Such Fun

Diet?  What diet?  I have had so much fun lately and eaten and drunk and travelled and chatted and laughed.  Oh my!

Our visit and feasting fest began on Thursday with a lovely lunch at Zizzi with Granny and Papa. G and PAs a starter  I had a lovely cheese fondue – I love cheese, especially when it’s melted !

cheese dip

I made a great choice with my main – warm duck and pomegranate salad which was delicious.dick salad

I then had a lemon meringue ice cream and an espresso.

Zizzi EspressoWe then drove up to Warwickshire to stay with some fab friends.  We were blessed with lovely people, sunshine and a very attractive part of the country to be in.

view from D house Our fab friends in Warwickshire live a very outdoor life which is great for both us.  I sometimes need a little encouragement to get out but once outside I love it and am quite happy pottering about outside for hours.outdoor shoes I had a go at mucking out horses.  It was surprisingly tiring and I don’t think I will ever be hired as a yard hand but I did enjoy the stables I think I did quite well with the feeding part :-)horse feedThe little fella had a wonderful time with his buddy, Henrietta.  Thanks in part to a newly tarmaced and long driveway, they spent many hours outside on their ‘Rip-Sticks’.

rip sticking Occasionally they were spotted sitting down.watching TV Sometimes a cosy fire and a cuddly dog are too hard to resist.H and P Not for long though – the great outdoors, sunshine, friends and horses beckoned.HHH And dogs, always the dogs for the Little Fella.H and H with dogs

Before we left Warwickshire I was gifted some home grown veggies with which to bless our Christmas table.

BJ and the brussells Thank you.brussells and parsnips

Before we left our fab friends we were taken to Redpoint Climbing Centre in Birmingham.    Harvey, Henrietta and James were enthusiastic and capable climbers.

Thank you to ‘Uncle Stewart’ and Kieran for holding the ropes so Harvey could try this out.climbing 5 They were fast and fearless.climbing 4 You have to look carefully to spot Harvey in this one!climbing 3 climbing 2 A great time was had by us both.  Thank you so much fab friends.climbing 1 I spent last night at a lovely Christmas party at Alison and Andrew’s in Seaford but forgot to take my camera.  We stayed at my sister Abi’s and Harvey enjoyed catching up with his cousins. P1030165 It’s nearly Christmas !!!!!Abi's nativity When I got home from my sister’s this morning, I had a wonderful surprise – Lara was home.  I was pleased.  We all went on a walk over the road with the dogs.L and H on walk with dogs Then out to the Goudhurst Inn for lunch.view from GI Inside GI outside Goudhurst Inn 1 I had mackerel pate for starters which was really good.mackerel pate Then an excellent roast pork for lunch.roat pork Goudhurst InnWe didn’t have a dessert there but had a mince pie at home and then I went over the road to Sarah’s for drinks and nibbles.

So it is fair to say I have had a huge amount of fun in the past few days.  I have seen some of my dearest friends and some of my family.  I have been to some lovely parts of the country.  Unfortunately I have over eaten every day and drunk too much.  So I waddle up to bed tonight feeling completely bloated and twice the size I should be.  Thank you to all my wonderful hosts.


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London Lights Shine Bright

Harvey and I had some fun today.  Fortified with a fruity smoothie for breakfast and having completed some chores, we headed up to the West End to do some shopping.  I am used to walking round London at 7:30 in the morning when it is peaceful and quiet, not the middle of the day when it is packed with people!

We pottered about the Seven Dials area and then wandered over to Soho and in to Ed’s Diner for lunch.  Not a healthy food choice but I thought Harvey would enjoy it and it was a bit of fun.Ed's Diner in SoHo We sat up at the counter and ordered burger and fries.Inside Ed's The burger was fine and filled me up so I only had about half the fries which were mediocre at best.Ed's burger and chips We strolled through Soho to Oxford Street.Soho Square Where we shopped and shopped and shopped.Oxford Street 17-12 Down Regent Street which was really pretty.  London is always a beautiful City but I think it is at its best with the Christmas lights on.Regent St lightsOver to Picadilly Circus.Picadilly Circus 17-12 Picadilly Circus advertising We paused for a break and enjoyed tea and statue Piccadily When we were all shopped out we decided to head home.Cool Britannia We had a light supper, which we needed after the burger, fries and cake.  A salmon caesar salad which was great.  Enjoyed in front of the telly with a glass of wine.salmon caesar

I do like this time of year :-)

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Ladies Who Dine and Children Who Bake

The ladies and I have a lovely tradition of a very long Christmas dinner.  This year was no exception I am delighted to say.

Sometimes the hostess does everything and other times we all help out which is what we did this year.  I took along a red cabbage dish I had made at home.  I have made this before and the recipe is on the blog.

red cabbage in pan

This is red cabbage cooked with onions, apples, cloves, cinnamon and red wine.  It’s a Sophie Grigson recipe.

cooked red cabbage

I had an extra portion left over which is in the freezer now, ready for Christmas cabbage for freezer

Armed with cabbage, runner beans, booze and gifts I set off for Lucy’s.pond at Lucy's

Saturday was a beautiful day; the sky was bright blue and the sun was shining.  Being mindful of the feast ahead of us, we set off for Bodiam to walk around the castle.

Bodiam walk 4 Dec

It was gorgeous outside; crisp and bright which I think is perfect for walking.Bodiam walk 3 Dec

I have done this walk several times now but never have I seen the water so high in the canal.

Bodiam walk 2 Dec

As the sun began to set

Bodiam walk 1 Dec

We completed the walk and it was time to get back to the kitchentrees in puddle

Whoever said ‘too many cooks…’ had never met us before!  A bit of chit, chat and chop and we were ready.  We fitted in a trip to the local pub and Gini’s canapes with champagne before finishing off the cooking.

cooking at Lucy's

The table was laid

table is set

The music was playing


The food was ready

girl's Christmas dinner 13-12-14

What a feast!  We dined on Lucy’s slow roast pork which was fantastic, served with brussel sprouts, carrots, red cabbage, runner beans, roast potatoes and butternut squash and apple sauce.  It was delicious.  Really really good.

roast pork at Lucy's

Sally brought along a home made Christmas Pudding which was excellent.

Sally's Christmas pudding

Michelle provided a lovely range of cheese.

cheese plate 13-12-14

It was such a delicious dinner and fun evening followed by a sleepover with my lovely ladies, I felt very lucky to have had such a wonderful 24 hours.

Back at home I made an effort to eat more healthily.  Some kale and mushrooms cooked up and served with

kale and mushrooms

some blue eggs

blue eggs

and a large glass of orange and pink grapefruit juice was a decent breakfast.

omelette and juice

I made another juice today and this one had orange, grapefruit and kale.

citrus and kale juice ingredients

It was good.

kale and citrus juice

Harvey and I were talking about the Christmas Markets we have visited in Germany for the last 2 years and which we are not doing this year.  We remembered the delicious hot cooked salmon sandwiches we had there.  I didn’t have any dill but our sandwiches made with salmon, cucumber and mayonnaise were simple and tasty enough.

salmon and cucumber rolls

Harvey made some Christmas cookies.  We were going for a walk with my Aunty Marion this afternoon and then back for tea so I wanted to bake something to take and Harvey wanted to cook so we had great fun.

H with rolling pin

cookies in progress

H decorating cookies

To say the flour went everywhere was no exaggeration :-)floury ear

They were not as colourful as the cookies in the recipe book but I massively dislike artificial colouring so we had a little bit of bling but not too much.Holiday sugar cookies

They looked good and tasted even better – well done Little Fella.Harvey'a cookies

I am not at work for 3 weeks so who cares how much mess we made or how late we returned from our afternoon walk and tea with my aunty and cousin?  I am enjoying being at home and having time to cook.  It is certainly not all healthy or diet friendly but there is enough nutrition and a lot of fun being had.

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Anyone For Tennis?

Wasn’t today lovely?  We had sunshine and the brightest blue skies which was such a treat after all the grey we have had lately.  There was a very heavy frost too which was very pretty first thing but later proved to be a significant annoyance.

I had a green smoothie for breakfast.  This one was made from pineapple, avocado, coconut yogurt, sesame seeds and lots of super foods: kelp, spirulina, matcha, lucuma and mesquite, decorated with goji berries, coconut and cacao nibs. I do enjoy green smoothies; I find them easy to digest and they keep me going for smoothie 6-12-14

I was excited today about playing tennis.  Tennis is one of my favourite activities and I have hardly played this year so I was really looking forward to it.  Today was the ‘Anniversary Cup’ and we celebrate the opening of our tennis club.  Everyone brings along a plate of food and as it is December, wears a Christmas club buffet Unfortunately frost stopped play.  Despite the endeavours of many of the tennis player wannabes, the frost refused to shift so we couldn’t play as it was too slippery.  So instead I enjoyed chatting to my tennis pals and stuffed my big fat face!in the clubhouse Eventually the sunshine cleared away the frost but when play began I had to hat tennis Such a shame to have not played tennis but it was great to catch up with everyone.peeps at tennis Thank you Suzanne for organising and thank you Mina for the amazing chicken satay.Mina and Suzanne I couldn’t stay to play tennis because I had promised the Little Fella we would go to Saint Ronan’s Christmas Fair and he was looking forward to ronan's christmas fair I bought some great gifts and we both enjoyed tea and cake in the school library.

H in the libraryThey had reindeers!
reindeers 2 reindeers 1 After all that cake, sausages, sausage rolls and mince pies I decided to make a dinner full of vegetables.  I marinated some chicken in oil with fresh minced garlic and ginger and cooked some brown basmati rice. I stir fried onion, carrot, yellow and green peppers, mushrooms, sugar snap peas, cavolo nero and bean spouts.  Seasoned with soy a stir fry Served with fresh coriander, basil and red chilli.  Delicious.chicken stir fry 6-12-14

So my tennis plans were foiled and I ate lots of the bad stuff but I did enjoy catching up with some of my local friends.

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In To December

So here we are, in to December already!

I worked from home today so I was able to make myself a smoothie for breakfast.  I am still trying to get rid of my cold which is sitting stubbornly in my chest so I am packing in as many nutrients as I can.tropical purple smoothie This beautiful smoothie was made with frozen blueberries, banana, pineapple and papaya, blended with Tahini and coconut yogurt then garnished with fresh papaya.  It tasted sweet and coconutty and completely lovely.tropical smoothie and papaya For lunch I made a stir fry from bits and pieces that needed using up in the fridge.stir fry ingredients I fried the onion, then aded the broccoli, red pepper, cavolo nero and mushrooms.  When they were nearly cooked I added the rice, the eggs which I had whisked with some soy sauce and some shredded roast pork. stir fry and cholulah Served with Chlolula, a hot sauce and garnished with fresh chilli and coriander.  One of my favourite, quick and easy snacky meals.lunch 4-12-14 I then had a bowl of ice cream.  I have no idea why but I did!ice-cream I then had 2 little circles of this wonderful ‘Christmas Tree’ which Harvey made at school.  It was fantastic and he had even made the pastry from scratch!  The base, which you can’t see, was sticky with a sugary and dried fruit concoction.  It was really good and I was very proud of the Little Fella.Harvey's baked treeHe chose tacos for dinner.taco supper I enjoyed mine too :-)tacos 4-12-14I prefer the taco shells crushed with the beef, veggies and cheese on top as it is easier to eat that way.

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Cloudberry Jam

I decided to support my immune system with a big dose of vitamins today and I found I was craving citrus fruits.  Consider this to be a citrus blast against the cold I have been battling for several days now.

I added kale too for additional vitamins and minerals.citrus and kale on board 2 oranges, a pink grapefruit, a satsuma and kale, all chopped up and ready for juicing.citrus and kale Hopefully this will help.citrus and kale juice 2 poached eggs on one slice of toast for breakfast.poached eggs on toast 30-11For lunch I was in the mood for something spicy so Lara and I made a Thai green chicken and prawn curry which was delicious.  Apparently it was very flavourful and garlicky but it seemed bland to me because my tastebuds are dulled.  Harvey declared it to be one of the best meals of the year!

It took a while to prepare, just because of the preparation of the sauce but it was easy to prepare and then simple to cook.  The recipe I used came from a book called ‘Chicken’ by James McNair.  I didn’t follow the recipe exactly so I am giving you the recipe as we made it.

Chicken and Prawn Green Thai Curry

Ingredients (serves 4)

Green Curry Paste

Half a red chili
3 shallots, finely chopped
5 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
1 1/2 inch piece of fresh ginger, grated
1 stalk of lemon grass, chopped
2 tsp lemon zest
1 tsp fresh shrimp paste (we didn’t have any so used anchovies)
2 tsp ground coriander
2 tsp grated nutmeg
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
1/2 tsp freshly ground cloves
1/2 tsp fennel seeds, ground
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup chopped fresh coriander
1 can of coconut milk

1/4 cup oil ( we used a mixture of sesame and coconut)
4 chicken breasts, sliced thinly
Large handful of king prawns, shelled
3 tbsp fish sauce
Fresh coriander


Combine the curry paste ingredients in a food processor or blender and chop until well mixed and as smooth as possible
Heat 2 tbsp oil in a frying pan, add the prawns and then the chicken and saute until lightly browned.
Pour over the sauce, add the fish sauce and simmer for 12 minutes.
Serve over rice, garnished with fresh coriander and red chilli

Thai green chicken curry with prawns We had a pudding tonight.  A mighty fine albeit very simple pudding.

This pot of jam is without doubt the most expensive pot of jam I have bought in my life.  Cloudberry jam, bought in Stockholm.  It is something of a delicacy there, served warm over ice-cream.  I saw it in restaurants but didn’t try it so I brought some home to try instead.  Unfortunately I calculated the SEK 199 incorrectly and thought it was about £1.99 whereas it was closer to £19 !!!  Yes, £19 for a pot of jam !!!!!!

Cloudberries look a bit like small yellow raspberries.  They are sought after but expensive because they tend to only grow in the wild in Northern Sweden.  They are quite fussy about where they grow as they need acidic soil on high boggy ground.  They are found in water-logged areas in mountainous areas of Sweden so have to be hand-cultivated. Provided the soil is right they are extremely hardy and can stand temperatures down to -40°C.  They have a very short growing season of July to early August.

Cloudberries are quite tart hence they tend to be sold as jam rather than fresh.CloudberryI served the cloudberry jam, warmed through gently, over clotted cream ice-cream with some flapjack.
cloudberries and ice-cream

It was delicious, but probably not justifiable of the hefty price tag!

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Green Kitchen Stories and Hush Heath

This has been another tough week when I have been very busy with work and battling a bad cold which just gets worse every day.  I have eaten badly and not exercised so feeling quite bad.  However, instead of feeling too negative about it all, I have 3 lovely things to share with you all.

One of my very favourite blogs is Green Kitchen Stories, a healthy vegetarian blog, by a Scandinavian couple who live in Stockholm.  Their recipes actually work, they feature foods I really like and the photography is incredible.  I always read their blog posts and follow their Instagram accounts.  This week I watched their You Tube films for the first time and they are great.  Most are only 1 and a half minutes which is perfect as not too long.  They are well shot and I love the style of them.  It is that clean and unfussy Scandinavian design I love so much.  I was inspired by one film to make this delicious breakfast.

Raw Buckwheat and Walnut Porridge served with Persimmon and Grapesbuckwheat porridge 3 Ingredients (serves 1)

1/2 a cup of raw buckwheat groats
1/2 a cup of walnuts
1 apple
Juice of 1 orange
4 cardamon pods ground or half a tsp of ground cardamom
1/2 tsp vanilla
Fuit to garnish


Soak the walnuts and buckwheat in water for at least an hour

bwheat and walnuts Rinsebuckwheat and walnuts Grind the cardamom if using whole seedsgrinding cardamom buckwheat poridge 2Chop apple, juice orange and slice fruit for toppingpersimmon and grapes Add buckwheat, walnuts, chopped apple and orange juice to the blender and blitz until smooth.  Place in serving bowl.buckwheat porridge 1 Tope with fruit of choicepersimmon Enjoy!

This has a fresh and alive flavour which I enjoyed very much.  I have had a sore throat this week and I really liked the coolness of the porridge and the sweet and juicy fruits.  I don’t think I have ever had a persimmon before but I will be having them again as it was lovely.  The outer skin is similar to a tomato’s but the flesh inside is more like a nectarine.buckwheat porridge I enjoyed a beautiful sunrise this morning.sunrise 29-11-14 There is a vineyard and winemakers near us called Hush Heath Estate and I had seen they were hosting a tasting weekend with 25% off their wines, still and sparkling.  Lara came home for a visit last night, the sun was shining and it was perfect timing to go and select our Christmas wines.  I have never visited Hush Heath before.  The vineyards were planted 12 years ago (if I recall correctly) and the facilities have been open for about a year.  You can walk around the estate which I will do another time but I was not up for a walk today.  I did manage to sit at this huge table with my gorgeous daughter and sampled all their wines.HH 3 We bought lots of bubbles for Christmas and a bottle of Chardonnay for tonight which was delicious.  More like a Chablis than a Chardonnay, crisp, flinty and very drinkable.HH2 HH1 To my local friends, I recommend you get round there, try some award winning wines, support a local company and get 25% off the price.Kent Life awards rose copper Hush heath pot Hush Heath Winery

Having Lara at home, discovering a new way of finding recipes from one of my favourite blogs and a cupboard full of local bubbles are the high lights of a busy and poorly week.

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Break Free

Why are Mondays always so exhausting?  I am always so relieved when they are over!  I did better today than I have recently but I need to improve more.

I had a fruity start to the day with a serving of melon, watermelon and mango.  I also had an apple and a satsuma.melon, watermelon and mango At lunch time I walked along to Wholefoods, Piccadily and I bought a large red chilli.  I am not in the mood for salads at all at the moment and as it is cold today, I wanted to cook something spicy for dinner.Wholefoods chillies I helped myself to a takeaway salad box.  They had lots of protein options today which I loaded up the salad box with and then topped it with veggies and a really tasty almond and roasted pepper dip.Wholefoods protein This was all very enjoyable.Wholefoods lunch 24-11 I also had a large green smoothie to sip during the afternoon.Creamy Greens This is so true for me, I really must find a way to get more exercise in but it is quite a challenge as I am so busy from 6 am until 8 pm and then I like to spend time with my children.  I am sure there is a solution.Break free This was good.  I stir fried lots of vegetables: onion, carrot, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach and leek with Tom Yum paste and coconut cream, served garnished with red chilli, basil and coriander. Tom Yum veggies 2 Really delicious.Tom Yum veggies

So I ate lots of really healthy food, mainly fruits and veggies and lean protein.  Unfortunately I also had a Snickers bar in the afternoon and I have just eaten some grapes with some Parmesan cheese.  So not ideal but way better then I have been the last couple of weeks.

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Sorry I Have Been Away

Since I started my blog in 2011, I have never left it so long between posts.  But recently I have been very busy and have prioritised spending time with my children and resting when I can over blogging.  Hopefully life will now revert to a more familiar and easier going rhythm and I can re-focus on eating healthily.  I have been very bad and need to improve both what I eat and how much I eat and definitely do more exercise as I have been too sedentary.

Last weekend Lara moved up to London which was both exciting and also sad for those of us left behind as we miss her so much but are we also so proud of her.  To prepare us for a weekend of packing and moving I took her and Harvey out to brunch at Cocolicious in Cranbrook.  They make a decent coffee.Cocolicious cappuchino brunch in Cocolicious I had roasted cherry tomatoes and mashed avocado on sourdough which was delicious.  I made myself one of these yesterday at home with coriander on it as I had enjoyed this one so much.roasted cherry toms avo sourdough We also had cake.  My goodness I have eaten so much cake and so many biscuits recently I feel quite disgusted by myself.  Damn my sweet tooth!cocolicious cake

After helping Lara move in to her flat in London, we went out for dinner at The Chicago Rib Shack

Z and H Lara in Rib Shack This is clearly not diet friendly but it was good.  I had a serving of ribs which were delicious and macaroni cheese instead of fries.  It was one of the best macaroni cheeses I have ever had.ribs and macaroni cheeseMy husband, James, had his moment of glory this week with an exhibition of some of his amazing wildlife photos.  He mainly takes pictures of birds but also has wonderful pictures of landscapes, flowers, otters, kangaroos, koalas, otters and insects.  You can see some of his work here.  In addition to his exhibition, he found out one of his pictures was selected as the editor of National Geographic’s favourite which is an amazing achievement.  You can see that picture here – have a look as it is an incredible photo, especially if you look at it on a laptop screen rather then a phone.
Mr B's exhibition I also visited the Weladen Times Midwinter Fair.  I was there early so I could look round before it was too busy.Midwinter fair This stall was amazing and the air was filled with the scent of citrus fruits, cinnamon and cloves.  Very festive.  The reindeer and FC were actually life size.santa and reindeer dried fruit santa and reindeerThis charming little pot may look like it is made of paper but actually it is ceramic.  I love it and burn a grapefruit scented tealight in it.  We brought this back from Stockholm.

small not paper cup As well as too many sweet and sugary carbs I have also eaten lots of fresh fruits and veggies.  I chopped up a pink grapefruit and some watermelon to munch on but then decided to blitz it and made a smoothie.watermelon and pink grapefruit Very refreshing.grapefruit and watermelon smoothieAnother smoothie I enjoyed was made with spinach, half an avocado, 2 small bananas, frozen berries and soya milk, topped with sesame seeds for extra protein and calcium.

smoothie with sesame seeds I haven’t eaten as many salads as I should but I do eat them regularly.huge salad I had this one with mayonnaise, jacket potato and cheddar.Jacket potato and salad A meal I enjoyed several times after making a huge batch was ribollita.  I used a recipe from Hugh’s Veg Everyday! and it was excellent.  I had been looking for a recipe after enjoying this soup in Stockholm.

Hugh writes “Ribollita means ‘reboiled': traditionally this Italian soup was made in large quantities so it could be reheated on subsequent days.  It’s fantastic, economical peasant food and proves how humble ingredients …. can yield truly delicious results.”  It really is good, cheap and nutritious so I highly recommend it.Ribollita


Ingredients (serves 6)

2 x 400g can cannellini beans (or cook dried beans)
4 tbsp olive oil
1 onion, finely chopped
2 carrots, finely chopped
1 celery stalk, finely chopped
1 leek, washed, trimmed and finely sliced
1 x 400g tin tomatoes or 6 large fresh tomatoes (I used canned)
800ml vegetable stock
1 sprig of rosemary and 1 sprig of thyme, tied together with string
300g kale, cavolo nero or savoy cabbage, tough stalks removed and chopped
Salt and Pepper


Mash half the beans and leave half whole.  Set aside.
In a large saucepan heat the olive oil and saute the onion over a medium heat for about 15 minutes until softened.
Add the carrots, celery and leek and saute for 5 minutes, stirring regularly.
Add the tomatoes, pureed and whole beans, stock, rosemary, thyme and simmer gently for about an hour.
Add the shredded kale/cabbage ( I used cavolo nero) and cook for 10 minutes.
Remove the thyme and rosemary and season with salt and pepper.
onion, carrots and leeks cavolo nero in bowl cannellini beans mashed beans ribollita 2 ribollita 1

Veg Everyday! recommends serving this with bread, toasted and rubbed with garlic and brushed with olive oil.  However, I had mine served with some sharp Cheddar which went perfectly.

ribolita and cheddar

I have over eaten again this weekend.  I ate far too much at the Midwinter Fair and in the evening at the Tennis Club’s Quiz Night.  Tonight I ate about a week’s worth of calories thanks to my brother in law Jim’s delicious roast lamb and chocolate mousse and my sister Abi’s amazing carrot cake and then cheese and biscuits.

So I am where I am.  I am heavier then I was this time 2 weeks ago for sure, but feeling more relaxed now some of the things that have been occupying my mind and my time are behind me.   I will focus again next week on a very high proportion of raw plant food and lean proteins and get back to Slimming World.



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Weigh In and Weighing

I went to Slimming World last night, not expecting to be pleased with the result and I had lost 3 pounds so I was very pleasantly surprised by that.  I was over my daily syns or unable to calculate them so many times last week so I was pleased with the loss.

I worked from home today so I was able to eat very well.  Eggs, ham and mushrooms for breakfast.eggs, ham and mushrooms A snack of and red grapes I used my new scales for the first time today and they are excellent.  They have a larger scale for standard weighing of items such as a mixing bowl you want to add baking ingredients to and a small scale which measures in 0.1 increments of a gram.  Perfect for weighing out 25g of Cheddar to grate in to my soup.

I haven’t been able to weigh anything recently which is necessary when counting syns and I am pleased with my new purchase.Precision scale I heated up some of the ribollita soup I had made on Sunday.  It is so good and was even better with some Cheddar.  Very tasty indeed.  If I have the energy, I will post the recipe tomorrow.Ribollita I love working from home as I don’t waste 3 hours a day commuting so I was available earlier to cook dinner.  Harvey wanted noodles and I wanted vegetables so we had a huge stir fry.

Vegetable and Noodle Stir Fry with Chicken and Salmon (Serves 4 – 6)



2 garlic cloves, crushed
2 tbsp honey
1 tbsp grated ginger
1 tsp chopped chillis (optional)
1 tbsp brown sugar
juice of 1 lime

3 tbsp oil
Chopped vegetables ( I used sweet potato matchsticks, carrot matchsticks, French green beans, pak choi, red and green pepper, broccoli)
Fresh basil and mint
Pre cooked noodles
Pre cooked chicken and salmon (optional)


Mix sauce ingredients together and set aside
Chop up all vegetables.  I put them in 2 bowls: veggies that take longer such as sweet potato, carrots and green beans in one and everything else in the other
Heat oil in a wok or large frying pan
Fry vegetables in batches
add the sauce and heat through
Add the noodles, chicken and salmon
When it’s all cooked or warmed through, serve and garnish with chopped mint and basil

veg for stir fry 12-11-14 Stuff your face!dinner 12-11-14 2 I really enjoyed this and so did everyone else.Dinner 12-11-14


Today’s diary 12th November 2014

Free Foods

salmon, plain or smoked
Carrot Kale
Leek Mushrooms
eggs chicken
ham cannellini beans
broccoli peppers
spinach french/string beans
garlic Cubes
Healthy Extras

a 250ml semi-skimmed milk
b 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

Basic, Sugar, all varieties 1
Basic, Honey 1
Basic, Honey 1
Basic, Dressing, Sweet chilli sauce/dipping sauce
Butter, full fat 2
Butter, full fat 2
Basic, Oil, all types excluding extra virgin olive oil 2
Cheese, basic, Cheddar, full fat 5
Total Syns 15½
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