

I will finish tonight by sharing a picture of these beautiful flowers Lucy and Tanya gave me for my birthday.  They are still looking beautiful and the scent of the lilies is incredible and fills the lounge and hallway.  I absolutely love them.  Thank you again ladies :-)

Birthday lilies and flowers

I also love the fact that I only have one more day of juicing to get through and then I can eat something :-)

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Juicing Again – Days 2 and 3

I sat down last night to write my blog and realised I had only taken a photo of one of the juices and nothing else all day.  So decided that would not be worthy of your time and attention.

Day 2 of the plan requires you to drink a juice called ‘Ruby Tuesday’ which features beetroot.  I quite like beetroot cooked but despise it in a juice.  Lara and I both decided the juice tasted like soil.Huge beetroot 1 Look at how gigantic this beetroot was.  There is a £1 coin next to it for comparison.  I don’t know why this one grew so large because the others are more average.  I managed to drink the juice but only just, it really does make me gag.huge beetroot 2

The other juice of day 2 was much better.

Veggie Power 11:9 This one is called ‘Veggie Power’ and contains the juice of 2 apples, a large handful each of kale and spinach, half a lemon, half a celery stalk, quarter of a cucumber and some broccoli, blended with half an avocado.  You get two of each juice a day and that is it !Veggie Power 11-9 Having really struggled with Day 2, but feeling pleased I stuck with it, I was really looking forward to this morning’s smoothie.bb crunch raspberries This is a ‘Berry Banana Crunch’ and I used a frozen banana to make it the lovely ice-cream consistency I like so much.  You are allowed an SOS each day of either a banana or an avocado or an energy bar.  I had an extra half a frozen banana in each of these today so it made it like a banana ice-cream, aka ‘nice-cream’ or ‘nana ice-cream’.BB Crunch 12-9 2 This is very substantial as it contains the juice of 2 apples blended with a frozen banana,  frozen raspberries, live yogurt and 2 tbsp mixed seeds.  It was practically a 3 course meal in comparison to the other juices consumed so far and I enjoyed every mouthful.BB Crunch The other juice today was a ‘Green Refresher’ which was very ordinary.green refresher ingredients 12-9 I had a large glass at lunch time over ice.green refresher over ice Then another late afternoon, just before I took the dogs on a walk to get some exercise in.green refresher 12-9 I walked the dogs over the road and did some gentle jogging first of all to get my heart rate up and then walked really quickly.  Well, quickly for me.

I love the intensity of the colours outside in September.the garden 12-9-14 There are fewer colours in the garden than there are in the Spring and the height of summer but still plenty to brighten the place up.garden plants 3 garden plants 2 garden plants 1 One of the hardest things about juicing is having to cook for the Little Fella.  Tonight I made him stir fried chicken with onions, kale, mange tout, bean sprouts and yellow pepper with sweetcorn and wholewheat noodles.  I flavoured the stir fry with garlic, soy sauce, peanut butter and honey.  It smelt fantastic and I would have loved to eat it but I resisted.  Luckily he ate it all so there were no leftovers to tempt me :-).H dinner 12-9I have been asked about freezing bananas.  It is easy.  Just peel them and place them in a tupperware box.  I had some apricots that were perfectly ripe too and as I can’t eat them, I froze those too for ice-ream concoctions next week.  I cut them in half and removed the stone before freezing them.  Now, when I want to use either fruit, I just cut them in to smaller pieces and pop them in the VitaMix.  Simples!
frozen bananas and apricots Supper was another Berry Banana Crunch.  This one was made with frozen blackberries and a frozen banana.  It was excellent.berry banana crunch blackberriesI feel much better today than I did yesterday which was a real struggle.  I am pleased I have stuck to the 3 days very strictly and pleased I went on a walk today and even managed a short jog.  Bring on Day 4.

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Juice Fasting Again – Day 1

I have felt exhausted the last couple of days and I  put it down to turning myself in to Foie Gras ! Yes, I have really gorged myself recently and while I enjoyed everything I ate, it made me feel tired and grumpy.  So I have begun another 5 day juice fast.  As before, I am following Jason Vale’s 5lbs in 5 days juice detox programme.

I was up at 5:30am to make the day’s juices.  It was definitely easier doing this when I was working from home!

I didn’t quite have all the ingredients I needed so I was out in the greenhouse at dawn, hunting for a cucumber.  I found one deformed one and one that was doing well and I would have liked to leave to continue growing for a while but I needed it.home grown cucumber At lunch time today I popped down to a market to buy provisions.  I enjoyed the walk down Shaftesbury Avenue and along Denman Street.St James Tavern This place looked good and I would like to try it.  Not the pub, the Rotisserie Restaurant next door.  The windows were wide open and it looked busy and buzzing but not for me today.  Another time.Queens Head and Rotisserie Destination Wholefoods.Wholefoods Piccadilly WF Piccadilly bag Their fruit and veggies are very impressive.pumpkins in WF These are ‘Turban’ pumpkins or squashes.Turban pumpkins Pumpkins/squashes/gourds come in all shapes and sizes.WF gourds 2 I will come back next week and select some to take home and cook.WF Gourds 1 I stuck to my juice fast today, despite lots of temptations.  Someone was leaving work today and they bought a huge box of Lola’s cupcakes.  Lola makes awesome cupcakes but I managed to resist.  The keen eyed may also observe that my neighbour had been enjoying Monmouth coffee whereas I have given up tea and coffee for the next 5 days.Lola's cupcakes Remembering my body is a temple, I declined.  Even the coconut one which is my favourite.Lola's cupcakes box My juicer got stuck on the whole unpeeled limes this morning so there were some lumps in the juice which was a shame.UK Juicers and juice The juices were good enough though.lumpy juice I was pleased I had been to Wholefoods and bought the rest of the ingredients I needed.kale in bag on train

Back at home, I made the evening juice (which I forgot to photograph) and prepared everything I need to make tomorrow’s juices.

As before, I didn’t feel hungry at all and I definitely feel more energetic already than I did yesterday, when I was fuelled by birthday cake!

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